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Workbook - Week 1 ·
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How to Tap
1. Pick a target. Be very specific about what you want to work on.
For instance, “The frustration I have over this project at work.”
2. Scale your emotion or physical discomfort on the scale from 0 to 10, where 10 represents the
most discomfort and 0 represents no discomfort.
3. Create your setup statement. “Even though I (have this problem), I deeply and completely
accept myself.”
“Even though I have this throbbing aching pain in my lower back, I deeply and completely
accept myself.”
“Even though I’m really angry because my boss didn’t approve my idea, I deeply and
completely accept myself.
4. Tap on the karate chop point while you say the setup statement three times.
5. Move to tapping through the points (illustrated on page 2) while using the reminder phrase.
A reminder phrase contains the words you use while tapping on the points on the face and the
body. It helps you stay focused on the energy you need to clear. It’s not about your wording,
this is about being honest and saying how you feel as you tap. The words should reflect your
“this throbbing back pain” or
“this frustration over not getting the promotion.
6. Once you’ve tapped through the points, Take a deep breath in and check in to see how you
feel. On a scale of zero to ten, how did the feelings change?
7. Be persistent! Continue tapping until the intensity comes down. Often an underlying emotion
may surface. Feel free to shift the tapping to the feeling that has the strongest charge.
The key to getting results is to be very specific when you target the problem.
Here are some questions you can ask yourself to discover the best tapping target.
What’s the downside of getting what I want?
How does it serve me to stay how I am?
Whom do I blame for this problem in my life?
What might I have to deal with if this problem was resolved?
The answers to these questions then become the words you tap on.
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The Emotional Door to Physical Healing
Stress and other negative emotions drain our
immune system. When your body is no longer
trying to survive under all the stress it can go back
to doing what it is meant to do, recover and heal.
When tapping on a pain you can begin by just
focusing on the symptom while you tap.
The more specific you can be the better.
Instead of saying “This back pain” you can say
“This sharp pain in my lower back that I feel at
night.” If that doesn’t work or you improve but still
remain in pain, take the emotional door.
Ask yourself the following questions to find the
emotions that may be contributing to the pain. The
answer becomes your setup statement, and the
feelings about it become your reminder phrase.
life what would it be?
-What was going on in my life when this pain
If this pain was a metaphor for something in my
-What limiting beliefs do I have about this pain?
-What would I have to do if I recovered?
-What is the downside of recovering from this symptom?
For example- I have trouble saying no. If I recover from this pain I wouldn’t have a reason to tell
others I cant or don’t want to do something.
Setup statement would become, “Even though I don’t want to recover because I have trouble
telling others I don’t want to do something, I accept myself and how I feel.
Take the answers to these questions and begin tapping. Experience the results for yourself!
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Branches (Emotions)
Leaves (Symptoms)
Write in here or on the lines below. . . Write in here or on the lines below. . .
Roots (Beliefs)
Trunk (Events)
Write in here or on the lines below. . .
Write in here or on the lines below. . .
Leaves (Symptoms):
Branches (Emotions):
This is your money situation now. The reality of whatever is going on.
Examples: too much debt, don't own my house, not making as much money
as I want, I'm working too hard for the money I'm making
These are your most common emotions around money and finaces. Write
down anything and everything you feel when you think about money.
Examples: stress, anxiety, impatience
(c) 2014 The Tapping Solution, LLC
Trunk (Events):
Roots (Beliefs):
These are important events that may have effected your money story. Ask
yourself what your experience was like growing up with money.
Example questions to ask yourself: Do you remember your parents ever
telling you "money doesn't grow on trees"? Do you remember arguments
around the dinner table about money?
These are the most fundamental factors that are shaping your money story.
These are your beliefs.
Example questions to ask yourself to try to determine your beliefs: How
do I feel about money? Am I good with it? Is it easy to make money? Is it easy
to be fulfilled in what I do? Do I have to work hard to make money? Is it safe
to stand out and be successful? Does being more successful mean I'll have
to do more work? Am I scared of failing? Am I scared of succeeding? Is the
economy "bad"? Is it not "spiritual" to make money?
(c) 2014 The Tapping Solution, LLC
Welcome to Webinar No. 1 of the “Seven Weeks to Financial Success and Personal Fulfillment”
First of all, as Nick mentioned in the webinar, we want to honor you for being here, for making
a commitment to change. Just showing up is 50% of the journey! So you’re already half way
The work that we’re going to do here is going to impact your financial future, but we are also
looking for it to impact the world, to change the way we all experience our financial realities, to
change the world into a world of abundance!
The basic structure of this program is as follows:
Weekly Webinars one per week, for seven weeks, covering a specific topic each
time. (This week we’re focusing on overwhelm and on quieting the mental noise we all
10 to 15 Minute Tapping Meditations - It will be different every week. Our intent
is to give you something you can use at least once a day.
Tapping in Action Sessions - You’ll be able to tap along with Nick, and listen to
people’s issues, or maybe even yours!
The Tapping Solution Financial Abundance Community We have set up a
private Facebook group for the Tapping Solution Financial Abundance Community! To be
added to the Facebook group, please send an email to nick@thetappingsolution.com with the
email address you use for Facebook and we will send you an email invitation to join the group.
Our group administrator team will review and approve all membership requests so you can
start interacting with your fellow participants. All posts in the Facebook group are private and
only members can see them. While others can see the name of the group, they cannot see
anything you write. You will see member posts in your personal Facebook feed, but be assured
that non-members and your friends who are non-members cannot see the posts.
While some of you may not want to join Facebook due to privacy issues, you have an
alternative option! You can join with another name (like your first and middle name instead of a
last name or a cartoon character, like Scooby Doo) and use an avatar or other photo instead of
your own. Signing up for Facebook is free and the Facebook group can be so incredibly active
and supportive that we highly recommend checking it out and seeing for yourself. Keep in mind
that if you use a name other than the one you registered with, we will not know it’s you when
you request to join the Facebook group. Please e-mail customer service, to let us know that
you have a different name in Facebook. We will also be e-mailing people from Facebook, but
this may take us longer than hearing directly from you. We will do our best to approve every
member request as soon as possible!
(c) 2014 The Tapping Solution, LLC
Nick, Jessica and others from The Tapping Solution team will be monitoring the Facebook
group, and we hope all of
you jump in and join the discussions! The power of communicating
with each other and sharing
your successes and sharing your breakthroughs and ideas is
really amazing. So we highly encourage you to tune in to that community, join in, and be as
active as you can be.
But the best part of this program is that you can do this at your own pace. Everything is recorded
and the program will be available for you to go back to again and again. And remember:
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
-- Lao Tzu
What Is Your Story With Money?
The first thing we’re going to look at in this program is your story, your patterns, around money,
because the subconscious decisions that you make on a daily basis have a huge impact on
your actual experience with money.
As Nick related his story in the webinar, did this bring to mind any memories around money for
you? Do you have a story like this? You can use the space below to make notes to come back
to later:
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What Is The Noise That Gets In Your Way?
One of the biggest blocks we all encounter, when it comes to working on our issues, is the
interference caused by all the “noise” around us. What we mean by “noise” is all the stuff that’s
going on: the bills we have to pay, the things we “have to do,” the issues that need our attention.
In today’s session we’re going to focus on this noise. What are the things that trigger you and
impede your progress? What noise is there, that you were not aware of? Use the space below
to take notes on what you are noticing:
(c) 2014 The Tapping Solution, LLC
Keys To Your Success
So what are the first steps you need to follow to get the best results?
We have identified three Keys to Success in using Tapping to obtain
outstanding results:
Key # 1: Increase your level of awareness. Understand your stress level, particularly
around your finances and your career, and what is causing this stress.
Key # 2: Be specific
Key # 3: Develop good habits
Key # 1 Awareness
One great way to increase your awareness is to get more grounded. Try doing this tapping
protocol to help you with that:
Start by giving a number, from 1 to 10, to how grounded you feel right now:
And tap along with Nick and Jessica:
KC: Even though part of me isn’t grounded and present,
I choose to feel grounded now.
Even though part of me is somewhere else,
I can’t stop thinking about everything I have to do,
I have to move faster,
I’ve got to do other things,
I choose to feel present now.
Let’s go now to the other tapping points:
I choose to feel present now.
Feeling present and grounded.
I’m feeling more and more present.
UN: I’m feeling more and more grounded.
I choose to feel grounded now.
CB: I am rooted in the earth.
I feel safe and grounded.
I feel so safe and grounded.
(c) 2014 The Tapping Solution, LLC
Take a deep breath and let it out. Write down your new number:
You can do that round of tapping again if you need to, until you feel present in this moment. You
want to be at a point where you feel aware of what’s going on in your mind and in your body.
Key # 2 Be Specific
Much of our work here will be with generic, global concerns. As we share stories of other people,
we’re going to tap on their issues, so they will be specific to them but they may not be to you.
It’s important then that you focus on the specific issues with which you are struggling.
Here’s how to be specific:
When we discuss a generic issue, if it does not apply to you, think about the specific
issue or issues that DO apply to you. You can write them down if it helps!
Focus on what the issue brings up for you any related thoughts, feelings, beliefs,
symptoms or memories anything that comes up.
It’s important to get into as much detail as you can. Focus on exactly how you feel and
where you feel it in your body.
We’ll help you along the way with questions that will guide you towards being more
Key # 3 Developing Good Habits
Energy and persistence conquer all things.
-- Benjamin Franklin
There are several habits that you need to develop. These are among the most important:
The habit of awareness - of paying more attention, as discussed in Key # 1 above.
The habit of tapping. Let’s face it, we may see creating a habit of tapping as
challenging because we are not surrounded by visual cues to remind us to do it. This
program is about creating the habit of tapping. In addition to the regular e-mails from
us, the webinars, Tapping in Action calls and the daily meditations, we
encourage you to visit
the Tapping Solution Financial Abundance Facebook
community daily to interact with your fellow
community members.
(c) 2014 The Tapping Solution, LLC
The daily meditations. We give you a new meditation each week and we encourage
you to do these daily. It’s a great way to be proactive about tapping!
The Fight or Flight Response
Imagine how it would be if you really started recognizing when your body is going into subtle
fight or flight responses? This isn’t the ultimate response to being chased by a tiger; these are
more subtle. But they do put your life in danger, and the life that they put in danger is the life of
freedom, joy, opportunity, and passion. That’s the life that gets endangered by the smallest fight
or flight responses. It’s not your physical life; it’s the life that you want to have.
Here’s what happens physically, when you get stressed:
Your body begins to experience low-grade fight or flight, the kind you may be so used to
that you don’t notice.
The blood flows away from your forebrain. This has been known to diminish your creative,
problem-solving capabilities.
Cortisol (the stress hormone) shoots up.
It’s important to increase your level of awareness around this.
To become aware of how stress affects you, take some time to ask yourself
the following questions:
When are you getting stressed?
When are we having that fight or flight response?
What does your morning commute feel like?
What does 9 AM feel like when you get to the office?
What does 6 PM feel like when you get home and the kids are running around?
The big stressors are likely obvious. I want you to really pay attention to the subtle stuff.
It’s important to identify those triggers and identify that noise in order to clear your response to
(c) 2014 The Tapping Solution, LLC
Here are some typical stressors, or triggers, around money:
Your payroll, if you are running a company
Your level of income, and how it relates to your expenses
Your financial responsibilities
What are your main triggers or stressors?
Give this stress level a number, from 0 to 10:
Now consider and answer these questions:
How do I feel about this?
Give that a number, from 0 to 10:
(c) 2014 The Tapping Solution, LLC
What does this remind me of?
When has this happened before? Is this a pattern?
When do I expect it to happen again?
How does my body feel?
(c) 2014 The Tapping Solution, LLC
Do I feel safe or unsafe when this happens?
Now let’s do a round of tapping:
KC: Even though I have all this stress in my body about this financial trigger,
I deeply and completely accept myself.
Even though I’m so stressed about this financial trigger,
I deeply and completely accept myself.
Even though I’m stressed and overwhelmed about these bills,
About these responsibilities,
About all the financial stuff I have going on,
I deeply and completely accept myself.
All these financial triggers.
All the stress.
All these triggers.
UN: I get so overwhelmed.
There’s nothing I can do about them.
CB: I feel powerless.
I feel powerless and overwhelmed.
What am I supposed to do about this?
Releasing some of this anxiety.
Releasing this stress.
I recognize this trigger.
UN: I recognize what it’s doing to me.
And I change the pattern.
CB: I change this pattern now.
Changing my conditioned response.
Changing this trigger now.
All these triggers.
Are coming into my awareness.
I’m aware of what I’m doing.
(c) 2014 The Tapping Solution, LLC
UN: I’m aware of how I’m reacting.
I’m aware of what it’s doing to my body.
CB: And I choose to change this pattern now.
I choose to change this pattern now.
Releasing this pattern now.
Take a deep breath, and let it go.
Take note of your new level of stress:
Did this exercise remind you of other issues that you might need to tap on?
How Do I Stack Up?
There is nothing noble about being superior to some other man.
The true nobility is in being superior to your previous self.
-- Hindu Proverb
Comparing yourself to others can be healthy if you have a positive response, but not if it makes
you feel disempowered.
The challenge is that while it’s important to set big goals and dreams -- and you can be motivated
by seeing someone else doing something great and wanting to do the same thing -- it’s easy to
fall into the trap of being envious, and of judging your lack by what others have.
We need to quiet those judgments, not only for our own future financial success, but also for
our personal fulfillment, for our spiritual fulfillment.
The following is a tapping protocol on just the concept of comparing ourselves to other people.
We’re looking to quiet the noise and the judgments.
Tune into the feeling, the emotion. “When I think of other people, when I think of my friends and
my family members, and the people on Facebook, how do I feel?”
Give it a number:
(c) 2014 The Tapping Solution, LLC
And let’s do a round of tapping:
KC: Even though I can’t stop comparing myself,
To everyone else out there,
I deeply and completely accept myself.
Even though I have this habit of comparing myself,
And I show myself
That I’m just not good enough,
I choose to change these feelings now.
Even though I can’t stop comparing myself
To everyone else,
I choose to change this pattern now.
I’ve got to compare myself.
I keep comparing myself to others.
And I don’t like how that makes me feel.
UN: These emotions
These emotions that I feel
CB: When I compare myself to others
I can’t stop comparing myself
And I don’t like the way I feel
I have to compare myself
But I always feel disappointed
Or upset
UN: Or jealous
Or frustrated
CB: I’m beating myself up
Because I’m not doing enough
And everyone else is doing so much more
This habit of comparing myself
This addiction to Facebook
This addiction to Pinterest
UN: I have to compare myself to others
I have to see what other people are doing
CB: I can’t stop looking at what other people are doing
And comparing myself
This habit of comparing myself
I choose to release it now
I choose to feel empowered now
I am perfect as I am
UN: There’s always someone out there
(c) 2014 The Tapping Solution, LLC
Doing something better than I am
CB: Or at least it seems that way
But I choose to change this belief
And release all of the self-judgment
I am perfect as I am
My finances are perfect as they are
Even if I want to change them
UN: I accept the reality
Of where they are
CB: And I choose to change
Releasing this habit of comparing ourselves
Letting it all go
Take a deep breath.
Tune and see what number you stress level is at:
This was very general, but if there is someone in particular who triggers you a friend, a relative,
even someone on TVyou can do a round of tapping while focusing on the person in particular.
(Remember: be specific!)
Facing Reality
People the world over struggle with their finances, and many deny what they are facing. One
of the hardest things to do is to open that drawer full of bills to pay, and take the first step. And
this also serves as a metaphor for the challenge of facing reality, of facing the issues that are
holding us back.
The key is that whether you’re thinking about these things or not, they’re there If you bring
something forward in your mind, and you feel anxiety about it, it means you’re also anxious
about it when you’re not thinking about it. With Tapping, we’re bringing things to the surface for
a short time, and then releasing that anxiety.
That’s what we’re doing with the finances: Let’s bring the bills out of the drawer, feel the
feeling that you feel, feel the anxiety, whatever it is that’s going on, tap on it, and then
release it.
Take a look at them. Address the way you feel about them, and change the perception.
And in that way you’ll change the reality!
(c) 2014 The Tapping Solution, LLC
We can have magical thinking, we can have outrageous dreams and goals, we can follow our
passions and be realistic at the same time. You can pay your bills; you can address what’s
stressing you outand then think big.
The great part about it is that when we address the real feelings that we have, when we address
the blocks, the story -- the patterns of sabotage, the patterns of procrastination -- and we
collapse them by tapping on them, that’s when we can have real magical thinking. That’s when
we can have outrageous dreams!
Where Do We Go From Here?
Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.
-- Robert Collier
These are the steps that we recommend you take to continue on this journey and get ready for
the next session:
1 Download and tap daily with this week’s meditation. Work on overcoming
the anxiety, the feeling of overwhelm, the self-judgment. Get into the habit!
2 - Post in the Private Facebook Group. Introduce
yourself to your
community members; identify your triggers, how you reacted, and what
you did about
it. Write as much detail as you feel comfortable with. We’re all here to
support one
another on this journey! Write your thoughts or comments on other
people’s posts.
Cheer each other on, share your insights or what worked for you. Remember this
is a supportive community, so it’s important to be kind to each other as
we interact. :)
3 Listen and Tap Along to Thursday’s Tapping in Action session!
This is great opportunity to Tap along while Nick guides people through their issues.
4 – Join us in the next webinar. We’ll see you at next weeks Monday webinar for
week 2 of our 7-week journey together!