Limit of work permitted
Declaration by Applicant
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The purpose of this qualified supervisor certificate is to provide a means of allowing appropriately trained and competent workers to undertake straightforward
disconnection and reconnection of electrical equipment where that electrical work is incidental to the person's principal function in the workplace.
These certificates are granted to qualified tradespeople, such as plumbers, to enable them to undertake restricted electrical work in the course of their
principal trade activities.
Note: Any work involved in the disconnection and reconnection work associated with an air conditioning or refrigeration systems is excluded from the
above and for licensing purposes, such work is to be covered by the classes of .air conditioning and refrigeration
Disconnection and reconnection work is limited to:
Disconnection and reconnection work does NOT include work:
Disconnection and reconnection of electrical wiring at the equipment itself and only to the extent necessary to permit the non-electrical work to be performed;
• Replacement of equipment on a “like for like” basis;
Testing necessary for the safe isolation of the equipment to be disconnected and reconnected;
Testing necessary for the safe operation of the equipment;
• Replacement of 'blown” fuses and resetting of “tripped” circuit breakers;
• Equipment operation at voltages up to 1000V alternating current three phase and 1500V direct current.
• that is otherwise defined by the Regulation to be the associated electrical work under the categories of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
• on new installations or the alteration of fixed wiring
• where high fault currents are possible
• on complex electrical apparatus and circuits
• associated with fixed wiring other than disconnecting and reconnecting electrical equipment - this exclusion includes locating and rectifying faults of
circuits at a switchboard or to general electrical accessories (including switches, socket outlets, circuit protective devices); or installation of or alteration
to any part of the fixed electrical wiring system (defined as electrical wiring work)
• on fixed wired smoke detectors
• on electric hot water systems except when carried by the holder of a plumbing endorsed licence or qualified supervisor certificate(or water plumbing)
• on luminaires including pre-assembled neon signs
• installing lifts, inclinators and turntables, and
• in hazardous areas or on electrical equipment that is part of an explosion-protection technique.
1. The name, address and contact number of your employer.
Contact number: ( )
and/or Mobile
Complete the following:
2. A description of your workplace
3. A description of your principal function in your workplace
In accordance with section 12 of the Licensing and Registration (Uniform Procedures) Act 2002 this
Additional Details Form and any supporting attachments are part of the application form submitted
by the applicant making application for an authority under the Home Building Act 1989.
Declaration by Applicant (continued)
4. A list of the types of electrical equipment to be disconnected and reconnected in your workplace including an explanation of the function of the equipment
I, _________________________________________________ (full legal name of applicant), declare that the above information provided
is true and correct.
In providing the above information I also declare that:
5. An explanation of how your trade background is directly related to your principal function in your workplace and the types of equipment you are intending
to disconnect and reconnect (as evidenced by your Certificate III level qualification in a trade or higher education qualification, Australian Recognised Trade
Certificate, Certificate of Proficiency, Craft Certificate, Certificate of Completion or a Certificate of Recognition).
Note: The relevant trade background for disconnection/reconnection of hot water heaters is plumbing or water plumbing and for gas
appliances it is gas fitting. Plumbing, water plumbing and gas fitting are licensed trades and you must hold an individual contractor
licence or qualified supervisor certificate to apply for disconnection and reconnection of fixed electrical equipment associated with
these trades.
I understand that the provision of false or misleading information by me may result in proceedings being brought against me under the Crimes Act,
1900 that could lead to imprisonment of up to 2 years and/or fines of up to $22,000.
I understand that the provision of false or misleading information may result in Fair Trading assessing me as not being a fit and proper person under
the Home Building Act, 1989 that could result in the refusal of my application.
I have read and understand the information required to be provided in this statement.
I authorise Fair Trading to make the necessary enquiries with any organisation or individual to verify the information I have provided on
this form and any organisation or individual to disclose relevant information to Fair Trading for these purposes.
Signature of Applicant _______________________________________ Date Signed____________________________