7351 Tompkins Hill Road
Eureka, CA 95501-9300
10. Print your name as you want it to appear on your degree:
This name will be printed in the commencement program. Approved documentation required if deviates from name on file at CR.
Student Signature Date
Evaluator Use Only
Catalog Year: Honors: Posted: Sent:
4 PE Units: Excess: 1. 18 units CR G.E. competed?
Yes No
9 CE Units: Excess: 39 units CSU G.E. completed?
Yes No
14 CR/P Units: Excess: 37 units IGETC G.E. completed?
Yes No
Non transferable : 2. Major/AOE completed?
Yes No
Cumulative GPA: 3. 60 units complete?
Yes No
Final GPA: 4. Cumulative 2.0 GPA?
Yes No
Eligible to Graduate
Yes No
5. 2.0 GPA at CR?
Yes No
6. Residency?
Yes No
Evaluator Signature Date (Verification) Initials
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Campus Location: Eureka Del Norte Klamath-Trinity
1. Name
Other Names used while attending CR
2. Student ID#
3. Student Email Address
4. Permanent or forwarding address
for mailing degree
5. Telephone Number
6. Will this be your first degree from CR? Yes No
Official transcripts from other colleges must be on file.
7. Degree (choose one)
Associate of Science in _______________________
Associate Degree for Transfer _________________________
AA in Liberal Arts, with emphasis
in:_____________________________ IGETC-UC
General Education Option:
8. Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 20___ Spring 20___ Summer 20___
DEADLINES: Don’t forget to turn in your Graduation Petition by these dates:
Fall Semester Last Thursday in October
Spring Semester First Thursday in March
Summer Session Last Thursday in June
* Your diploma will not be mailed to you if you have a balance due to CR. Please
contact the Business Office at 707.476.4120 and pay any monies due.
Reviewed by:
Counselor/Advisor signature REQUIRED before filing Date
BEFORE completing this petition, you are REQUIRED to meet with an Academic Advisor or Counselor.
Petitions not signed by an Advisor/Counselor will NOT BE PROCESSED.
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