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Reason(s) for requesting Academic Renewal:
I DO WANT to apply for Academic Renewal during the first semester of my return to Lander University. I am an
undergraduate who has been away from Lander University for at least three years with a GPR of less than 2.000 I
understand that should this be approved, I will be placed on Academic Probation and my Lander transcript will be
adjusted. All previous hours carried and quality points will be removed. In addition, all hours earned for Lander grades
of D will be taken away, retaining all hours earned for grades of A, B, C, and P. No previous hours earned, carried and
attempted will be given for grades of D and F (including grades - FA, NA, NC, WF, and WN). There will be no loss of
previous transfer credit. All grades will remain on the transcript with an appropriate notation of the irreversible action.
This action will be allowed once and precludes my eligibility for graduation with academic honors.
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