a. Administrative Unit Outcomes and Assessment
Number of defined administrative unit outcomes:
List all Administrative Unit Outcomes for the Department/Division
Number of administrative unit outcomes with ongoing assessment:
What percentage of departmental staff have participated in the development and/or
assessment of administrative unit outcomes?
b. Assessment Reports
Has the department/division generated any type of report summarizing performance on the
administrative unit outcomes?
If so, please attach the summary files.
c. Alignment of Learning Outcomes
Has the department linked the administrative unit outcomes with Institutional Learning
Outcomes or the Strategic Plan?
d. Dialogue about Assessment Results
Summarize the most recent academic year assessment results. (250 words or less)
Prompt: What types of dialog regarding assessment results have taken place within the
What specific changes have been made to respond to outcome assessment results?
a. Resources Allocation
1. Integrate institutional goals into all grant applications/proposals.
2. Create quarterly district updates regarding grant development and submission activities.
3. The number of grants submitted to federal, state, local, private foundations by faculty,
staff and administrators will increase over the prior academic year.
4. The college will have a federally negotiated indirect cost rate with its cognizant agency
Department of Health and Human Services
5. Offer two grants academies to train faculty, staff and administrators on grant writing,
development, research and submission activities.
1. Designed and delivered grants academy workshop
2. Trained 60 faculty, staff and administrators on grant development process
3. Researched and purchased a grants development and management database
software (eCivis)
e. Resources Allocation
Did the department/division submit any resource allocation proposals for consideration
during the last academic year?
If so, briefly describe the request?
(50 words or less)
Was it approved?
f. Institutional Awareness of Goals and Purposes of the Department/Division:
How does the department/division inform students, staff, faculty and administrators about the unit’s
administrative outcomes?
(250 words or less)
g. Self-Assessment on Level of implementation:
How would you score your department/division based on the attached rubric? Why? (250 words or less)
If your department/division has not YET reached the proficiency level, what plans exist to achieve this
(250 words or less)
The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning - Grants Office submitted a request to
purchase a grant development and management software program to increase the district's
ability to access, research, identify, develop, write and submit potential grant opportunities.
Information about the units administrative outcomes is regularly posted to the
departmental web page, routed to the college community through MSJCLinks, the
weekly round-up and via email when directed to specific constituents and/or
Departmental/Division Data and Research
a. Summarize Key Indicators for Department/Division
Quantity of Contacts (Recipients Served)
Report the number of customers served and/or provide a general description of the population(s)
served by the department (students, faculty, staff, community, etc.) in academic year 2011-2012.
b. Success Rate
What were the success rates for the fall and spring semesters?
Fall 2011___________ Spring 2012___________
Were there any significant differences in the numbers served from the fall to spring semesters?
(250 words or less)
III. Program Overview
a. Summarize the status of each objective/goal for your department/division
Please list all degrees and certificates offered by your department:
b. Has there been any change in the status of your unit (since last year)?
c. Have activities in other areas of the district impacted your unit?
1. Align all grant applications with the college's integrated institutional plans, strategic plan, institutional/department goals, and mission
All grants submitted were aligned with institutional plans (revised grant development proposal approval form to include certification that
grant idea/need is included in unit program review)
2. Improve communication with the faculty (Academic Senate) in the development of district-wise grant applications and the components and
overall impact the grant will have on the institution
Academic Senate Committee members are included on correspondence regarding all federal grant opportunities
3. Increase the number of grants submitted to private foundations in collaboration with the MSJC Foundation to support academic programs,
support services and student success
Software was not purchased and change in Foundation staffing did not permit for this goal to be achieved
4. Finalize a federally negotiated indirect cost rate in collaboration with Business Services
In progress
In 2011 the Grants Office was transformed into the Planning & Institutional
Effectiveness/Grants Office to account for the additional responsibility for grant
development and management, planning, assessment, and institutional effectiveness.
In 2011 the District was awarded a 4.6 million dollar STEM grant. The Associate
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness serves as the project director for the grant which
requires regular coordination and oversight of grant activities, as well as budgeting
and reporting responsibilities.
Yes, on-going budget concerns have impacted the district as a whole. Due to
significant budget cuts at the State level, MSJC Administration has implemented a
hiring frost. Many vacant positions remain unfilled, administrators are being
asked to wear multiple hats attempting to carry the workload for more than one
division, and there have been no additional full-time faculty hired in the past 2-3
years. These challenges have resulted in limited staff resources needed to seek
and support additional grant funding.
d. Briefly summarize how department/division objectives support the MSJC Strategic Plan
2011-2014. Please address the Strategic goal, how the goal supports your objective or
department goal, what action(s) has been taken, and what is the status of the action.
Prompt: Discuss potential improvements and/or changes that the department is considering as a result of the
analysis of this data.
(250 words or less)
i. Please indicate below what potential changes to the department/division and/or resource
allocation requests will be made to further advance achievement of department/division
VI. Final Summary
(250 words or less)
What information and/or analysis presented above would you forward for future decision making,
planning, and resource allocation by your respective dean/vice president?
Discuss major activities/highlights/achievements and any innovations or efficiencies:
SPG#1: Student Success
SPG#2: Fiscally Sound Position
SPG#5: Community
Partnerships & Service
Increase number of grants
submitted in collaboration
with MSJC faculty, staff
and administrators to
Train faculty, staff &
administrators to write
grants; increase number of
grant submissions
Designed and delivered
grant academy training
session; increased number
of grants submitted
SPG#2: Fiscally
sound position
Establish an indirect
cost rate for federal
Finalize federally negotiated
indirect cost rate in collaboration
with Business Services
Federally negotiated
indirect cost rate has
been established
SPG #2: Fiscally
sound position
Develop tools/resources to
assist project directors with
grants management
Design and develop a
grants implementation
plan for project directors
Designed, developed and
implemented grant
implementation plan for
project directors
SPG 4.1 Intensify the
pursuit of grants, contracts,
and other income streams
Increase number of grants
submitted in collaboration with
MSJC faculty, staff and
administrators to
Train faculty, staff &
administrators to write
grants; increase number of
grant submissions
Designed and delivered grants
academy workshop SP12
Trained 60 faculty, staff and
SPG 4.3 Generate resources
by increasing number of grant
and contract proposals
submitted by faculty
Increase the number of
grant proposals submitted
in collaboration with faculty,
staff and administra
Assisted faculty, staff and
administrators in the
development and
submission of 9 grant apps
Nine apps submitted, for
$2.7 million in potential
funding; five funded apps
for $2 million in fundi
The Grants Office consistently reports out on funding successes; however,
communication improvements need to take place with the faculty, staff and
administrators. During development/submission of grant proposals information
and updates related to pending projects are not consistently communicated out to
college constituent groups. In order to eliminate apprehension regarding new
projects it is important that information is disseminated throughout the grant
development process, not just when it is submitted and awarded.
Redesigned Grants Office website
Revised Grant Development and Approval Process (including new electronic approval form/matrix)
Developed Grant Deadline Calendar
Developed Grant Management Implementation Plan
Developed Grants Academy (featuring three levels of grant writing/development workshops)
Held Grants Academies at SJC and MVC training over 60 faculty/staff
Submitted 9 grant applications ($2,710,137 in potential funding)
Received $2,046,137 in grant funding (5 funded applications)