GEApplicantChecklist2021 1 28-Oct-20
Registrar’s Office
2021 Genetics Technology Applicant Experience Checklist
Name: _______________________________________________ OCAS ID: 21-________________
Date: ____________________________
Completion and submission of this form is required for admission to the Genetics Technology program.
The maximum score on the checklist is 100. The checklist counts for 15% of the admission score (35% is GPA and 50% is CASPer results).
Maximum Score of 100
Required Documentation
Check if
1. Laboratory Experience (maximum of 50 points):
Experience must be outside of BSc Degree and is not limited to Genetics
and must have been completed within the last 10 years.
a) Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Experience
Three months to one year of experience 25 points
More than one year of experience 50 points
b) Other Laboratory Experience (e.g. Research, MSc, PhD, Private)
Three months to one year of experience 10 points
More than one year of experience 25 points
Current resume; and
Official letter from your employer
detailing laboratory experience OR
official letter from MSc/PhD
laboratory experience.
2. Laboratory Courses (5 points for each laboratory course completed
maximum of 25 points)
Successful completion of any post-secondary scientific laboratory
course or any science course which includes a laboratory component
(completed within the last five years excluding MLT or MLA
academic courses) involving the hands-on use of laboratory
equipment and/or practical application of laboratory techniques.
5 25 points
Official Transcript (may already be
submitted); and
Course Outlines for up to five (5)
courses detailing the laboratory
components of each course.
3. Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT) or Medical Laboratory
Assistant (MLA) Training
Successful completion of program. Completion of CSMLS exam not
20 points
Official Transcript (may already be
4. Genetics Technology PowerPoint
Review the Genetics Technology PowerPoint on the Michener website. Submit
your answer to one of the following questions:
a) One thing that surprised you?
b) One thing that you want to know more about?
5 points
Submit the answer to one of the
questions in a Word document
Please note that this document must be submitted via the Ontario Colleges
application portal no later than February 8
, 2021.