Office of the Deputy Registrar
Student Records Section
ACA44 Deferred Examination Application Form
(Session: 2021)
After completing the UCT Daily Health Screening app form on the day you were intending to arrive on campus to write an
If the outcome yields a red/amber circle, you may not come to campus and should instead apply for a deferred
Your application must include a screenshot of the red/amber circle outcome.
Note that every time you receive a red/amber circle outcome, you will be contacted by Student Wellness Services.
Complete all sections of this form as incomplete applications will be denied.
Generate your official exam timetable from PeopleSoft and submit it together with this form.
All applications to be submitted as a single pdf file using Peoplesoft service requests, see
Read the General Rules and Policies - Handbo ok 3 in respect of the exams policies for Deferred Exams.
A. Student Details
First Name
Student Number
B. Deferred Exam Details
In the table below please fill in the details of the exam(s) you are applying to defer.
Course Code
(E.g. ELL1001W)
Exam Date
(E.g. 08/11/2021)
Exam Time
(E.g. 12:00)
Do you have a DP?
Did you write
the exam?
Please indicate if you have submitted any prior applications for this semester’s exams
C. Acknowledgement Checklist
Please initial in each box below to indicate that you understand and acknowledge the rules and implications.
Implications of deferring exams
Initial to
1. Deferred Exam Dates 2021: Deferred exams are normally written in the new academic year during
January unless otherwise advised by the respective department.
2. General Rule 27.1: I accept and understand that a deferred exam is not a first offering of the exam
and therefore cannot be deferred again meaning that if I miss a deferred exam, for any reason,
the result is AB (Absent) (General Rule: G27.1).
3. General Rule 23.1: I accept that a student writing a deferred exam is not eligible for a
supplementary exam (General Rule: G23.1).
4. Residence Accommodation: I accept and understand that it is my responsibility to arrange my
own residence accommodation during my deferred exams.
5. ACA44a: Confidential Medical/Psychological Report: I have attached the necessary
medical/psychological supporting documentation where I am seeking deferment on medical
grounds or psychological grounds. I note that providing a medical/psychological report does not
guarantee the approval of my application.
6. Official Exam Timetable: I have attached my official exam timetable as generated by PeopleSoft.
7. ACA44b: Course without DP requirements: If applicable, I have completed section A of the
ACA44b form and have asked for the relevant department to complete Section B of the ACA44b
form and submit to the committee.
8. Duly Performed Refused: I understand and note that a DPR (Duly Performed Refused) for a
course will override the DE (Deferred Examination) application for that course should I have not
met the requirements of the course as per General Rule 27.1(b)
9. Submission Response: I understand that I should receive a response within 7 working days of
submitting my full application (including official PeopleSoft exam timetable and supporting medical
documentation, if applicable), and that I should follow up if no response is received.
10. Follow Up: I understand and accept that having received a response, I have a 7 day period in
which to follow up any queries and no further correspondence will be entered into after this date.
11. Missed Exam: I understand and accept that if I am not granted a deferral and miss the exam, the
final result will be “AB”.
12: I acknowledge that dishonesty in seeking a deferral may lead to a disciplinary charge.
Enter your initials in the signature field when emailing your completed application and supporting documents from your MyUCT email account.
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