day month year
/ /
now go to 3
Date of birth
NSW Driver licence/Customer number
Given names
1 Is the vehicle to be registered in the name of:
a corporation
Residential address
State Postcode
male female
To record a courtesy name go to 4, if the vehicle is to be
leased or managed go to 5, if not go to 6
Check the back page for a guide to applying to register a vehicle.
a person
Fleet manager or leasing company (if applicable)
To be completed only if the legal or renewal notices are to
be mailed to the fleet manager
Name and postal address of manager (for registration
renewals or legal notices)
4 Courtesy name
Customer number
To register a vehicle in your name you must be at least 16
years of age for a light vehicle (i.e. 4.5 tonnes GVM or less)
and at least 18 years of age for a heavy vehicle (i.e. more
than 4.5 tonnes GVM).
Application for Registration
Office use only
Legal and renewal notices will be sent to the residential
address below unless an alternative mailing address is
nominated. You must notify Service NSW of your new
residential and mailing address within 14 days of moving.
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Catalogue No. 45070093 Form No. 1009 (06/2016)
ABN 76 236 371 088
Mailing address
ABN (if applicable)
Corporation's details
Mailing address for legal or renewal notices
Business address
Customer number (if issued)
If the vehicle is being registered in the name of a
corporation, the Representative's Authority must be filled in.
For a company, the Director or an authorised delegate
must complete and sign the Representative's section. In the
case of an incorporated association, it is the public officer
who must sign. In all cases, the authorised representative
must provide proof of their identity.
ACN, ARBN or other
(only an organisation name can be recorded, if required)
ABN (if applicable)
(Evidence of incorporation required see page 4)
AttachmentsPlate number issued/allocated
Please provide your email address if you would like to
register for an online service account, go to service.
nsw.gov.au/online-services for more information.
Email address
State Postcode
State Postcode
Have you previously conducted business with Roads
and Maritime in another name? If 'Yes' please specify.
Please provide a mobile number if you would like to
receive communications from Service NSW this way
Mobile number
(If different from residential address.
All mail will be posted to this address)
Is the vehicle new?6
now go to 8
Privacy statement13
if possible, present a previous certificate of
registration with this form
Was the vehicle last registered in NSW?
Last registration number (if known)
Date of purchase/acquisition
Purchase/Acquisition details
Sale price or market value (whichever is higher)
Stand-alone or primary proof
Dealers, service centres and agencies only
Document number
Secondary proof (if necessary)
Vehicle's garage address (where the vehicle will most often be kept)
You must prove that you are eligible and may be asked
to sign a separate declaration.
day month year
/ /
Type of use intended for the vehicle
Other - please specify
(e.g ambulance, road works, stand by taxi etc)
Accreditation or licence is required for the following:
Long distance tourist
or charter service
Tow Truck
Regular passenger
Hire Car
Tow truck operators licence is required for the following:
used substantially for social,
pleasure or domestic purposes
business use unless covered by
another usage
second hand vehicle held for
resale by licensed motor dealers
demonstration vehicle used by
licensed motor dealers
plate type T or TC
plate type TV
plate type MO or M/O
plate type HC
plate type TT
a motor vehicle which is let out
for hire without a driver
Do you wish to apply for a registration concession?
(For example: pensioner, primary producer, charitable
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Catalogue No. 45070093 Form No. 1009 (06/2016)
ABN 76 236 371 088
What is the Nominated Configuration Code?
(For heavy vehicles over 4.5 tonnes GVM)
Roads and Maritime is collecting your personal information in
relation to your application to register a vehicle and may retain and
use it.
You are required to provide your personal information under road
transport legislation and we may refuse your application if you do
not provide it.
We may disclose your personal information to other driver licensing
and vehicle registration agencies, to assess your application or
verify the information you provide, for inquiries about motor
accidents, to confirm compulsory third party (bodily injury)
insurance is current, to anyone proposing to acquire an interest in
your vehicle and in respect of inquiries relating to stolen or
abandoned vehicles.
If the vehicle has Special Number Plates, we may disclose your
personal information to any Concessionaire appointed to manage
our Special Number Plate business, which at the date of the
Number Plate Terms and Conditions is Plate Marketing Pty Ltd, to
allow the concessionaire to manage Special Number Plate
business. Otherwise we will not disclose your personal information
without your consent unless authorised by law.
We are subject to the Privacy and Personal Information Protection
Act 1998 and Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002.
Your personal information will be held by us and you have the right
to access and correct the information if you believe that it is
incorrect. You can contact us to request to access or correct it.
For driver licensing, motor vehicle, road transport and safety
If the vehicle has Special Number Plates, to facilitate the
administration of the Special Number Plates and for use in the
operation of Roads and Maritime Special Number Plate business.
WARNING: Any person who by false statement of
misrepresentation obtains or attempts to obtain a certificate of
registration is liable to a penalty that may be in excess of $2,200.
14 Declaration
day month year
You declare that:
Under road transport legislation, it is an offence to attempt to
register or renew the registration of a vehicle by a false statement
or any misrepresentation or other dishonest means.
The information on this form is true and complete
If the vehicle has Special Number Plates you have read and
accept the Number Plates Terms and Conditions for Special
Number Plates available at any service centre or on the
myplates website myPlates.com.au.
Capacity if representative of a corporation
Corporation ACN or ARBN verified from: (specify document)
Private Hire Vehicle
general issue plate
Mailing address checked on DRIVES (if applicable)
Verified by:
Dealer number,service centre or agency name
Catalogue No. 45070093 Form No. 1009 (06/2016)
ABN 76 236 371 088
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Vehicle identification
VIN or chassis/frame number
Engine number
Vehicle specifications
Model year
Model (in full - name, letters and/or numbers, variant)
Specification sheet number
Inspection report number
Inspection report details
AIS number
Engine capacity
Note: shape BUS applies if
vehicle seats 10 or more
(including driver).
motive powerno. of cyls or no. of rotors
normal turbo
K/W Power GVM
Tare weight
M/Cycles Only
Approval numberCompliance plate date
Engine variant
or Engine make
DRIVES model code (if available)
right left both
automatic manual
2Driven wheels: 4 6 8
Sleeping berth fitted: no
Total number of seated
persons (including the driver)
Number of standing persons* Overall axle space
*(only required if the bus is to be used to carry standing passengers)
no. of
Right or left handdrive:
Number of doors
Gear type:
ADR / category code
Tow truck lift capacity
Trailer brakes: power
Measuring device/speed limiter details
Certification permit/Examiner number
Vehicle details inspected/certified correct:
Axle code
Certified by dealer representative that vehicle details are
correct and vehicle is suitable for safe use
This vehicle is suitable for safe use and meets the requirements of
road transport legislation.
Company stamp
Proof of registration entitlement (PORE)
Proof of source -
receipt, bill of sale, consignment note, etc.
Plate number
Proof of previous registration
common expiry date
Plate issue
Attach the documents.
Date plate and label issued
day month year
/ /
day month year
/ /
Page 4 of 4
Catalogue No. 45070093 Form No. 1009 (06/2016)
ABN 76 236 371 088
Applying to register an unregistered vehicle
If the vehicle comes from a licensed motor dealer:
The dealer will tell you what you need to do. Most dealers are
authorised to check your identification on behalf of Roads and
Maritime. Show proof of your identity to the dealer.
To register the vehicle:
If the vehicle does not come from a licensed motor dealer:
You need to have the vehicle inspected and identified. Most
vehicles can be taken to an appropriate Authorised Inspection
Station (AIS) or Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Station
(AUVIS), but some must be presented at special motor registries
where inspections are done. Please call Service Now on 13 77 88
for information about where you can get your vehicle checked. If
your vehicle is inspected and identified at an AIS/AUVIS, the
examiner should complete the vehicle details on this form and give
you an inspection report.
Proof of your identity;
Roads and Maritime copy of your compulsory third party
insurance certificate;
The inspection report;
An original receipt for the vehicle, which clearly shows your
name, the seller's name, address and signature, the date you
purchased the vehicle; how much you paid for it; the registration
number; the VIN or chassis number;
Evidence of the vehicle's previous registration;
The old number plates if still in your possession.
You will need to go to a service centre or send an authorised
representative. If you send a representative you must fill in the
Representative Authority on this page. If the vehicle is being
registered in the name of a corporation, the Representative
Authority must be filled in. For a company, the Director or an
authorised delegate must complete and sign the Representative's
section. In the cases of an incorporation association, it is the public
officer who must sign. In all cases, the authorised representative
must provide proof of their identity.
You must present:
For home-made new trailers being registered for the first time, a
Proof of Registration Entitlement form will be provided by staff, to
be completed at the service centre, when you attend.
Heavy Vehicle over 4.5 tonnes GVM:
If you are registering a heavy vehicle over 4.5 tonnes GVM, you
must also indicate the Nominated Configuration Code at question
11. For information on these codes visit our website at
Stamp duty charges:
Stamp duty is collected by Roads and Maritime on behalf of the
Office of State Revenue when registration is issued to a different
person or corporation. Stamp duty is based on the market value of
the vehicle or the price you paid, whichever is greater. Stamp duty
is calculated at $3 per $100, or part of the vehicle's value.
For passenger vehicles valued over $45,000 with seating for up to 9
occupants, including: a sedan, station wagon, coupe, convertible,
four wheel drive vehicle with seats and windows, two wheel drive
panel van with seats and windows, three wheel car, forward control
passenger vehicle, small bus, motor home, or snow vehicle the rate
of stamp duty is $1,350 plus $5 per $100, or part, of the vehicle's
value over $45,000.
You can use this method to calculate the amount of stamp duty
payable for your vehicle, or you can use the Office of State
Revenue's stamp duty calculator at osr.nsw.gov.au
Except for heavy trailers over 4.5 tonnes GVM, if the vehicle you
have is currently registered interstate, or has expired interstate
registration, you must provide evidence that you have paid stamp
duty in the State in which the vehicle was previously registered.
You must provide a current certificate of registration. If the
certificate of registration has been lost, a service centre can
organise verification (minimum 48 hours required for verification).
Proof of Identity (POI):
Terms and Conditions for the issue of Special Plates
The Terms and Conditions for the issue of Special Number Plates
are available from myPlates on phone 13 17 58 or can be found on
This field may be used to record an organisation name. This name
will be recorded on the Certificate of Registration. The name
recorded in this field is not the registered operator of the vehicle.
Courtesy name:
When you attend a service centre, you need to show proof of
identity (POI). You can use your current Roads and Maritime issued
NSW driver photo licence or one which expired within the last two
years. A brochure listing other acceptable POI documents is
available from service centres, or by visiting our website at rms.
nsw.gov.au or call Service NSW on 13 77 88.
Corporations are required to provide one of the following when
being established as a Roads and Maritime customer for the first
time, or to change its name:
Certificate of Registration of a Foreign Company, with
Australian Registered Body Number (ARBN) for companies
incorporated overseas.
Government authorities or organisations incorporated under
legislation must provide on letterhead the name of the Act under
which they are incorporated when being established as a Roads
and Maritime customer for the first time, or to change its name.
Certificate of Registration, with Australian Company Number
A current Extract of the Company, with ACN
Certificate of Registration on Change of Name with ACN
A printed extract from the Australian Securities Investment
Commission (ASIC) website with ACN
Certificate of Incorporation issued by the NSW Fair Trading
Your POI documents must be originals and must include
your signature and your residential address.
Hearing or speech impaired?
Call on the National Relay Service.
TTY users phone 133 677 then ask for 13 77 88.
Speak and Listen users phone 1300 555 727 then ask for 13 77 88.
Representative Authority
Complete this to authorise another person to register a
vehicle in your name.
I declare that the person named below is my authorised
Representative's details
NSW Driver licence/Customer number
Given names
male femaleGender
Representative's signature
Capacity if representative of corporation
Date of birth
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