Rev 01Feb2021
The purpose of this checklist is to assist UCF employees and departments with the process when an
employee leaves the university. Employees leaving the university should be aware of pertinent
information, rights and benefits that may affect them
Note: Failure to
provide at least two (2) weeks written notice of resignation may result in the employee being designated as ineligible for
rehire, except in cases of medical or family emergency, or where the employee’s early departure is approved by the university.
Employee Name: ____________________________ Empl ID: _________________
Department Name: ___________________________ Termination Date: ________
A&P Executive Service Faculty Staff OPS
Department Responsibilities:
Is Employee eligible for rehire? (Skip this item for Faculty) ___ YES (proceed to next step) ___ NO
If NO, Employee Relations must be contacted prior to completion of the PAF.
Submit electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF) and attach appropriate documentation (e.g., resignation
letter) to ePAF on or before the last day of employment.
Verify if the employee received a Relocation Stipend and separated from UCF in less than 24 months. Per
university policy, the employee may be subject to the Repayment Clause. Email to request
If exiting employee is listed as a supervisor for OPS employees, submit ePAF to update supervisor.
Audit leave records and verify all leave balances are correct.
Disable voice mail: Log into UCF IT ServiceNow and complete the Telecommunications Request Form.
Remove employee from authorized signature list(s). To inactivate DAL access, see ADDY note at:
Close P-Card Account. Log into and navigate to UCF Financials>Main Menu>Employee Self
Service>PCard Application
Ensure UCF property has been returned: Remind employee that a final check may not be released until
all university property is returned. Contact to apprise them of the situation so that the
payouts are placed on hold in accordance with the appropriate procedure.
Uniforms PC’s/equipment Cell phones Pagers Radios
Voyager Gas Card Purchase Card Keys (return to Facilities Operations) Other: _____________
Notify Payroll Services if payments should be held pending return of university property.
Provide, if requested, an exit interview with department head or designee. Refer employee to Employee
Exit Questionnaire at:
Navigate to to remove employee from UCF phonebook.
Ensure employee has contacted Library, Health Services, & Parking Services to settle outstanding fees.
**Effective 2021, email accounts will be automatically de-provisioned by UCFIT based on the termination in the
system. Effective March 2021, ERP and Enterprise Active Directory groups are automatically de-provisioned based on
termination and action dates.
Department Representative Signature: _______________________________________ Date:
Printed Name: ___________________________________________________
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Rev 28Apr2021
Employee Responsibilities:
Return library books and settle outstanding fines.
Contact Parking Services and settle outstanding permit fees or fines. Contact the Technology Product
Center (computer store) and settle outstanding payment plans.
Employee Self-Service (i.e. pay advices and current and past W-2s) will be available after the end of
employment. Refer to:
Complete Employee Exit Questionnaire and forward to Human Resources,
If desired, request an exit interview with department head or designee.
Consent to electronic W-2 through Employee Self Service. You can verify your access to your W-2 by
signing into
. After logging in, click Employee Self Service, Payroll and Compensation,
W-2/W-2c Forms. Ensure a valid personal email address is listed for W-2 notification.
Leave Transfer-contact to indicate a desire to transfer leave balances to an accepting
employer prior to the termination date. The future employer should send an official note requesting leave
balance information directly to Human Resources within 2 weeks of the termination date.
Leave Payout Deferral If interested in deferring any part of the leave payout to a voluntary retirement
plan 403(b) Plan or 457 Deferred Compensation Plan, contact
to request and complete a
Leave Payout Deferral Form upon termination.
Review the Employee Offboarding Guide,
Employee Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: ________
ed Name: __________________________________________________
(Note: If employee is not available for signature, complete the checklist to show that the department has
thought through the termination process and write “signature not available” in the space above.)
General Information:
If desired, an appointment may be made with a Benefits Section team member ( or 407-823-2771) for the
Obtain information regarding insurance coverage/COBRA benefits. Employees that are enrolled in health,
dental or vision insurance at the time of termination are eligible for COBRA
coverage. Since premiums are
paid a month in advance, the employee may still have coverage through the month following termination.
Once the termination is completed in PeopleSoft and sent toPeople First, COBRA information will be sent to
the home address the employee has on file with the University. To obtain COBRA coverage, the employee
must complete the appropriate paperwork and return it to People First within the specified time frame.
Obtain information regarding retirement accounts including FRS Pension Plan, FRS Investment Plan, State
University System Optional Retirement Program (ORP) and voluntary retirement savings plans (403B and
Special Pay Plan: Leave Balances for employees who are 55 years and older and who will receive a leave
payout of $10,000 or greater will be deferred to a 401(a)-account administered by TIAA. Additional
information is available on the HR website at:
Conversion policies maybe available for certain supplemental plans through the State of Florida Group
Insurance Program and The Gabor Agency.
Keep checklist in department files for at least three fiscal years; do not send to Human Resources.
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