This LOI application must be submitted via email to
The LOI application may be signed with a digital ID or it may be signed by hand. Both forms of signature
are acceptable.
TEA must receive the application by 11:59 p.m. CT, April 21, 2021.
2021-2023 Title I, 1003 ESF-Focused Support Grant
Letter of Interest (LOI) Application Due 11:59 p.m. CT, April 21, 2021
Application stamp-in date and time
Grant period from
July 8, 2021-September 30, 2023
Required Attachments
2. Pathway 1: Pathway 1 Supplemental Pathway Attachment
3. Pathway 2: Pathway 2 Supplemental Pathway Attachment
NOTE: All applicants MUST submit an appropriate Supplemental Pathway Attachment for EACH CAMPUS on behalf
of which the applicant is applying.
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Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), P.L. 114-95, Section 1003, School
Authorizing legislation
Pre-award costs permitted from
Award Date
1. Excel workbook with the grant's budget schedules (linked along with this form on the TEA Grants Opportunities page)
Applicant Information
Amendment Number
Amendment number (For amendments only; enter N/A when completing this form to apply for grant funds):
Organization CDN
Vendor ID
Address City ZIP
Primary Contact Email Phone
Secondary Contact Email Phone
Certification and Incorporation
I understand that this application constitutes an offer and, if accepted by TEA or renegotiated to acceptance, will form a
binding agreement. I hereby certify that the information contained in this application is, to the best of my knowledge, correct
and that the organization named above has authorized me as its representative to obligate this organization in a legally
binding contractual agreement. I certify that any ensuing program and activity will be conducted in accordance and
compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations.
I further certify my acceptance of the requirements conveyed in the following portions of the LOI application, as applicable,
and that these documents are incorporated by reference as part of the LOI application and Notice of Grant Award (NOGA):
LOI application, guidelines, and instructions
General and application-specific Provisions and Assurances
Debarment and Suspension Certification
Lobbying Certification
Authorized Official Name Title
Email Phone
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CDN Vendor ID Amendment #
Statutory/Program Assurances
The following assurances apply to this program. In order to meet the requirements of the program, the applicant must
comply with these assurances.
Check each of the following boxes to indicate your compliance.
1. The applicant provides assurance that program funds will supplement (increase the level of service), and not supplant
(replace) state mandates, State Board of Education rules, and activities previously conducted with state or local funds. The
applicant provides assurance that state or local funds may not be decreased or diverted for other purposes merely
because of the availability of these funds. The applicant provides assurance that program services and activities to be
funded from this LOI will be supplementary to existing services and activities and will not be used for any services or
activities required by state law, State Board of Education rules, or local policy.
2. The applicant provides assurance that the application does not contain any information that would be protected by the
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) from general release to the public.
3. The applicant provides assurance to adhere to all the Statutory and TEA Program requirements as noted in the
2021-2023 Title I, ESF-Focused Support Grant Program Guidelines.
4. The applicant provides assurance to adhere to all the Performance Measures, as noted in the 2021-2023 Title I, ESF-
Focused Support Grant Program Guidelines, and shall provide to TEA, upon request, any performance data necessary to
assess the success of the program.
5. The applicant provides assurance that they accept and will comply with the requirements of Every Student Succeeds
Act Provisions and Assurances.
6. The applicant assures that any Electronic Information Resources (EIR) produced as part of this agreement will comply
with the State of Texas Accessibility requirements as specified in 1 TAC 206, 1 TAC Chapter 213, Federal Section 508
standards, and the WCAG 2.0 AA Accessibility Guidelines.
7. Title I served Federally Identified campuses awarded this grant will engage in the Effective Schools Framework (ESF)
continuous improvement process and create a plan to be submitted to TEA that addresses the selected pathway aligned
to the Essential Actions (EA) from the ESF.
8. The applicant ensures it will notify the Vetted Improvement Program provider of intent to apply and, if awarded,
will work in good faith with the Vetted Improvement Program.
9. For all pathways, the applicant will budget at least the minimum amount indicated in the Budget Object Code 6200 -
Profession and Contracted Services.
Shared services arrangements (SSAs) are NOT permitted for this grant.
Shared Services Arrangements
Number of Campuses Included in this Application
Pathway 1
Pathway 2
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CDN Vendor ID Amendment #
Statutory/Program Assurances, cont'd.
10. The applicant will identify a campus leader, on each awarded campus, who will be responsible for managing the
grant project
11. The applicant will provide access to TEA and its Vetted Improvement Partners for on-site visits to the district and
campus(es) as appropriate
12. The applicant will attend and participate in grant orientation meetings, technical assistance meetings, other periodic
meetings of grantees, and sharing of best practices through the TEA program office.
13. The applicant provides assurance it will participate in all grant requirements including but not limited to an
ESF Self-Assessment, and ESF Diagnostic, developing a web-based improvement plan, submission of funding and
pathway progress reports.
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Amendment #
Vendor IDCDN
Summary of Program
1. Describe how the LEA will support campus(es) in carrying out school support and improvement activities, including how the
LEA will develop a web-based improvement plan for the eligible campuses selected for this grant.
2. Describe how the LEA will monitor schools receiving the ESF-Focused Support Grant, including how the LEA will: (a) Monitor a
web-based improvement plans upon submission and during implementation, and (b) Implement additional action following
unsuccessful implementation of such plan after the first year of the grant cycle.
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Amendment #
Vendor IDCDN
Goals, Objectives, and Strategies, Performance and Evaluation
1. Describe how the LEA will modify, as appropriate, practices and policies to provide operational flexibility to the awarded
campus, that enables full and effective implementation of the Effective Schools Framework Essential Actions aligned web-
based Improvement Plan.
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CDN Vendor ID Amendment #
1. Describe how the proposed budget will meet the needs and goals of the program, including for staffing, supplies and materials,
contracts, travel, etc. If applicable, include a high-level snapshot of funds currently allocated to similar programs. Include a short
narrative describing how adjustments will be made in the future to meet needs.
Budget Narrative
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CDN Vendor ID Amendment #
Budget Narrative, cont'd.
2. Describe how the LEA will align other Federal, State, and local resources to carry out the activities supported with funds received
under this grant.
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CDN Vendor ID Amendment #
Equitable Access and Participation
Check the appropriate box below to indicate whether any barriers exist to equitable access and participation for any groups
that receive services funded by this program.
The applicant assures that no barriers exist to equitable access and participation for any groups receiving services
funded by this program.
Barriers exist to equitable access and participation for the following groups receiving services funded by this grant, as
described below.
Group Barrier
Group Barrier
Group Barrier
Group Barrier
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CDN Vendor ID Amendment #
Appendix I: Amendment Description and Purpose (leave this section blank when completing the initial application for funding)
An amendment must be submitted when the program plan or budget is altered for the reasons described in the
"When to Amend the Application" document posted on the Administering a Grant page. The following are required to
be submitted for an amendment: (1) Page 1 of the application with updated contact information and current
authorized official's signature and date, (2) Appendix I with changes identified and described, (3) all updated sections
of the application or budget affected by the changes identified below, and, if applicable, (4) Amended Budget
Request. Amendment Instructions with more details can be found on the last tab of the budget template.
You may duplicate this page
Amended Section
Reason for Amendment