City of Malibu
City Council Policies
Table of Contents
City Owned; Use of Vehicles
Budget Basic Principles
Accumulation of Unrestricted General Fund Reserves
Application of City Codes
Appropriation of Discretionary General Fund
Budget Cycle
Community Involvement with Decision Making
Council Relationship to City Staff
Customer Service Principles
Creation of Advisory Committees and Groups,
Commissions and City Council Subcommittees
Development Proposals within the City's Sphere of
Emergency Preparedness Planning and Organization
Establishment of Ethical Standards
Establishment of a Policy Manual
General Welfare to be Primary over Special or Group
City of Malibu
Historic Revenue Recovery or Replacement
Performance of Department Audits
Permit Streamlining
Personnel System
Private Property Rights
Procurement Regulations and Expense
Protection and Enhancement of Environmental and
Aesthetic Quality of Entire Community
Protection of Home Rule Power and the Right of Self
Qualifications and Experience of Job Applicants
Qualified Use of Volunteers
Services Contracts Time Limit
Legislative Support Requested from Other
Placement of Items by Council Members on Agendas
Protocol for Placement of Awards and
Commendations on Agendas
Land Use Planning Principles
Recovery of Administrative Costs or Overhead
(Indirect Costs)
City of Malibu
Parks and Recreation Facilities Development and
Permanent Continuance of Existing Facilities at
Bluff's Park
Seating Arrangement of Council
Street Names and Name Changes
No Requirement for New Residential Subdivisions of
Street Lighting
Council Appointed Staff Semi-Annual Evaluation
Policy and Guidelines for Malibu City TV
Comprehensive Communications Policy
Interim Policy on the Disposal of Surplus Equipment
General Fund Grant Payments
Procurement Regulations- Use of Request for
Dial-a-Ride Program
Code Enforcement Policy
Budgetary Control
Neighborhood Traffic Plan Process
America Supporting Americans Procedures
Road Race
City of Malibu
Opportunity to Serve
Integrated Pest Management Policy (IPM)
Green Street Policy
City Council Public Records Management Policy
City of Malibu
City Council Policy
Policy #7
Communty Involvement With Decision Makng
To demonstrate the City's commtment to paricipatory democracy by makng
certain. that there is
substatial communty involvement in the makg of
decisions relating to critical issues for the communty.
Policy Statement:
Whenever possible, when dealing with major issues which
are not time critical, to
seek substatial cOÎIunty involvement in the decision makng process prior to
tag final action.
It shall be incumbent upon all City offcials (including members of the City
Council, Commissioners and members of Study Groups) and executive staf to
bring critical communty issues to the attention of the City Council at tht( earliest
possible time and to include in any presentation of such an issue a proposed plan
and time table for communty involvement of the decision makng process. Such
issues and the communty involvement plan should be presented in wrting to
facilitate discussion
and follow up action. A determination to disregard ths policy
because of
the need to act with a time limit which would preclude full
communty paricipation shall be made only by the City CounciL.
Date Adopted: .
May 6,1997 (l~n-hl.i\felj ttftrb"~~)
te b(\Ao.(f':..q't'& C o\hrj ød)
City of Malibu
City Council Policy
Policy #13
Establishment of Ethcal Standards
To establish
a set of ethcal standards
in the conduct of all City business.
Policy Statement:
The City shall expect and enforce the highest of ethcal standards in the conduct
of all City business by all paid staf, all volunteers, and all appointed and elected
City offcials and to prohibit sta from working on any project or program where .
the staff member may have a confict of interest.
The City shall establish a code of conduct which shall be reviewed and approved
by the City CounciL. At a minum ths code shall cover areas where conficts of
interest may
arse-and set fort the stadards of
behavior and pedormance
expected by all persons who are employed by, volunteer for service to, or are
appointed or elected to service the City of Malibu.
Date Adopted: .
6, 1997 (tenli.H\Ie Ij ""t trc V ~tl)
re~rlL(l~ 71 Iq~~(''')
City of Malibu
Recycled Paper
City Council Policy
Policy #27
Title: Support or Opposition Requested from Other Jurisdictions or Constituents
To establish the means by which the City Council will decide whether to support or
oppose legislation or other matters of interest
Policy Statement:
The City Council shall consider supporting or opposing legislation or other matters
based on requests from other jurisdictions or constituents in those cases where it is
clearly in the interest of the City of Malibu to do so in that the subject matter would
impact the City of Malibu or its citizens.
Requests for support or opposition of legislation or other matters interest received
from other jurisdictions or constituents shall be reviewed by the City Manager.
Should the subject matter be determined to fit within this policy and is consistent
with other adopted City Council policies, the request for a resolution or letter of
support or opposition, as deemed most appropriate, will be presented to the City
Council. In addition, a Councilmember may request support or opposition of a
legislative proposal as their councilmember item on an agenda. A vote of four-fifths
(4/5) of the City Council is required for adoption of the resolution or authorization to
send a letter of support or opposition. If approved, the adopted resolution or letter
shall be sent to the appropriate agency or elected official, with copies to the City’s
Federal, State and/or County legislative representatives, as appropriate. In the
absence of the Mayor, or if time does not allow the Mayor to sign the letter in a
timely manner, the City Manager is authorized to send the letter on behalf of the
Date Adopted:
January 12, 1998
Date Amended:
October 22, 2012
City of Malibu
Recycled Paper
City Council Policy
Policy #29
Title: Protocol for City Council Proclamations, Awards and Commendations
Purpose: To establish the means by which ceremonial items, including the presentation of
proclamations, awards and commendations, are placed on City Council agendas and
acted on by the City Council.
Policy Statement:
Individual members of the City Council may request, through the City Clerk’s
Office, proclamations recognizing special events and occurrences of importance to
the community, or the presentation of awards or commendations to members of the
community who are deserving of special recognition for their ongoing work
benefiting the community or for a singular accomplishment that brings honor and
recognition to the Malibu community.
The general procedure for all such requests to be placed on the agenda for
presentations to be made by the Mayor on behalf of the City Council is that such
requests shall be submitted only by the Mayor or members of the City Council. Each
request shall be made with sufficient background information to allow staff to
prepare an appropriate form of recognition. This recognition shall take the form of a
Proclamation, Commendation or Certificate of Recognition, or the award of a City
Tile as set forth below. Requests for presentations shall be made through the City
Clerk’s Office at least three weeks prior to the date of the proposed presentation to
allow the City Clerk sufficient time to prepare the appropriate form of recognition.
Once the City Clerk has determined that the presentation request is consistent with
this policy, the City Clerk shall prepare the necessary commendation and notify the
recipient of the date, time and place of the intended presentation.
Presentation of the Walt and Lucille Keller Award The Walt and Lucille Keller
Award shall be awarded by the Malibu City Council to those individuals who have
made an extraordinary impact on the City of Malibu through exemplary
contributions that had a unique and lasting effect on the Malibu community. The
award is named in honor of Walt and Lucille Keller in recognition of their leadership
in Malibu’s cityhood campaign and their continued contributions to the Malibu
Policy #29
Recycled Paper
The award shall be presented no more than once per year to coincide with the City
anniversary of March 28. Staff shall request nominations from the community to be
presented to the Council, which must vote unanimously to select one individual for
that year’s award.
Presentation of a Malibu City Tile – A City Tile shall be awarded by the Malibu City
Council to those individuals and/or organizations that: (1) have served the City of
Malibu for seven years or more as a City Councilmember, appointed member of a
City commission, committee, board or task force, staff member, volunteer or any
combination of the above; (2) have performed a singular accomplishment of merit
and/or bravery which brings honor and recognition to the Malibu community; (3)
have contributed a lifetime of volunteer service to the Malibu community; or (4) in
the opinion of a majority of the City Council, warrants such special recognition.
The City Clerk shall keep records of years of service for all individuals serving in the
above mentioned categories for the award based on years of city service. For the
award based on a singular accomplishment of merit or bravery or lifetime volunteer
service, each City Councilmember may nominate up to two individuals per year.
Councilmembers shall then vote on the nominations. Each nominee receiving the
votes of at least three Councilmembers shall receive the award for that year.
City Commendations or Certificates of Recognition Each year, individuals and
organizations perform good works for the benefit of the community. Additionally,
local sports teams and individuals accomplish success on the playing field, in the
classroom, in the workplace or through volunteer efforts. The Mayor and members
of the City Council may at any time suggest a commendation or certificate of
recognition to recognize these works and such commendation or certificate shall be
prepared and presented in accordance with the general procedure stated above.
City Proclamations Various non-profit organizations ask for City proclamations to
help publicize good works and increase awareness of matters of public health and
well-being. The Mayor shall place such proclamations on a City Council agenda at
his/her discretion, recognizing that such proclamations are to be for non-profit causes
Date Adopted:
January 12, 1998
Date Amended:
October 12, 1998
October 22, 2012
March 14, 2016
City of Malibu
City Council Policy
Policy #37
Title: Policy and Guidelines for Malibu City TV.
Purpose: To provide programming and operational guidelines concerning Malibu City TV.
Policy Statement:
It is the policy of the City Council to provide Malibu residents with information and
programming on City of Malibu meetings, events, policies, programs and services
utilizing Malibu City TV.
1) Programming on Malibu City TV shall consist of the following:
City of Malibu public meetings, including, but not limited to, City Council meetings,
Planning Commission meetings as well as commission, subcommittee and advisory board
meetings to be broadcast at the direction of the City Manager or designee;
Malibu community programming, defined as videos produced by the City of Malibu related
to the City’s policies, programs, events and services authorized by the City Manager or
Malibu environmental programming, defined as videos produced by the City of Malibu
highlighting environmental stewardship, education and awareness in the City;
Partner agency updates provided by other government organizations within the City’s
jurisdiction including, but not limited to the Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District,
Los Angeles County, State of California, as well as public service announcements, policies
or programs as authorized by the City Manager or designee;
City of Malibu emergency preparedness and public safety programming;
Other programming authorized by the City Manager or designee that is related to informing
the Malibu public about City policies, election information, programs, and services.
2) The City Manager or designee shall supervise the airing of Malibu City Council election
results on Malibu City TV as they are tallied on election night.
3) During City-declared emergencies, emergency response programming shall take precedence
Policy #37
over regularly-scheduled programming on Malibu City TV as determined by the City
Manager or designee.
Date Adopted: April 12, 1999
Date Revised: April 13, 2015
City of Malibu
Recycled Paper
City Council Policy
Policy #42
Title: Dial-a-Ride Program
Purpose: To establish regulations as to the use of the Dial-a-Ride program by City residents
Policy Statement:
The City Council, through the budget process, may allocate funds to provide transportation
services to City residents. This program is commonly referred to as the “Dial-a-Ride”
To ensure proper use of these services, the following regulations are to be followed in the use
of this program.
Use of this program is restricted to City residents. The Parks and Recreation Director will be
the administrator of the program and will coordinate the service of the transportation provider
and the residents who use the program.
The program is open to residents who are either 60 years of age or older or disabled which
prevents them from operating a vehicle.
To correspond with Senior Center programming hours, the hours of operation for trips within
the Malibu City limits will be from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
and from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Thursday and Friday.
Program will include transportation Monday Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM outside of
Malibu City limits to the following locations:
Geographical are of Santa Monica that includes the area between the ocean and 26
that is south of California Avenue and north of Colorado Avenue.
UCLA Medical Center in West Los Angeles
Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers in Woodland Hills and West Los Angeles
Veterans Hospital in West Los Angeles
The City will subsidize all costs of the program, except as follows:
Riders will be required to pay $1.00 per one-way trip to the Malibu Senior Center, and
$2.00 per one-way trip to all locations within the City limits of Malibu.
Recycled Paper
Riders will be required to pay $4.00 per one-way trip to all locations outside the City limits
of Malibu.
All persons who desire to use this program will be required to pre-register at the Malibu Senior
Center. Registration will be available at no charge.
All trips outside of Malibu will be on a scheduled basis.
Date Adopted:
February 14, 2000
Date Amended:
June 12, 2013
November 14, 2016
City of Malibu
Recycled Paper
Attachment 1
City Council Policy
Policy #44
Title: Budget Control and Accountability
Purpose: To establish levels of budgetary control and the approval process and authority for
Policy Statement:
Budget control is maintained at the department level. The City Manager has the authority
to approve appropriation transfers between programs or departments within the same
fund. Appropriation transfer between funds must be approved by the City Council
through a budget amendment.
Appropriations from the General Fund in amounts of $10,000 or more must be reviewed
by the Administration and Finance Subcommittee prior to being presented to and
approved by the City Council.
Each Department Head is responsible for maintaining budgetary control at the
department and fund level. Transfers may be made within line items as needed and as
approved by the City Manager. At no time may a department exceed its total budget
Appropriation transfers between funds must be authorized by the City Council as a
budget amendment.
The City Council shall approve all appropriations as part of the annual budget or as part
of a budget amendment. A written recommendation from the Administration and
Finance Subcommittee shall be included in staff recommendations regarding
appropriations. In the event that an Administration and Finance Subcommittee meeting
cannot be held prior to the publishing of a Council Agenda, the Administration and
Finance Subcommittee shall meet and review the recommendation prior to the City
Council meeting and a verbal report from the Administration and Finance Subcommittee
shall be presented to the City Council regarding the proposed appropriation.
Date Adopted:
June 25, 2001
Date Amended:
March 12, 2012
City of Malibu
City Council Policy
Policy #47
Title: Road Race Policy
Purpose: To establish a process for permitting the use of public roadways for non-motorized (walking,
running, bicycling) races and events conducted by the private sector that affect residents or
use of public resources.
Policy Statement:
This policy is intended to insure the city and its residents have adequate advance notice of
any proposed race or related event and the cooperation of the organizers in order to properly
plan city services, such as security, sanitation and traffic control, that are required for such an
This policy applies to marathons, triathlons and bicycling races or related events requiring the
use of public roads in the City of Malibu.
A. Race requirements
1. A City of Malibu Temporary Use Permit is required for all race events;
2. The City may grant a maximum of two (2) temporary use permits for marathons,
triathlons, and cycling events per calendar year;
3. Race courses are limited to the section of Pacific Coast Highway between Zuma
Beach and the western city limits of Malibu;
4. Race events may only take place the weekend following Labor Day through April
5. Race events may not be held within 30 days of another race event;
6. Race events must be held on Saturdays and/or Sundays, excluding City-
designated holidays;
7. Race events must take place during daylight hours, between sunrise and sunset;
8. In the event of a “Red Flag Warning” condition, as determined by the Los
Angeles County Fire Department, race organizers shall be required to cancel or
postpone any race event on the affected days; and
9. The City retains the right to require cancellation or postponement of any race
event that risks the health and safety of the racers, spectators, and/or residents due
to inclement weather, floods, fire, or other similar circumstances which
substantially interfere with the operation of the race event.
B. Requests that exceed race requirements
In order to exceed the requirements, event organizers are required to submit a
completed Temporary Use Permit Application and receive City Council approval of
the proposed modifications by adoption of a resolution.
C. Additional application requirements
In addition to the application requirements, the following additional information,
submitted to the Planning Division, shall constitute a complete application:
1. An overall race plan which includes:
a. Course route designation;
b. Proposed road and intersection closures;
c. Locations of proposed first aid, water stations and restroom facilities; and
d. Location of medical assistance facilities, to be determined by the Los Angeles
County Fire Department.
2. Maximum number of participants
3. Traffic and Parking Plan
a. For events on City streets, the plan shall be approved by the City Public
Works Department.
b. For events on State highways, the plan shall be approved by the State of
California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).
D. Special Event Encroachment Permit
In addition to the Temporary Use Permit, a Special Event Encroachment Permit
shall be obtained from the City Public Works Department for any events, including
but not limited to setup, race course, staging, and parking, to be located in any City
public right-of-way.
E. Interagency permits
The applicant shall be responsible for obtaining all required permits and permissions
from all applicable agencies and jurisdictions. The applicant must comply with all
conditions set forth by all applicable agencies and jurisdictions, including but not
limited to:
1. City of Malibu Planning Department
2. City of Malibu Public Works Department
3. State of California Department of Transportation
4. State of California Department of Parks and Recreation
5. California Highway Patrol
6. County of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department
7. County of Los Angeles Department of Beaches and Harbors
8. County of Los Angeles Department of Health Services
9. County of Los Angeles Fire Department
10. County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works
Date Adopted:
December 10, 2012
City of Malibu
City Council Policy
Policy #48
Title: Opportunity to Serve
Purpose: To give all residents the opportunity to serve the community through active
participation on the City’s commissions, committees and boards.
Policy Statement:
When making appointments to any of the City’s commissions, committees and
boards, the City Council shall allow as many residents as possible the opportunity to
serve by limiting an individual's service to one commission, committee or board at a
Members of the City Council make appointments for individuals to serve the Malibu
community through participation on the City’s commissions, committees and boards.
Term of service for each appointment is determined by the Malibu Municipal Code
or City Council Resolution that created and established each advisory body.
In order to give all residents the opportunity to serve, an individual shall be limited to
serving on only one commission, committee or board at a time. Should a
Councilmember wish to appoint an individual who is currently serving as a member
of another commission, committee or board, that individual would be required to
resign their current position prior to being considered for the new appointment.
Date Adopted:
February 25, 2013
City of Malibu
Recycled Paper
City Council Policy
Policy #49
Title: Integrated Pest Management Policy (IPM)
Purpose: To establish best management practices for controlling pests that are harmful to the
health, function or aesthetic value of park landscapes in an efficient, effective, and
environmentally responsible manner, while paying careful attention to public safety.
Policy Statement:
IPM is a coordinated decision-making and action process that uses the most
appropriate pest control methods and strategies in an environmentally and
economically sound manner to meet pest management objectives. The elements of
integrated pest management include: (a) preventing pest problems; (b) monitoring
for the presence of pests and pest damage; (c) establishing action thresholds to
determine when control measures and treatment strategies shall be implemented; (d)
apply control measures using biological, cultural, mechanical and pesticidal control
methods based on ecological impact, feasibility and cost effectiveness; and (e)
evaluating the effects and efficacy of pest treatments.
1. City Policy
A. Under this IPM policy, the City commits to implementing best management
practices to reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides whenever feasible
through the basic IPM principles as described below.
1) Prevention – The first line of pest control is through policy
implementation and thoughtful planning.
2) Action Thresholds – The tolerance threshold level is the point when pest
populations or environmental conditions indicate when control actions are
to be taken.
3) Identification and Monitoring – Identify pests and monitor them so the
appropriate control decisions can be made in conjunction with action
4) Control Measure – Pest treatment strategies implemented to control pests
through cultural, physical, biological or chemical control measures with a
Policy #29
Recycled Paper
minimum impact on health, safety, the environment and non-target
5) Evaluate the effects and efficacy of control measures. After a control
method is implemented, the efficacy of the treatment is evaluated. Based
on this evaluation, methods will be modified in an effort to continually
improve outcomes and refine best management practices.
2. Designation of IPM Coordinator
The City of Malibu shall designate the Parks Recreation Director to serve as the
IPM Coordinator to oversee implementation of this policy. This person will be
the primary contact for all matters related to pest control for the city and act as a
liaison between the city departments and pest management professionals. The
IPM Coordinator will serve as a contact for the public seeking information about
pesticide use or other pest management practices. The IPM Coordinator will also
be responsible for the developing and maintaining an IPM Operations Manual for
the City.
Date Adopted:
October 28, 2013
City of Malibu
Recycled Paper
City Council Policy
Policy #50
Title: Green Street Policy
Purpose: Green streets are an amenity that provide many benefits including water quality
improvement, groundwater replenishment, creation of attractive streetscapes, creation of parks and
wildlife habitats, and pedestrian and bicycle accessibility. Green streets are defined as right-of-way
areas that incorporate infiltration, biofiltration, and/or storage and use Best Management Practices
(BMPs) to collect, retain, or detain stormwater runoff as well as a design element that creates
attractive streetscapes. This policy is enacted to demonstrate compliance with the NPDES MS4
Permit for the Los Angeles Region (Order No. R4-2012-0175).
Policy Statement:
The City of Malibu Public Works Department shall implement green street BMPs for transportation
corridors associated with new and redevelopment street and roadway projects, including Capital
Improvement Projects (CIPs).
A. Application. The Public Works Department shall require new development and/or redevelopment
streets and roadway projects, including CIP projects, which add at least 10,000 square feet of
impervious surface to incorporate green street BMPs to the maximum extent practicable. The term
“street and road construction projects” applies to projects that are standalone street, road, or
highway projects and also applies to such projects within larger projects. Routine maintenance or
repair and linear utility projects are excluded from these requirements. Routine maintenance
includes slurry seals, repaving, and reconstruction of the road or street where the original line and
grade are maintained and new impervious surface is not added.
B. Amenities. The Public Works Department shall consider opportunities to replenish groundwater,
create attractive streetscapes, create parks and wildlife habitats, and provide pedestrian and bicycle
accessibility through new development and redevelopment of streets and roadway projects and
C. Guidance. The Public Works Department shall use the City of Los Angeles Green Streets
guidance, USEPA’s Managing Wet Weather with Green Infrastructure Municipal Handbook:
Green Streets
, or equivalent guidance for use in public and private developments.
D. Retrofit Scope. The Public Works Department shall use the City’s Enhanced Watershed
Management Program to identify opportunities for green street BMP retrofits. Final decisions
Policy #50
Recycled Paper
regarding implementation will be determined by the Public Works Director based on the
availability of adequate funding.
E. Training. The Public Works Department shall incorporate aspects of green streets into internal
annual staff trainings.
Date Adopted:
June 22, 2015
City of Malibu
City Council Policy
Policy #51
Title: City Council Public Records Management Policy
Authority: The Public Records Act defines a “public record” as “any writing containing information
relating to the conduct of the public’s business prepared, owned, used or retained by any
state or local agency regardless of physical form or characteristics.” Gov’t Code §
6252(e). The Act also defines “local agency” as a county and city, but does not include
individual officials or employees in that definition Gov’t Code § 6252(a).
Policy Statement:
The City Council wishes to streamline the process for responding to requests for public
records and afford Councilmembers a manner in which to conduct City business without
using personal electronic devices. Councilmembers who agree to abide by this policy
shall be provided with a City-owned mobile electronic device and a service subscription
as approved by the City Council for all of its members consistent with this policy.
Procedure for Managing Records:
A. Primary use of the City-issued device and server. A Councilmember who is issued a City-owned
device for City business through electronic communications and documents will use that device
for such purpose and will avoid using personal devices for City business. Emails from third
parties pertaining to City business should be forwarded to the Councilmember’s City email
account and persons contacting the Councilmember should be advised of the preference for all
City business to be done through the Councilmember’s City email account. Nothing in this
policy amends or changes the City’s email policy. Public records should be printed for retention.
B. Access to equipment when required to respond to public records request. Councilmembers must
make City-owned devices available so the City may promptly reply to Public Records Act
Date Adopted:
December 8, 2014
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