WV-48 (Rev. 10/2019)
I, ____________________________________________________________________________, agree to perform
(Name and Address)
the following services for ______________________________________ at ______________________________
(Agency) (Location)
(Detailed description of services to be performed)
Date(s) of Service: from __________________________________ to __________________________________.
The rate of pay shall be ___________ per __________ not to exceed ___________________ for the entire term of the
Note: Any anticipated travel must be incorporated into the vendor’s fee. No travel will be reimbursed by the State and is the sole
responsibility of the vendor.
General Terms and Conditions: The General Terms and Conditions for Purchase Order/Contract listed on page 2 are hereby made a part of this
agreement and are specifically incorporated herein by reference. By signing this agreement, Vendor certifies that it has reviewed the Terms and
Conditions, fully understands them, and agrees to be bound by their provisions.
Agency: Fairmont State University Vendor: ___________________________________
__________________________________ __________________________________________
(Authorized Signature of Agency) (Vendor’s Signature)
__________________________________ __________________________________________
(Title) (Social Security or FEIN)
__________________________________ __________________________________________
(Date) (Date)
Budget Manager Date
Dean/Director Date
Provost/VP Date
CFO Date
Funding Information:
Amount $
Total Encumbrance
Fairmont State University
Procurement Office
1201 Locust Avenue
Fairmont, WV 26554
Purchase Order #
Please check the appropriate box below:
I am not currently a full-time employee of the State of West Virginia;
I am currently a full-time employee of the State of West Virginia (complete certification below.)
It is hereby certified that the services to be performed under this agreement will not interfere with or detract from the
full-time duties of the employee and the amount of annual compensation received by the above named vendor from the State of
West Virginia for full-time employment during the current fiscal year will be $___________________. The vendor
serves as ____________________________________________ with the title of ____________________________________,
certified by ________________________________
Note: If contracting with an individual or sole proprietor, please
complete an attach both:
Determination of Independent Contractor Worksheet
Independent Contractor Declaration
Director of Procurement
$ 0.00
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1. ACCEPTANCE: Seller shall be bound by this Order and its terms and conditions upon receipt of this Order. This Order expressly limits acceptance
to the terms and conditions stated herein. Additional or different terms proposed by the Seller are objected to and are hereby rejected, unless
otherwise provided for in writing by the Buyer and approved by the Attorney General.
2. APPLICABLE LAW: The laws of the State of West Virginia and the Procedural Rules of the Governing Board having jurisdiction shall govern all
rights and duties under the Contract, including without limitation the validity of the Purchase Order/Contract.
3. ASSIGNMENT: Neither this Order nor any monies due, or to become due hereunder, may be assigned by the Seller without the Buyer’s consent.
4. BUYER: For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the “buyer” means the institutional purchasing goods and services for which a Purchase
Order has been lawfully issued to the Seller.
5. CANCELLATION: The Buyer may cancel any Purchase Order/Contract upon 30 days written notice to the Seller.
6. COMPLIANCE: Seller shall comply with all federal, state and local laws, regulations and ordinances including, if applicable.
7. DELIVERY: For exceptions to the delivery date as specified in the Order, the Seller shall give prior notification and obtain the approval of the
Buyer. Time is of the essence of this Order and it is subject to termination by the Buyer for failure to deliver on time.
8. DISPUTES: Disputes arising out of the agreement shall be submitted to the West Virginia Claims Commission.
9. HOLD HARMLESS: The Buyer will not agree to hold the Seller or any other party harmless because such agreement is not consistent with state
10. MODIFICATIONS: This writing is the parties final express of intent. No modification of this Order shall be binding unless agreed to in writing by
the Buyer.
11. NON-FUNDING: All services performed or goods delivered under this Purchase Order/Contract are to be continued for the terms of the Purchase
Order/Contract, contingent upon funds being appropriated by the Legislature or otherwise being made available. In the event funds are not
appropriated or otherwise available for these services or goods, this Purchase Order/Contract becomes void and of no effect after June 30.
12. ORDER NUMBERS: Contract Order numbers or Purchase Order numbers shall be clearly shown on all acknowledgements, shipping labels,
packing slips, invoices and correspondence.
13. PAYMENTS: Payments may only be made after the delivery of goods and services.
14. RENEWAL: The Contract may be renewed only upon mutual written agreement of the parties.
15. REJECTION: All goods or materials purchased herein are subject to approval of the Buyer. Any rejection of goods or materials resulting in
nonconformity to the terms, conditions or specifications of this Order, whether held by the Buyer or the Seller, will be at the Seller’s risk
and expense.
16. SELLER: For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the “Seller” means the vendor whose quotation, bid, proposal or expression of interest
has been accepted and has received a lawfully issued purchase order from the Buyer.
17. SHIPPING, PACKING, BILLING & PRICING: Unless otherwise stated, all goods are to be shipped prepaid, FOB Destination. NO charges will be
allowed for special handling, packing, wrapping, bags, containers, etc., unless otherwise specified. All goods and services shall be shipped on or
before the date specified on this Order. Prices are those that are stated in this Order. No price increase will be accepted without written authority
from the Buyer.
18. TAXES: The State of West Virginia (the Buyer) is exempt from Federal and State taxes and will not pay or reimburse such taxes.
19. TERMINATION: In the event of a breach by the Seller of any of the provisions of this contract, the Buyer reserves the right to cancel and
terminate this contract forthwith upon giving written notice to the Seller. The Seller shall be liable for damages suffered by the Buyer resulting
from the Seller’s breach of contract.
20. WARRANTY: The Seller expressly warrants that the goods and/or services covered by this order will: (a) conform to the specifications, drawings,
samples or other description furnished or specified by the Buyer; (b) be merchandise and fit for the purpose intended; (c) be free and clear of all
liens, claims and encumbrances of any kind; and/or (d) be free from defect in material and workmanship.
Any supplier furnishing items on this purchase order covered by a Material Safety Data Sheet must provide the MSDS
citing the purchase order number.
It is the policy of Fairmont State University to administer all University actions and procedures without regard to race,
color, age, religion, sex, national origin, disability, veteran’s status or sexual orientation as identified and defined by law.
The University neither affiliates knowingly with nor grants recognition to any individual, group, or organization, including
vendors that discriminate on the basis of any of the above.
Fairmont State University complies with the requirements of the nondiscrimination clauses set out by the Code of Federal
Regulations Title 41, Parts 60-1.4(a)(7) (equal opportunity clause), 60-250.4(m) (affirmative action for veterans), and 60-
741.4(f) (affirmative action for persons with disabilities).