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20202021 Verification of Nonfiling Form
After submitting an LSAC fee waiver application it is necessary to submit your (your spouse’s, and/or your parents’) federal
tax forms for verification. Based on your answers to the questions in Section B—Applicant Status of the fee waiver
application, LSAC guidelines determined whether your status was independent or dependent (if you were required to
complete Section DFinancial Condition of Parents).
If you were considered independent, you need to submit your and your spouse’s (if applicable) 2019 federal tax form(s). If
you were considered dependent, you need to submit your 2019 federal tax form and you need to submit your parents’ 2019
federal tax form. Anyone (you, your spouse, and/or your parents) who was not required to file a 2019 federal tax form, must
obtain proof of nonfiling from the IRS.
1. To obtain acceptable proof of nonfiling, contact the Internal Revenue Service at www.IRS.gov
. On the IRS homepage
click on the ‘Get Your Tax Record’ link and then click on a link for ‘transcript types’. Under transcript types you will find
the instructions to request a ‘Verification of Nonfiling Letter’ using either the ‘Get Transcript Online’ link (from the
previous page) or the IRS Form 4506-T. The IRS Form 4506-T needs to be sent directly to the IRS and the IRS needs to
return the applicable nonfiling proof directly to you, your spouse, and/or your parents.
2. Each nonfiler must sign and date the appropriate section of the certifying statement below.
3. Submit the required nonfiling proof along with this form, your Tax Form(s) Cover Sheet (or if applicable, Appeal Cover
Sheet), and any other required documentation to LSAC.
NOTE: Be advised, the IRS states that Verification of Nonfiling Letters are not available until after June 15 for the
current tax year (for example, after June 15, 2020, for the 2019 tax year). Reporting of services ordered will be
delayed until fee waivers have been finalized.
Any falsification of information presented to LSAC in consideration of a fee waiver application is subject to LSAC misconduct
and irregularities proceedings.
Applicant Name:
(Please print name)
LSAC account number or last four digits of Social Security number:
I certify that I have not filed, and will not file, a 2019 federal income tax form:
(I have enclosed IRS verification of my 2019 nonfiling status)
(I have enclosed IRS verification of my 2019 nonfiling status)
(I have enclosed IRS verification of my 2019 nonfiling status)
(I have enclosed IRS verification of my 2019 nonfiling status)
This form will not be processed if it is received without acceptable IRS verification.