Guest Room Request Form and Funds Transfer Authorization
Please complete this form to request a room reservation for the Anna I. Young Alumnae House. To streamline the
reservation process, please go to and check for availability before
returning this form. Completing this form is not a guarantee of a reservation. Your request will be confirmed via email
shortly upon receipt of the request. All requests should be made as far in advance as possible and must be made within 48
hours of arrival.
Print and return this signed form to The Office of Special Events and Community Relations, Presser Hall Room G21 ,
by interoffice mail or hand delivery. If you are booking more than one room for the same time period, each guest room
should have its own form; however you only need to obtain one signature for the funds transfer if you attach the forms
together. You may contact the reservations staff member at with any questions.
Initiated by (print name): ___________________________________ Signature: _________________________________
Department/Office/Organization: ______________________________________________________________________
E-Mail: _________________________________________________________ Extension: ________________________
Today’s Date: ________________________
Guest Name(s): ___________________________________________________________
Reason for Stay: ___________________________________________________________
Dates Requested
Check-in Date: __________________ Check-out Date: __________________ # of Nights: ____________
Estimated Rate: _____ nights x $65/night = $_________
Room Requested
Room 1 (one full bed)
Room 2 (two twin beds)
Room 3 (two full beds)
Room 4 (two full beds)
Room 6 (downstairs/ADA
compliantone full bed lowered to
accommodate guest in wheelchair,
seat in shower)
No preference
I will also be reserving event space in the house to coincide with this overnight reservation. I understand I must also
submit the Alumnae House Event Space Reservation form.
Keys can be picked up at Public Safety at 3 p.m. on check-in day, or you may pick them up from the Office of Special
Events and Community Relations. I will pick my keys up at
Public Safety the Office of Special Events.
12-digit Account Number for the DEBIT: ___________-___________________-___________________
Approval from the budget manager of account to be debited (printed name & signature please)
For office use only:
CREDIT: 74-07212-32132 $__________________ (AH Reserve) $25/room/night
CREDIT: 11-07211-32131 $__________________ (AH Revenue)
Demetrice M. Williams____________________________________________________________
Approval from the budget manager of accounts to be credited (printed name & signature please)
Reservation Confirmed: ______________ Confirmation Sent: ______________ Transfer Entry Date: ______________
Room Assigned: _______ Room Rent Total: $________________