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2020 Troy City Council Neighborhood Improvement Program
Application and Guidelines
The Troy City Council is pleased to offer Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP) funding for
2020 to assist Troy residents in making Troy a better place to live, work, and play. Proposed
projects should enhance public spaces through painting, public art, signage, maintenance of
parks and trails, plantings, or other improvements. Projects must be carried out by volunteers,
helping to develop community relationships.
The deadline for NIP Project Application submission is 4:30 pm, Friday, July 10, 2020.
An NIP Subcommittee made up of three City Council members will evaluate the applications
and make recommendations to the City Council. Funds will be distributed equally across the city
to the extent possible based on an evaluation of the proposed projects. The City Council
will review and expects to approve funding on July 23, 2020.
Applications will be evaluated on the following:
Neighborhood Impact: The proposal should describe the direct and indirect positive
impacts on the neighborhood and the city as a whole, and should include a maintenance plan to
ensure the project is preserved in the future.
Public Visibility: Projects should be in public spaces and throughways with high
pedestrian, bike, or vehicle traffic, such as city gateways, parks and park entrances, streets and
intersections, or other public meeting spaces.
Number of Volunteers: There must be a minimum of three people involved in each project.
There should be a project coordinator established and other key roles defined.
Community Partnerships: Neighborhood groups are encouraged to collaborate with
another organization, school, or business through financial sponsorship, technical support, or
volunteer efforts.
2020 Troy City Council Neighborhood Improvement Program
A. ELIGIBILITY: Awards will be given to a neighborhood group, not-for-profit, or community
organization within the city of Troy. Church groups are not eligible under the principle of
separation of church and state. The project must be within the city limits of Troy. The following
items are not eligible for funding:
stipends, honoraria, or other payments to individuals, including payment for services
structural improvements to commercial buildings or residences;
savings accounts or investment for future projects;
scholarships for education or social programs;
food and drink for personal consumption;
purchase or rental of tools or equipment.
B. BUDGET, VENDORS, AND PAYMENTS: Your application must include a detailed and
itemized budget showing the specific items to be purchased and the vendor(s) to be used. We
understand that it is time-consuming for volunteers to prepare itemized budgets but there is not
enough funding to go around, so it is critical that we get precise requests. The City of Troy is a
tax-exempt entity so do not include taxes in your budget. The maximum award per project is
$1000 for the 2020 calendar year.
Materials and supplies should be purchased from local businesses in Troy or Rensselaer
County to the greatest extent possible. Online vendors will not be approved. Big chain stores
like Lowes and Home Depot will not accept payment by check, which is our only means of
making payment. The City Clerk can provide you with a list of local stores that others have
worked with or you are welcome to work with any store that will submit the necessary paperwork
to the City of Troy and accept payment by check. Direct payments or reimbursements to
individuals will not be approved. Reimbursement to registered 501(c)(3) organizations is allowed
(contact the City Clerk to set up payment).
If your project is approved, the City Clerk will provide a purchase order for each vendor in
the amount specified in the budget. It can take up to two weeks of receipt of a signed
agreement to process purchase orders, so please factor this in when planning the project
schedule. Any changes to your budget must be approved in advance and in writing; please
submit all requests to the City Clerk. Payments for NIP projects will be made by
check directly to the contractor/vendor after an itemized invoice or receipt is submitted
to the City Clerk. All payments are subject to post audit by the City of Troy. You will
be responsible for any authorized expenditures. All projects must be finished by
December 1, 2020, with vendor payment made by December 15, 2020.
C. DOCUMENTATION: Proposals must be accompanied by supporting photos and/or video of
the project site with a visual sketch or rendering of the project. All projects must be documented
with before and after images. Digital video recording of projects is recommended.
D. FINAL REPORT: Awardees must submit a final report by December 31, 2020. The final
report must include a brief summary of the project, before/after photos or a digital video of the
completed project, and the project registration waiver. Any changes to the project must be
approved in advance and in writing; please submit all requests to the City Clerk.
Any individuals or organizations which fail to comply with the above requirements will be
ineligible for future NIP funding.
All inquiries should be sent in writing to Email your completed application
to or mail or deliver to the City Clerk’s Office, 433 River Street, Suite 5001,
Troy, NY 12180.
The deadline for NIP Project Application submission is 4:30 pm, Friday, July 10, 2020.
2020 Neighborhood Improvement Program Funding Application
Name of organization, neighborhood association, or group:
Name of contact person*:
Mailing address of contact person:
Phone number:
Email address:
*The contact person is the individual who will be directly administering the project, and must be
able available to answer any questions or concerns.
Please attach the following items to your application:
1. A brief description of the project, including a description of the neighborhood in which it
is located. How will this project benefit the neighborhood?
2. Is this a new or continuing project? For continuing projects, describe previous funding
(dates, amounts, and sources).
3. How do you plan to maintain the site after completion of this project? What are the future
goals for the site?
4. A map showing the exact location at which project will be carried out, photos of the site,
and any other necessary plans or diagrams.
5. Written consent from the property owner. If the property owner is the City of Troy, please
include a statement of consent from the Deputy Mayor or other City representative.
6. Timeline for the entire project.
7. Itemized budget including specific expenditures and the vendor to be used. Do not
include taxes. (See Item B, page 2 and page 5.)
8. Who will carry out the project? How many volunteers will assist? (Provide a list of names
of residents who have volunteered at this point.) Are there other partner organizations or
businesses involved? All participants will be required to sign a waiver.
Email your completed application to or mail or deliver to the City
Clerk’s Office, 433 River Street, Suite 5001, Troy, NY 12180, by 4:30 pm, Friday, July 10,
2020. All inquiries should be sent in writing to
Itemized Budget
Copy this page for each additional vendor to be used.
Vendor Name:
Vendor Address:
Cost per unit
# of units
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