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Revised 12/2020
2021 FastTrac GrowthVenture Application
Business Name: Contact (Name):
Business Address:
City: State: Zip:
Email: Office Phone #: Cell Phone #:
Business License # FED ID:
1. What is the current status of your business?
Operating an existing business Involved in family business
Planning to expand an existing business Purchasing or taking over a business
2. How long have you been operating your own business?
3-8 years 9-15 years Over 15 years
3. Industry Type: Describe your business.
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting
Real Estate Sales
Arts, Entertainment, & Recreation
Retail Trade
Research & Development
Educational Services
Professional Service
Finance and Insurance
Public Administration
Waster and Remediation
Real Estate Rental and Leasing
Other Services
Health Care and Social Assistance
4. Describe the nature and the range of the products and/or services you offer.
5. a. How many full-time employees do you have, including yourself?
b. How many part-time employees do you have, including yourself?
6. Do you work full-time in your business? Yes No
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Revised 12/2020
7. a. What is the primary location of your own business?
Your home Partner's home Rented space (not home)
Owned space (not home) Incubator space Other
b. If other, explain...
8. How has COVID-19 impacted your business? What changes have you made to sustain your
business over the past nine months?
9. What are your plans for the future? For example, improve the quality of the products / services,
grow, expand into new product/service lines, test new markets, etc.
10. Please explain what kind of formal business planning you have done. What impact has it had on
your business?
11. Why do you want to participate in FastTrac Growth Venture?
“In this course, you’ll create an actionable plan for strategic growth, receive one-on-one assistance
m experienced entrepreneurs, and join a learning community of peer entrepreneurs. The benefits last
long after the course is over.”
w much does FastTrac GrowthVenture course cost? The cost for FastTrac GrowthVenture is $825.00.
However, the City of Columbia will waive the cost for the 2021 session. Participants that fail to complete a
majority of the course sessions, must pay $325 (if there are special circumstances regarding the absences, the
decision to return payment will be made by the Office of Business Opportunities).
Course Duration: February 9, 2021 through April 13, 2021. When you submit this application for the
FastTrac Growth Venture course, you are making a commitment to attend all virtual sessions (approximately 30
classroom hours) and to complete all course prep-work. Classes will be held virtually every Tuesday from 6:00
9:00 PM.
Signatures below represent the primary applicant and two alternates from the same business should the primary
applicant be unavailable to attend a session.
City of Columbia
Submit completed application to the address below no later than January 29, 2021:
Office of Business Opportu
Attn: Kalenna Ginyard
1401 Mai
n Street, 4th Floor
Columbia, SC 29201
Phone 803-545-3950 Fax 803-401-8859
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