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Alternative Program Expression of Interest
-2023 School Year
omplete this form and email it with a proof of address document to the requested
alternative program
by noon on February 15, 2022 for schools in lottery; and
until further notice for all other Alternative Programs.
Visit the school’s website
for further information including the school email address for
submission of the form.
An Expression of Interest is required for consideration to attend an alternative program
in CBE. All Expressions of Interest are based on Priority Lists as stated in
Administrative Regulation 6090 | Child and Student Registration and Admission
Completing an Expression of Interest does not guarantee acceptance into an
ternative program.
Registration will not occur until a family receives an offer of acceptance and
nvitation to register.
Acceptance into a Kindergarten program does not guarantee registration in Grade 1.
Child / Student Legal Last Name:
Child / Student Legal First Name:
Grade Child / Student Will Be Entering:
Alternative Program Name:
Alternative Program School Name:
I acknowledge the following:
I have read and understood the information regarding this alternative program.
I understand that if a lottery process is utilized and my child / student’s name is NOT
drawn, it is my responsibility to register my child / student in the regular designate
tendance area school.
I have read and understood the transportation information and fees.
I understand that there are additional fees and/or volunteer commitments associated
ith the alternative program. If I am unable to pay these fees, I will apply for a waiver.
I understand that I will receive any notifications / outcomes by email.
Parent / Legal Guardian Name(s):
Email address for notifications (required):
Alternative Program Expression of Interest
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My child has a sibling(s) who will be in the same school, same program, next school year: Yes No
If yes, name of sibling(s):
My child / student is a twin (or other multiple): Yes No
If yes, legal name of multiple child:
Child / Student Primary Address
This is the address where the child / student ordinarily resides for the school year. The primary address is the only
address used for transportation regardless of a child / student’s living / parenting arrangements.
Postal Code:
Does at least one parent / guardian live within CBE’s boundary? Yes No
Are all parent(s) / legal guardian(s) of the Roman Catholic faith? Yes No
Are the parent(s) / legal guardian(s) residents of Alberta? Yes No
Are the parent(s) / legal guardian(s) residents of Canada? Yes No
If not, do you have permanent residence, temporary residence, work or study visa? Yes No
Are the parent(s) / legal guardian(s) in agreement with this Expression of Interest? Yes No
At least one parent / legal guardian is required to sign below.
consent to the execution of this form by way of electronic signature (typed name in signature field) and agree
that any such electronically delivered signature shall be valid and deemed to constitute an original.
Print Parent / Legal Guardian Name Signature Parent / Legal Guardian Date (YYYY/MM/DD)
Print Parent / Legal Guardian Name Signature Parent / Legal Guardian Date (YYYY/MM/DD)
Authorization for Collection of Personal Information
The personal information requested on this form is collected under the authority of section 33(c) of Alberta’s Freedom of Information
and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP), the Education Act, and its regulations. This information will be used to support the child/student
in the program requested. All personal information will be treated in accordance with the privacy protection provisions of the FOIP Act.
If you have any questions regarding this collection and/or use of this information, contact your current school for further information
and assistance or if new to The Calgary Board of Education, contact School Improvement at 403-817-7600 or
Proof of Address
The proof of address must have the parent / legal guardian / independent student name and current address. Examples of accepted
proof of address documents are:
bank statement
GST rebate
home or renter insurance
income tax statement
mortgage statement
property tax assessment
utility bill
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