Please enter information accurately to ensure information is stored accurately in our system and digitally sign form using UTORid.
Send signed form to for TCard programming. If you have requested a security item (key/fob/loaner TCard)
please include payment confirmation with this form, and you will be notified when it is available for pickup from the ECE Mailroom,
SFB540. Please allow three business days for your TCard access to take effect.
Surname: Given Name: Phone:
Personnel or Student #:
Professor Admin Staff IT Staff Research Staff Casual Staff Visiting Professor
Undergrad TA Volunteer Other:PostDoc
Home Department ECE Engineering Science Other Department
TCard Code: 217610
TCard Access
Professor and Staff
BA, SF, GB entrances, graduate student lounge (BA 5157),
BA 4th & 5th floor reception suites, staff lounges (BA 5010 &
GB 147) ECE meeting rooms and seminar rooms (BA)
Graduate Students and Postdocs
BA, SF, GB entrances, graduate student lounge (BA 5157)
Undergrads BA, SF, GB entrance, BA 1120 & 3128
Visitors BA, SF, GB entrance
Communications Group: BA 4000, 7114
Electromagnetics Group: BA 4167, 4170, 4173, 4175
Electronics Group: BA 5000, 5158
BA 7162 BA 7163 BA 7177
Additional rooms:
Loaner TCard
Fob Access
Requested - Deposit: $30
Requested (Pratt and Wallberg building entrances) - Deposit: $30
Key Access Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 - Deposit: $30/key
To pay your deposit online, go to
I AGREE not to lend my security item and to properly report their loss to the
Department. Upon termination of my employment or studies, or if asked
before then, I will return the security item.
Supervisor's Signature:
Admin Coordinator (Initial):
Energy Systems Group:
GB 002 GB 003
GB 004 GB040
EM Labs:
Office use only
Transaction ID Deposit
Date Issued Fob Return Date
Key Key Key Key Initial
Form revision: 08/2020
Access End Date
TNFC Labs:
WB 38 PT 464
_ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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