Southwestern Michigan College
20202021 Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request
Financial Aid Office, 58900 Cherry Grove Road, Dowagiac, MI 49047
Phone: 269.783.2143 Fax 269.783.2114 Email:
The Cost of Attendance (COA) Budget represents reasonable educational expenses that are associated with
your attendance at SMC. Your COA includes: (1) direct education expenses (tuition, fees, on-campus
housing); and (2) indirect education expenses (room, board, personal expenses, books, supplies and
transportation). If you believe your COA does not accurately reflect your expenses, you can use this form to
request an adjustment to your COA. Submit this form to the SMC Financial Aid Office upon completion.
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First Name
Section 1: Additional Expenses
Before submitting this form, carefully review your current COA. You must show that the total of your actual
educational expenses exceed your total SMC assigned COA. Please restrict your appeal to the expenses
listed below. Expenses not directly related to your education will not be considered. Please note that an
increase in COA does not guarantee additional loan eligibility. You must continue to meet all financial aid
requirements and have remaining annual loan eligibility.
Federal law does not allow a COA increase for the following:
1. Credit card/consumer debt
2. Entertainment or other personal choice expenses
3. Home or automobile purchase
4. Living expenses not directly associated with your education
5. Living expenses or educational costs of a student’s spouse or children (except for
dependent care)
Section 2: COA Adjustment Worksheet/Request Calculator
Tuition Adjustment
Off-Campus Housing
Copy of signed lease or
monthly mortgage stmt.
Mileage Calculation/Receipts
Addl. Books & Supplies
Copies of receipts
Other Attach Sheet
with details
Copies of receipts
Section 3: Additional Steps
If your COA adjustment is approved, you may need to complete additional steps. In all cases, an email will be
sent to your preferred email address with further instructions.
Certification Statement: Information provided on this form is truthful and accurate. I understand that the SMC
Financial Aid Office may ask for additional information. I will notify the SMC Financial Aid Office if
circumstances change and I no longer need an increase to my COA.
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