Advisor Worksheet - Rev. 10/11
Student Name:
CRN # Course 1:
CRN # Course 2:
CRN # Course 3:
CRN # Course 4:
CRN # Course 5:
CRN # Course 6:
CRN # Course 7:
CRN # Course 8:
CRN # Course 9:
CRN # Course 10:
Additional Advisory Notes:
Advisor Name:
Advisor Signature: Date:
I acknowledge that the above listing of courses has been presented to me as appropriate for my
major field of study and my educational goals. I will be responsible for the consequences and
implications that may result from any course selections that I make that are not in conformity with
the above listing. I am aware that I may return to my academic advisor to modify this list should
circumstances require such action.
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Student Signature Date