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To apply for the CLAC scholarship, complete and submit this form along with the required supporting documentation and your essay.
Please print clearly. An asterisk (*) denotes required information.
Please check that you have completed all sections of this form and return it to your nearest CLAC member centre. R+E SAF – Nov 2020
Your Information
Scholarship awards are considered taxable
income to the recipient and will be reported
as required. Scholarship winners will be
required to provide their social insurance
number prior to receiving their award.
First name* Middle Last name*
Apartment, street number, street name*
City/town, province, postal code*
Daytime phone* Mobile phone
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Preferred email address
Member Information
Complete if dierent from applicant.
First name Middle Last name
Employer Position
Course of Study
A copy of proof of enrolment or letter
of acceptance from an accredited
postsecondary Canadian institution must
be enclosed with your application to be
School Program
Certificate/diploma Degree Postgraduate degree
Program length Years completed
Ensure that all documents are included or
your application will not be processed.
750-word essay on the following topic:
What do workers want from their union during bad times?
Membership Details
CLAC membership, along with any union
involvement, must be verified by your
CLAC representative (not your steward).
The applicant or family member must be
a member in good standing and have an
employment relationship with a CLAC-
organized company. Applicants are not
eligible to win a scholarship award more
than once.
This applicant is a Union involvement
Select all that apply if the member is currently or has ever served in these positions.
CLAC member
Spouse of a CLAC member
Child/grandchild of a CLAC member
Please Sign Here
I give consent for CLAC to use my
name, picture, essay, and information
related to my academic studies in
Your signature* Date (DD/MM/YYYY)
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CLAC representative (please print)*
CLAC representative signature* (not your workplace steward) Date (DD/MM/YYYY)
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Application Deadline: June 15, 2021
Steward – number of years:
Local board member – number of years:
Bargaining committee member – number of years:
Health and safety committee member – number of years:
This application form
A copy of your CLAC membership card (or your family
member’s membership card)
Proof of enrolment from an accredited postsecondary
Any union involvement must be approved by a note
written and signed by a CLAC representative
CLAC Scholarships
We want to help you reach your goals. That’s why we oer scholarships to our members and their family.
The $1,500 scholarships can be used toward the cost of study at any accredited postsecondary institution in Canada.
Who Can Apply?
CLAC members, their spouse, children, and grandchildren.
Applicants must be attending/accepted at an accredited
postsecondary institution in Canada or registered/accepted
in an apprenticeship program in Canada.
Applicants may be enrolled in either full-time or part-time
If you have previously won a CLAC scholarship, you are not
eligible to apply again.
Guidelines for Applicants
Applications are due June 15, 2021, by midnight ET.
Applicants must submit a 750-word essay on the following
What do workers want from their union during bad
The essay should oer an informed opinion that has a
central idea. Specific reasons and examples that support
your viewpoint should be provided. Be sure to answer the
question, stay on point, and define any terms that are used
in your essay.
Applicants must submit a completed application form. The
application form requires a CLAC representative’s signature—
this must be included on your application or it will be
considered incomplete. A representative’s signature verifies
that you (or your family member) are a union member in
good standing.
Applicants must submit a copy of their (or their family
member’s) union membership card with their application.
Members who are involved in the union will receive extra
points. If you claim any union involvement (i.e., steward,
bargaining committee member, on a local board, etc.),
you are required to submit a brief letter from your CLAC
representative with your application. This letter will outline
the extent of your (or your family member’s) involvement
(role, length of service, etc.).
Applicants must provide proof of enrolment in a
postsecondary institution with their application. (For more
information, see the FAQs at
Incomplete applications will not be considered submitted
until all documents have been received.
Submitting Your Application
Applications can be submitted by any one of the following four
Hand-delivered to any CLAC member centre before the
deadline and stamped with the date of receipt
Emailed as an attachment to heado before
midnight ET on June 15, 2021
Couriered or mailed to:
45 Commerce Court
Cambridge, ON
N3C 4P7
Your application must be received on or before the
deadline date (not postmarked on that date).
Faxed to 519-653-3004 before midnight ET on June 15,
If the deadline (June 15) falls on a weekend, we will accept
applications that are faxed or emailed over the weekend as long
as they are received on or before midnight ET of the Sunday.
Questions? Contact Us
Winners will be announced by September 1, 2021.
R+E SAF – Nov 2020