Acceptance of Burning Regulati
ons and Release of Liability
he following shall be adhered to at ALL times:
1. All burning shall be conducted after dawn and extinguished before dusk.
2. No burning shall take place on land without written permission of the land owner or agent.
3. No burning shall be conducted on days when the wind speeds are exceeding 15 miles per hour.
4. Every day before each burn, determine if any air quality restrictions exist by calling the Arkansas
Dept. of Environmental Quality at 501.682.0744.
5. No burning shall be kindled or maintained within 50 feet of any combustible structure.
6. Fire shall be under constant attendance until extinguished.
7. Water supply shall be present for extinguishment of burn area.
8. The materials to be burned shall be in piles no larger than 4 feet in diameter and 3 feet in height.
9. Material being burned shall not, under any condition, cause a dense smoke or odor.
10. If a complaint is filed with any entity of the City of Arkadelphia, the applicant may be required to
extinguish the fire. Fire personnel will assist the applicant with extinguishment, if necessary.
11. Applicant is required to notify the Arkadelphia Fire Department at the start and completion of
permitted burning each day by calling 870.246.9354.
12. Applicant shall be responsible to keep burning under control at all times.
13. The applicant shall be responsible for Fire Department suppression cost as well as any property
damages sustained by others.
14. The Fire Chief/ Fire Marshal may prohibit any fires when circumstances may be hazardous
15. The following shall NOT be burned:
Garbage from food preparation
Tree trunks & branches larger than 4” in diameter
Treated, milled or dimensional lumber
Trade waste (commercial, industrial, or construction)
Motor vehicles or any material resulting from a salvage operation
Asphalt, composition roofing or similar materials
Tar, tar paper, petroleum products, plastics or paints
Insulated wire
Dead animals or animal waste
Hazardous or pathogenic waste
I agree to the terms outlined above and shall not hold the City of Arkadelphia liable for any damage
done by any fire started or conducted by me or my designee.
Name: _________________________________Date:_______________________
Address: ____________________________________________
Permit Beginning Date: ____________________ Permit Ending Date: ____________
Permit Holder Signature: ______________________
Fire Chief/Fire Marshal Signature: _________________________
610 Caddo Street Arkadelphia, Arkansas 71923 Ph: (870) 246-9354
Chief Jason Hunt
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