1. The financial sponsor must fully and properly complete this form. Incomplete Affidavits will not satisfy the
financial support requirement and thus may cause a delay in the immigration process for the applicant.
2. More than one sponsor is allowable. However, an individual Affidavit must be completed by each sponsor.
3. Only an original Affidavit or a certified true copy of the original is accepted. No changes, alterations, or
modifications may be made to any information on this form. Please type or print clearly in ink.
Name of Applicant
Last name First name Middle name
On separate page list name(s), relationship(s), date(s) of birth, and country of birth for dependent(s) expected
to accompany applicant.
Sponsor Information and Oath/Affirmation
1. Last Name:
2. First Name:
3. Relationship to applicant:
4. Address:
5. E-mail:
6. Telephone (include country and area code):
7. Country of permanent residence:
8. Country of citizenship:
I m
ake this Affidavit for the purpose of assuring the United States Government that the applicant, as well as the
applicant’s dependents in the U.S., will not become a public charge while in the United States. By my signature
I state that I have the following amount of funds (U.S. dollars) available for the academic year indicated and will
make available additional funds in similar amounts for subsequent years of study:
US $ for one academic year: to .
(beginning month/year) (ending month/year)
I acknowledge that I am aware of my responsibilities as the sponsor of the applicant. I swear or affirm that
(1) I understand the contents of this Affidavit signed by me and (2) the statements are true and correct.
Signature of Sponsor: Date:
By signing my name to this form, I certify that the information I have given is a correct statement of my
arrangements for financing my studies at National Park College.
Student Signature Date