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Jackson County
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Net 30
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Not Applicable
3 Years
1 Location(s)
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Jackson County
Chad Parker
401 Grindstaff Cove Rd
Sylva, NC 28779
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Jackson County
Chad Parker
401 Grindstaff Cove Rd
Sylva, NC 28779
Sarah Goldstein
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222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 1750
Chicago, IL 60654
Ph: 312.881.2000
Fax: 866.590.4961
Tax ID #: 04-3626476
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Terms and Conditions
MSDS Management Qty Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
HQ Account 1 $3,398.00 $3,398.00 $3,398.00
Additional Management Licenses - HQ 2 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Total: $3,398.00 $3,398.00 $3,398.00
This Customer Order is governed by the terms and conditions of the MSDSonline Master Subscription Agreement, as posted on By signing below, Customer agrees to be
bound by such terms and conditions. MSDSonline may deem this Customer Order null and void if executed agreement is not received by MSDSonline by the “Offer Valid Through” date listed above,
or if the document is returned with handwritten changes.
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Contract #: RS-074238 MSDSonline Proprietary and Confidential Page of 2 2
Exhibit A
Base subscription pricing includes:
1 annual HQ subscription(s) for the Customer and its employees included within the Coverage of this agreement
A Primary Account Administrator and 2 Additional Administrator(s). Additional Administrators may be purchased for $250 USD
per Administrator.
Unlimited MSDS database searches, views and additions to the eBinder.
Annual allotment of 50 MSDS Requests and 100 MSDS Uploads. Additional MSDS Requests may be purchased in bundles of
fifty (50) for $200 USD; additional MSDS Uploads may be purchased in bundles of (100) for $200 USD.
Implementation Services and Customer/Technical Support.
Unless otherwise noted, all fees are in USD, and Year One (1) fees become due on the Contract Start Date, as noted on page one
(1) of this agreement. The Contract Start Date reflects the subscription “anniversary date”; subsequent yearly fees will be invoiced
between 45 and 60 days before each anniversary date, with payments due prior to each anniversary date. Customer may at its
discretion pre-pay the full term of the agreement. Sales tax associated to this Order will appear on the invoice, where applicable.