1. The aim of the Town Council’s Grants Scheme is to promote a vibrant and active
community in Bognor Regis. The scheme recognises and supports the valuable
contribution made by the voluntary sector to the well being of the community. It provides
financial support for community organisations working for the benefit of residents, with
the intention of improving the range of services and activities in the town. Your project
must help to meet the aims of the Town Council grant scheme.
2. The Bognor Regis Town Council Vision is to develop Bognor Regis to become more
powerful and enterprising, working with others in partnership to boost the local economy,
build civic pride and create a happier Bognor Regis.
In support of this Vision, the Town Council has agreed the following strategy and priority
headings for 2019-2024 and organisations are required to show how their application
would meet one or more of these: -
Build on the success of Bognor Regis
Manage and reduce the environmental impact of Bognor Regis
Work to enable residents and community groups to live well and enjoy and take pride in
our Town
Promote arts and culture to make Bognor Regis a great place to live, work, study and
In taking these priorities into account applicants may have regard to the following
supporting actions:
Supporting local tourism and events
Improving the Bognor Regis Town Environment
Supporting alcohol reduction strategies
Supporting vulnerable people within the community
Supporting projects which create a safer Bognor Regis
Town Heritage and Regeneration projects
Providing services and support for younger people
The Town Council will fund organisations:
Whose activities and projects are for the benefit of Bognor Regis residents
That are not providing activities that are of a political or religious nature
That do not hold reserves in excess of one year’s operating expenses, including local
branches of national or regional organisations that have reserves that could be used.
That do not fundraise to support their head office for distribution to other areas
The Town Council will not fund organisations applying for:
Retrospective funding - for something that has already taken place or been purchased
Contributions to large capital programmes or generic blanket applications where what is
being funded is not specifically stated
Funding for loan payments or outstanding debt or interest
3. To ensure the safeguarding of public finance any organisation submitting a grant
application will be required to demonstrate that it is able to meet all statutory requirements
at the time of application, relating to employment of staff, volunteers and participants, use
of premises and provision of its service, including public liabilities, insurance etc.
4. For your application to be processed, it is essential that a set of the most up to date, signed
audited or certified accounts, copies of current bank statements for all bank accounts, a
Chairman’s Report or Constitution and a copy of the Policy Statement regarding Child
Protection and/or Vulnerable Adults (if applicable) be submitted in hard copy with the
application. No public funds may be paid over until the accounts and report have been
inspected and the Council is satisfied. The accounts must be audited or certified as
described and should also have a signed statement from an independent person, i.e. auditor,
accountant etc.
5. Clubs or organisations involved in providing activities for children or youths will need to
provide information on their adopted policy statement for Child Protection in relation to
the Children’s Act 1989 and the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 regarding the
recruitment of staff, paid or voluntary. The information must make clear that procedures
have been established to include prevention of abuse and clearly define roles for staff and
training in relation to child protection. The Council will look for evidence that groups
working with vulnerable members of society (e.g. people with special needs etc.) follow
good practice in protecting such people with information provided on their adopted policy
statement for Vulnerable Adults.
6. Organisations are required to submit only one application when applying for funding for
different activities and projects rather than multiple applications.
7. Due to the ongoing COVID 19 restrictions and as there is currently no access to the Town
Hall, all applications are to be submitted electronically via email. Covering emails must
list the documentation that is being attached so that it can be checked off as having been
8. Applicants may be asked to provide additional information.
9. Where the application is for new equipment that is over £100 in value, please supply at
least two quotations.
10. Should your grant application be successful, please note that if your funding is for a capital
project, such as purchasing equipment etc, you will be required to produce evidence of
this, e.g. invoices/receipts, for our records as soon as possible. It is important to also note
that in the event of your organisation closing or if the project/services funded by the
Council do not proceed, the grant aid must be returned to the Council.
11. The Town Council reserves the right to reclaim the grant in the event of it not being used
for the purpose specified on the application form.
12. Failure to comply with these guidelines by not supplying all of the required
documentation will result in consideration not being given to your application.
Therefore, your application will not be considered unless sufficient written
explanation is provided as to the reason for absence and confirmation of when such
documentation will be available. To avoid extra administrative time, this action will
be taken without further redress to the applicant: The onus is on the applicant to
ensure all requirements are met by the due date.
13. Applications for aid must be made on the form provided by this Council and must be
emailed to the Town Clerk (in accordance with clause 7 above) to arrive not later than
5.00pm on Friday 25
September 2020. Late applications will not be considered. Funds
for all successful grant applications will be awarded during April 2021, the next financial
Please complete the enclosed Check List and return with your application form
Check List
In order to prevent unnecessary delay, please tick and ensure that you have:
Read the notes for applicants (overleaf).
Answered all questions. It is not sufficient simply to attach documents in
response to questions. Ensure you have entered the actual amount of grant
Attached your most recent audited or certified accounts, appropriately signed.
(Chairman/Treasurer/Secretary and an independent signature) followed by the
current year’s accounts once these become available.
PLEASE NOTE: audited or certified accounts are to be signed by an
independent professional person not associated with your organisation.
Provided a copy of your Policy Statement regarding Child Protection and/or
Vulnerable Adults, (if applicable) or reason for absence.
Attached your latest Chairman’s Report (or similar e.g. Constitution or
Treasurer’s/Secretary’s Report).
Attached additional supporting material, e.g. cuttings, reviews etc. (optional).
Attached copies of estimates for proposals/project.
Attached a copy of your most recent bank statements for all bank accounts.
PLEASE NOTE: Failure to comply with these guidelines by not supplying all of
the required documentation will result in consideration not being given to your
PLEASE NOTE: Organisations in receipt of Grant Aid may be required to have a
Town Council appointed non-voting observer as a representative to any of the
organisations meetings. This appointment will be at the discretion of the Town
Council and will enable them to take part in discussion and debate only and to also
give input/feedback in relation to the Town Council’s agreed position and policy on
issues relating to the discussion. Representatives are there to represent the Town
Council and not as individuals. They should not therefore under any circumstances
agree anything on the Town Council’s behalf that has not been approved previously
by the Town Council. Town Council representatives will respect any issues of
confidentiality that might arise from the outside organisation.