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Below is a list of Rental License Standards that owners/managers are asked to agree to as part of their
rental license.
I understand that by owning property in Burnsville, I am operating in a residential zone of the city.
I understand my rental license must be renewed annually.
I understand City Code, Chapter 28, regarding rental licensing, and understand I am subject to the requirements
contained therein.
I understand the rental property must pass a rental property inspection conducted by a City Housing Inspector, and
must maintain the property in accordance with City Codes.
I understand I must screen all potential tenants by using a written rental application, which contains sufficient
information to conduct a criminal background check.
I must use a written lease for all tenants.
In addition to a written lease, I understand I must also issue a Crime Free/Drug Free Housing lease addendum as
required by the Ordinance.
I understand my rental license is not transferrable.
I understand my rental license must be renewed annually.
I understand the “Kari Koskinen Manager Background Check Act” M.S. 299C.66 to 299C.71 and that I am
required to complete a background check on anyone that is defined as a “manager” according to the
statute. This applies to and includes leasing agents, maintenance personnel, etc.
For multi-family rentals: The license holder or manager has attended or is scheduled to attend a City of Burnsville
multi-housing training. This training is put on annually. All managers are required to attend once every three
years. Additional repeated training is optional and recommended.
I understand the efforts of the Burnsville Fire Department in regard to multi-unit housing fire prevention,
and will supply to all new tenants information regarding fire prevention efforts.
I understand the City Manager may deny or not renew a license and the City Council may revoke or suspend a
license for failure to address any tenant or property issues. Failure to abide by the above requirements is
grounds for penalties which may include license non-renewal, suspension, revocation, and fines.
Government data practices act Tennessen warning: The data you supply on this form will be used to process the license you are applying for. You are not legally required to provide this data,
but we may not be able to process the license without it. The data will constitute a public record if and when the license is granted.
Is this property licensed by a state agency? Please see Ordinance 3-28-5: EXCEPTION (B) Yes No
All multi-unit complexes must attach a detailed list with the individual building addresses and unit numbers to be licensed.
CityStreet address _________________ State ______ Zip Code __________________________________ __________
Single family
Multi-family structure (Apts./Condos) # of units ________
# of buildings__________
Manufactured Home
Licenses will commence and are renewed annually in the quarter in which the application is received.
First quarter runs from April 1 to March 31 the following year
Third quarter runs from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30 the following year
License Process: Fill out this application completely and enclose the appropriate license fee. (All fees and a link to rental standards are listed on the
reverse side of this application).
Failure to enclose the proper fee and complete the MN Workers Compensation and Tax Id page, will result in the
application being
returned to you and delay the processing of your rental business license.
Do not email the application
Email rental@burnsvillemn.gov to schedule a rental inspection. Rental inspections are required every three years
If paying by check, make payable to the City of Burnsville
Sign, date and return the completed application to Burnsville
City Hall, 100 Civic Center Parkway, Burnsville, MN 55337.
I understand that it is my responsibility to submit all required fees and obtain all necessary approvals prior to licensing. I acknowledge that I am the owner of
record or agent for this property and am authorized to sign this application.
By signing this application I am acknowledging and agreeing to uphold the rental
standards as
part of my rental license. All information is correct and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
Applicant name _____________________________________________________________________________________________
First Middle L
Signature Date _____________________________
S C Rental License Region Inspection Scheduled _FOR CITY USE ONLY: Amount/Ck# _________ ____________
7/25/2018 Rental License Mailed /emailed Passed Inspection Provisional License Mailed _________ ______________
Property manager
Business name (if applicable) __________________________
Owner name _______________________________________
Owner address______________________________________
City_____________________ State _______ Zip _________
Cell Owner phone ________________ __________________
Owner email*_______________________________________
*Email addresses are optional. This information may be considered public record
and may be made available upon request.
The agent named below is authorized to make or order repairs and/or
service to the building, to provide required services necessary to protect
the health, safety and welfare of the occupants or is able to contact the
person so authorized.
Property Mgmt. Company _____________________________
Attn _______________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________
City ____________________ State ________ Zip _________
Phone ___________________ Cell ____________________
Emergency 24-hour contact number ______________________
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The rental license standards and online instructions can be found at this link at www.burnsvillemn.gov/rental.
Assistance or paper copies may be requested by emailing rental@burnsvillemn.gov or by calling 952-895-
It is the responsibility of the owner or owner’s agent to renew the rental license on or before the due date.
Failure to obtain a rental license or allowing the license to expire can result in a citation and fine of up to
License exemptions can be located at www.burnsvillemn.gov/citycode in City Code 3-28-5.
License fees are not refundable or transferable.
Please email our office at
to schedule a rental inspection. Inspections must occur during
regular business hours. State law requires that you notify tenants in advance of upcoming inspections.
If there are items noted during the inspection that are not in compliance with City ordinances, they shall be
corrected prior to the issuance of the business license. It is the responsibility of the owner or owner’s agent to
schedule all re-inspections.
Additional inspections beyond the re-inspection may be charged at an additional $185. This is a separate fee
and is not applied toward your license fee. After the property has been determined to be in compliance with
City ordinances the license will be issued. Some correction may require a building permit. Please call 952-895-
4444 to verify building ordinance requirements.
The City of Burnsville provides general information, updates and notices via email subscription. Sign up to
receive notices at www.burnsvillemn.gov/subscribe. This includes notifications of any proposed
ordinances at
least 10 days before the City Council conducts a final vote on the proposed ordinance. (M.S. 415.19)
Rental conversion fee (new or over $500
one year since expiration)
Single family home
Manufactured home not owned by park $175
Townhome, Condominium
Townhome in association
Duplex per unit rented
Multi-family dwellings $160/building and $15/per unit
(apartments, independent, coop, assisted living)
Multi-family townhome $100/building and $15/per unit
(entire building owned by same owner)
Manufactured home park $ 285 plus $60/ per unit
(owned by the park)
Annual fire inspection $160 (per building)
Inspection Fee $185 (per building)
Late fees
Submitted 15-29 days after due date 25% of license base fee
Submitted 30-45 days after due date 50% of license base fee
Submitted 45 days after due date 100% of license base
This form must be submitted with the Rental License application
Pursuant to *Minnesota Statute 270C.72 Tax Clearance: Issuance of Licenses, the licensing authority is required to
provide to the Minnesota Commissioner of Revenue your Minnesota business tax identification number and the Social
Security number of each license applicant.
Under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act and the Federal Privacy Act of 1974, we are required to advise
you of the following regarding the use of this information:
1. This information may be used to deny the issuance, renewal or transfer of your license in the event you owe the
Minnesota Department of Revenue delinquent taxes, penalties or interest.
2. Upon receiving this information, the licensing authority will supply it only to the Minnesota Department of
Revenue. However, under the Federal Exchange of Information Agreement the Department of Revenue
may supply this information to the Internal Revenue Service.
3. Failure to supply this information may jeopardize or delay the processing of your licensing issuance or
renewal application.
Please supply the following information and return along with your application to the agency issuing the license.
Do not return to the Department of Revenue.
Name of Applicant: _________________________________________________________________________
Type of Business:
*Provide a social security number; or a Minnesota Tax ID; or Federal Tax ID Number. Only one tax ID number is required.
Sole Proprietors only: Partnerships, LLCs, Corporations:
Social Security Number: ______________________ Minnesota Tax ID Number: __________________________
Federal Tax ID Number: ____________________________
Applicant full Name: __________________________________________________________________________
(Print Name) First Middle Last
Applicant Signature: _________________________________________________ Date: _________________
If a Minnesota Tax Identification Number is not required, please explain below.
2018 Minnesota Statutes
270C.72 TAX CLEARANCE; ISSUANCE OF LICENSES. Subd. 4. Licensing authority; duties.
Licensing authority; duties. All licensing authorities must require the applicant to provide the applicant's Social Security number or individual taxpayer identification
number and Minnesota business identification number, as applicable, on all license applications. Upon request of the commissioner, the licensing authority must
provide the commissioner with a list of all applicants, including the name, address, business name and address, and Social Security number or individual taxpayer
identification number and business identification number, as applicable, of each applicant. The commissioner may request from a licensing authority a list of the
applicants no more than once each calendar year.
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LIC 04 (11/16)
Certificate of Compliance
Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Law
This form must be completed by the business license applicant.
Print in ink or type
Minnesota Statutes § 176.182 requires every state and local licensing agency to withhold the issuance or renewal of a license or
permit to operate a business in Minnesota until the applicant presents acceptable evidence of compliance with the workers'
compensation insurance coverage requirement of Minn. Stat. chapter 176. If the required information is not provided or is falsely
stated, it shall result in a $2,000 penalty assessed against the applicant by the commissioner of the Department of Labor and Industry.
A valid workers’ compensation policy must be kept in effect at all times by employers as required by law.
License or certificate number (if applicable)
Business telephone number
Alternate telephone number
Business name (Provide the legal name of the business entity. If the business is a sole proprietor or partnership, provide the owner’s
name(s), for example John Doe, or John Doe and Jane Doe.)
DBA (doing business as” or “also known as an assumed name), if applicable
Business address (must be physical street address, no P.O. boxes)
ZIP code
Email address
You must complete number 1 or 2 below.
Note: You must resubmit this form to the authority issuing your license if any of the information you have provided changes.
1. I have a workers’ compensation insurance policy.
Insurance company name (not the insurance agent)
Policy number
Effective date
Expiration date
I am self-insured for workers’ compensation. (Attach a copy of the authorization to self-insure from the Minnesota
Department of Commerce; see www.mn.gov/commerce/industries/insurance/licensing/self-insurance.)
2. I am not required to have workers’ compensation insurance because:
I only use independent contractors and do not have employees. (See Minn. Stat. § 176.043 for trucking and messenger
courier industries; Minn. Stat. § 181.723, subd. 4, for building construction; and Minnesota Rules chapter 5224 for other
I do not use independent contractors and have no employees. (See Minn. Stat. § 176.011, subd. 9, for the definition
of an employee.)
I use independent contractors and I have employees who are not required to be covered by the workers’
compensation law. (Explain below.)
I only have employees who are not required to be covered by the workers’ compensation law. (Explain below.) (See
Minn. Stat. § 176.041 for a list of excluded employees.)
Explain why your employees are not required to be covered
I certify the information provided on this form is accurate and complete. If I am signing on behalf of a business, I certify I am
authorized to sign on behalf of the business.
Print name
Applicant signature (required)
If you have questions about completing this form or to request this form in Braille, large print or audio, call (651) 284-5032 or
Burnsville Fire would like to welcome you to your new residence. We are providing the following
information to give you an awareness of fire safety and to remind you that you are not the only
person living in the building. Other residents are counting on you to be safety-conscious and
prevent fires.
Most multi-housing building fires that have occurred in Burnsville were due to human error due to
careless smoking, cooking, and/or candles.
We are asking you to do what we have asked current residents to do, please watch a 12 minute
fire safety video created by Burnsville Fire and to follow these important tips. You can do your
part to make your living community a safe and enjoyable experience.
Links to the video:
Keep the Burn out of Burnsville [English - Full] http://youtu.be/elWZ7LsSXBQ
Keep the Burn out of Burnsville [Spanish - Full]: http://youtu.be/9oSw2G84p98
Keep the Burn out of Burnsville [Russian - Full]: http://youtu.be/P9Vh-FJDsbI
Keep the Burn out of Burnsville [Somali - Full]: http://youtu.be/1yTHek-8IyY
Important Safety Guidelines:
If you smoke, use a noncombustible ashtray such as a “Butt Bucket” or Aluminum
pop can.
Do Not use a planter, potted plant or any combustible container to discard smoking
Never leave candles unattended
Test smoke detectors once a month and change the batteries (if applicable) twice a year
Report any suspected arson to the Police or Fire Department
Store flammables and combustibles in approved areas only
Learn and follow City Ordinances and fire laws for grilling
Never leave a kitchen unattended while cooking
Research and purchase a stovetop fire suppression canister for your cooking hood
It is recommended to purchase Renter Insurance to protect your property
If you have any other questions, please contact the Burnsville Fire Department at 952-895-4570
or www.burnsvillemn.gov/fire.
Rental Inspection Checklist
Single and Multi- Units | Interior
Reviewing rental units for compliance with this list could save from costly re-inspections. Rental units include
apartments, condos, manufactured home parks and single-family homes for rent.
This list contains common violations. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all violations that could occur.
Free of water damage, cracks and peeling
All outlets and switch plate covers present and
Wiring is concealed
Free of temporary wiring/extension cords
Electrical panel and/or electrical room labeled and
accessible? (three foot clearance to panel and inspection sticker)
Floors free of holes, cracks and tripping hazards
Water-tight surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens
Food Storage/Preparation
Cabinet doors, drawers and hardware in good
Kitchen is sanitary
Furnace/Air Conditioner
Heating appliances and air conditioners operable
with secure gaskets and handles
Controls/thermostats easily accessible
Refrigerator operable with secure gaskets and
Sink/Wash Basin
Sinks and wash basins are cleanable; have
water-tight surfaces that are free of chips, cracks
and leaks
Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Working smoke detectors installed in each
bedroom, adjacent hallways and on each level
Working carbon monoxide (CO) detector are within
10 feet of bedrooms where required
Burners and oven elements are operable
Door gaskets are in good condition
Adjacent countertops are below stovetop cooking
Free of signs of rodent or pest infestation
washable and water-tight
Bathroom |Operable bath fans if there is no
bathroom window
Kitchen | Mechanical fans or windows open freely
Dryer | Vented through rigid metal or other
metal tape
Dryer | Directly vented to the outside
Walls free of holes or water damage
Windows/Patio Doors
Windows open, close and latch freely
Doors open, close and latch freely
Windows and doors free from leaks, cracks and
peeling paint
Screens on all windows and doors
Exits and Pathways
Exits and pathways are clear, maintained and
Stairs and Guardrails
Carpeting on stairs is secure
Handrails are present and secure
Water Heater
Water heater is free of leaks and rust
A metal drip pipe is in place within 18 inches of the
Vented properly
Turn page over for:
Single and Multi- Units | Exterior
Multi-Family | Interior Common Areas
Multi-Family | Exterior Common Areas
Combustible Storage
Combustible materials (i.e. paint, gasoline, etc.)
are stored properly
Building address is visible from street
Individual numbers in the address are at least four
inches tall
Building Exterior/Yard Maintenance
Roof and siding in good condition
Sidewalks and steps maintained
Yard/landscaping maintained (mowed or plowed)
and free of junk and debris
Painted surfaces are free of chipping/peeling
Guardrails present on any decking over 30 inches
from ground
Decks free of grills, where applicable
Decks structurally sound (no holes, no rotting)
Vehicles/Outdoor Storage
Yard and exterior free of prohibited items
All vehicles parked on the property are operable,
licensed and properly parked
Emergency Contacts and Fire Department Key Box
Up-to-date emergency contact numbers
Fire Department box contains all necessary keys
Fire Extinguisher
Fire extinguishers are visible, accessible with valid
inspection dates
Extinguisher cases are free of broken or chipped
Fire Safety Features
maintained and operable
Stairs and Guardrails
Carpeting on stairs is secure
Handrails are present and secure
Pool Chemicals
Pool chemicals stored properly
Dumpsters are located away from building and
wall openings
Fire Lanes
Fire lanes are posted and well maintained
Hydrants and Sprinklers
Hydrants and sprinkler systems are well
Utility Meter
Utility meters are protected from potential vehicle
A garbage and recycling service is in place
Containers are stored in approved enclosures
Laundry Rooms
Laundry rooms maintained and properly ventilated
All surfaces are water-tight
Pool Chemicals
Pool chemicals stored properly
Single and Multi- Units | Exterior
Multi-Family | Interior Common Areas
Multi-Family | Exterior Common Areas
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