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A+ Agreement Form
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The following rules and regulations apply to students receiving A+ benefit at ECC:
I must have an official high school transcript with the A+ seal sent to the ECC Registrar.
I must provide ECC an official college transcript from all other colleges I have attended. The completed hours at
a previous A+ institution, along with the number of hours accepted as transfer credit from a non A+ institution,
will determine my 105% maximum A+ eligibility.
I must be enrolled full-time to use A+ funding (12 or more hours in the fall and spring and 6 or more in the
summer), and complete a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester. If I am part-time due to having a
documented disability or approved by my advisor as taking the only hours available for that semester, then
whatever hours I am enrolled in beginning the semester, I have to complete to continue to have A+ the next
I must obtain a cumulative 2.0 GPA after the initial fall semester, and cumulative 2.5 GPA each subsequent
semester to continue receiving benefits.
I am eligible for A+ funding for a maximum of 48 months from the date of high school graduation or until 105%
of the hours required for my current degree is reached (cannot exceed 48 months) or until I have earned an
associate’s degree or certificate (cannot exceed 48 months).
A+ will pay for tuition, activity fee, support service fee, technology fee, facilities fee, and security fee for courses
that are REQUIRED for my declared degree.
Occupational Therapy Assistant degree and Out of District Tier 2 degrees are funded a maximum of $170.75 per
credit hour.
I understand that if I have any questions related to my A+ award, those questions should be directed to the
Financial Aid office at East Central College.
I will be responsible for books, special fees, music fees, online course fees, supplies or lab fees.
I must complete the FAFSA and all other required forms each academic year.
All federal and state grants with the exception of Bright Flight will be applied to tuition and fees before A+.
Depending on the amount of these combined grant funds, it is possible that I will not receive any A+ funds.
A+ will not pay for repeat courses that A+ has paid for in prior semesters.
If I drop a course after the 100% refund date and still meet full-time requirement, I will be responsible for
payment of the class.
If I drop courses and fall below full time requirement, A+ will pay for hours dropped but I will lose eligibility the
next semester I attend.
The A+ award amount is subject to legislative appropriation and if funding is insufficient for payment of tuition
and fees; MDHE will limit the number of hours to be reimbursed or take other measures informed by public
comment and approved by the CBHE. If this happens I will be responsible for any tuition and fees that A+ did
not cover.
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