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This form may be used to request the following types of actions from the Faculty Subcommittee on Administration:
an exception to an academic regulation
a waiver of certain requirements for the B.A. degree
transfer of credit to your Lawrence record from another institution
admission to the B.A. degree program, if you are a B.Mus. student
re-admission to the university after withdrawal
permission to participate in Commencement before degree is conferred
Requests concerning major, minor, or IA requirements should be directed to the appropriate department chair or program director.
Requests concerning conservatory regulations or requirements should be directed to the Conservatory Committee on Administration.
The deadline for submitting petitions for registration changes is the last day of classes of the academic term immediately
following the term for which a registration change is being requested.
Action requested
Please state your request clearly and with sufficient information. A request to simply “add a class” will be returned to the petitioner. If
your request concerns your status in a class, you should identify the class fully (term, subject, number, CRN, instructor). If you are
requesting transfer credit you must identify the other institution, the subject, course number, title, credit value of the course, and when you
expect to complete it. See for more information on petitions for transfer credit.
The basis for the request
This is your opportunity to explain why you believe your request should be approved. A petition filed without a response in this section
will be returned to the requestor. Provide your reasons as clearly and succinctly as possible. Students submitting petitions to correct
failure to add or cancel classes by the deadline should expect to be charged a late registration fee.
Supporting documentation
You may, and sometimes must, include supporting documentation. Under certain circumstances the Faculty Subcommittee on
Administration may request more information, such as verification of an illness, ability to complete requirements, or a transcript. If you
are requesting to change a final examination, you must provide documentation verifying your request (letter of employment, letter of
admission to an academic program, etc.). If you are requesting transfer credit, you must attach a description/syllabus of the course.
Signatures and comments from faculty
Your petition will not be reviewed without the appropriate signatures and comments from faculty.
Your advisor’s signature is required. His or her comments in support of your request are important, particularly if you are asking for re-
admission or to transfer from one degree program to another.
If your petition involves registration, the instructor of the pertinent course must sign and comment on the action you are requesting. An
instructor’s signature is not required for petitions involving the S/U option.
If you are asking to cancel or withdraw from a class, the instructor must indicate your last date of attendance and whether you were
passing at that time.
If you are petitioning for transfer credit, the appropriate department chair or program director must sign and comment on the course to
be transferred.
Grades will not be accepted from petition forms. If your petition is approved and a grade is needed, the Registrar’s Office will contact
the instructor for the grade directly.
The Faculty Subcommittee on Administration meets weekly when classes are in session. Students are notified of the subcommittee's
decision the week following the meeting. Students may also call the Registrar’s Office (x6578) to inquire about the status of their
Your advisor can answer most questions about petitions. If your situation is complicated, you may wish to make an appointment with the
Dean of Academic Success (x6530).