NOTE: This form is not for financial aid reinstatement.
An Academic Reinstatement Request form is used when a student wants to be reinstated to enroll in classes,
after completing an academic suspension (one semester fall or spring).
Steps to complete in order to be considered for Reinstatement:
1. Complete a one page, typed statement explaining what caused your failure to comply with ECC’s
Standards of Academic Progress, what steps you will take to improve your academic performance and why
you wish to return to ECC. Please ensure that you fully describe your individual situation and intended
course of action. *A Statement is NOT required for students requesting REINSTATEMENT after a successful
semester on APPEAL.
2. Schedule an appointment with your assigned academic advisor by calling 847-214-7390. Bring this form and
your typed, one page statement (if applicable) to your advising appointment. During your advising
appointment, you and your advisor will complete the Student Success Contract on the opposite side of
this form.
3. To ensure consideration for the upcoming semester, it is recommended that you meet with your advisor by the
following priority deadlines:
To be considered for enrollment in spring semester October 15
To be considered for enrollment in summer semester March 1
To be considered for enrollment in fall semester May 15
4. Following your meeting with your advisor, the advisor will submit your request to the Associate Dean of
Advising, Transfer & Career Development Services who will render a reinstatement decision.
5. You will be notified via your ECC student email within 10 days after the submission regarding the
outcome of your Academic Reinstatement Request by:
Peggy Gundrum
Associate Dean of Advising,
Transfer & Career Development Services
Elgin Community College
1700 Spartan Drive, B120
Elgin, IL 60123
Incomplete Reinstatements will not be reviewed.
Please be sure to include all documentation to support your Reinstatement.
All Reinstatement decisions are final.
NOTE: This form is not for financial aid reinstatement.
Name: ECC#
ECC Email:
I am requesting reinstatement after completing Academic Suspension. I wish to return to ECC for the following academic
Summer of _ Fall of Spring of
I have completed the one page written statement
Courses recommended upon reinstatement:
If reinstated to Elgin Community College, I pledge to the following to ensure my academic success:
MANDATORY midterm check-in meeting with advisor
Visit Tutoring (Bldg C, second floor)
Visit The Write Place (Bldg B, 274)
Communicate with Instructors / attend Office Hours
Visit a Wellness Professional to talk about (Bldg B, 120)
Study and do work outside of class (recommended: 2 hours for each hour spent in class per week)
Participate in Time Management activity (ask advisor for details)
Visit a Career Specialist to (Bldg B, 120)
By signing below, I agree to the above contract and acknowledge that if my reinstatement request is approved, it will be
for the requested academic period ONLY. My ability to continue taking courses at ECC beyond the requested academic
period will be contingent on my term SOAP GPA at the end of the reinstatement term, which must be a 2.0 or higher.
Student Signature Date
Advisor Signature Date
ggy Gundrum, Associate Dean of Advising, Transfer & C areer Development Services DateFor Office Use Only
Current SOAP Cumulative GPA:
Credits required
to return to Good Academic Standing:
Grades or GPA:
Max Cr. Hrs.
Email Sent to Change Status
In Person