Purpose of this evaluation: To make an evaluative inventory indicating strengths and weaknesses and to outline a practical
improvement program. These evaluations will provide a history of job effectiveness, development and progress.
Department: Title:
Length of time in present position:
Academic year: Date:
Rating factors: Indicate your rating by considering how this employee is performing on the job. For each category, place a
check in the box over the description which best fits the employee.
1. Job Knowledge
Not observed: _
Has gaps in
knowledge and skills
of the job. (A)
Has satisfactory
knowledge and skill
for the routine phases
of the job. (B)
Has good knowledge
and is well skilled in
all phases of the job.
Has an exceptional
understanding and
skill in all phases of
the job. (D)
Has a far-reaching
grasp of the entire
broad job area.
Authority is in his/her
field. (E)
2. Planning Ability
Not observed: _
Relies on others to
bring problems to
his/her attention. Often
fails to see ahead. (A)
Plans ahead just
enough to get by in
present job. (B)
Is a careful, effective
planner. Anticipates
and takes actions to
solve problems. (C)
Capable of planning
beyond requirements
of the present job. (D)
Capable of top level
planning of high
caliber. (E)
3. Management Ability
Not observed: _
Is a poor organizer.
Does not make
effective use of
material or man power.
Maintains minimum
efficiency of
operations. Control
could be improved.
Displays efficiency of
operation. Makes wise
use of material and
man power. (C)
Displays very effective
organization. Carefully
balances methods and
results. (D)
Is a highly skilled
organizer. Able to
obtain optimum
effectiveness. (E)
4. Quality of
Not observed:_
Often weak and unable
to exert control. (A)
Normally develops
fairly adequate control
and direction. (B)
Consistently a good
leader. Commands
respects of staff. (C)
Exceptional skill in
directing others to
great effort. (D)
Reflects high level
leadership. (E)
5. Initiative and
Not observed: _
Has little capability for
developing new ideas.
Often ignores
problems. (A)
Has occasionally
anticipated problems
and developed
solutions. (B)
Is usually creative and
initiates new
procedures. (C)
Always takes the
initiative and is
exceptionally creative.
Is able to see beyond
limits of own area.
Often initiates and is
creative for entire
college. (E)
6. Executive Judgment
Not observed: _
Decisions and
recommendations are
sometimes unsound or
ineffective. (A)
Judgment is usually
sound and reasonable
with occasional errors.
Displays good
judgment resulting
from sound evaluation.
An exceptionally
sound, logical thinker
in situations that occur
in his/her area. (D)
Consistently arrives at
the right decision even
on highly complex
matters. (E)
7. Oral and Written
Not observed: _
Write: _Speak: _
Unable to express
thoughts clearly. Lacks
organization. (A)
Write: _Speak: _
Expresses thoughts
satisfactorily on
routine matters. (B)
Write: _ Speak: _
Usually organizes and
expresses thoughts
clearly and concisely.
Write: _Speak: _
Consistently able to
express ideas clearly.
Write: _Speak: _
Outstanding ability to
communicate ideas to
others. (E)
8. Human Relations
Not observed: _
Does not get along
well with people.
Definitely hinders
his/her effectiveness.
Occasional difficulty
in getting along with
his/her associates. (B)
Gets along with people
adequately. Average
skills at maintaining
good relations. (C)
Above average skills
in human relations are
an asset. (D)
Outstanding ability in
dealing with
colleagues. Increases
his/her effectiveness.
9. Dependability
Not observed: _
Definitely unreliable
and unable to carry out
work independently.
Normally fulfills
assignments with some
supervision. (B)
dependable in working
toward established
goals. (C)
dependable. Meets
goals within
established deadlines.
dependable and works
effectively. (E)
10. Delegation of
Not observed:_
Does not delegate
responsibility and
performs even minor
tasks him/herself(A)
Reluctant to delegate
responsibility but
occasionally allows
staff to assume some.
Usually delegates
responsibility to
his/her staff. (C)
Effectively delegates
responsibility to
his/her staff. (D)
Highly skilled in
Encourages staff to
grow in responsibility.
11. Service to College
and Community
Not observed:_
Does not involve
him/herself in service
to college and
community. (A)
contributes to the
benefit of the college
and community. (B)
Has contributed
measurably in service
to both college and
community. (C)
Has rendered
consistent service to
college and
community. (D)
Service to the college
and community is a
definite asset.
Deserves recognition.
Overall Evaluation of Performance in Present Position
Unsatisfactory Less than fully
Effective and
Highly effective Outstanding
Supportive Comments: (Must be completed, giving specific facts, weaknesses/achievements).
Recommendations for Development: (Must be completed for overall evaluations, achievements.)
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