Please find listed below the process for applying for need‐based financial aid if you plan to take a Summer Session 2020 course at Babson
and need financing options. Financial aid applicants should complete page 2 of this form and either forward to sfs@babson.edu or drop
off to SFS (3rd floor Hollister) by April 1, 2020. If you have any questions related to financing options, you can set up a time to meet
with a counselor in SFS. You can drop in during office hours or if you prefer, email us at sfs@babson.edu to schedule an appointment.
Please note the following:
Financial aid applicants must complete their 2020‐2021 financial aid application by April 1, 2020. Your financial aid package,
including summer, will be available by April 15, 2020. You can confirm the status of your 2020‐2021 file using the Babson Hub.
Payment for summer, including any financial aid, is due on Monday, May 1, 2020. Your summer registration will be at risk
of cancellation prior to the start of classes if payment is not received on a timely basis.
Funding is limited; students who plan to take 6 or more credits during the summer will typically have more financial aid options
available to them as many programs require half‐time attendance (6 or more credits). We are unable to provide institutional
funding for repeated or substituted courses due to a failure or withdrawal from a course.
Students who receive full‐tuition scholarships (Posse, Diversity Leadership, Weissman, Global Scholars, Enrico,
Baldwin Richardson, NFTE): Your award covers full‐tuition up to 8 semesters, plus two courses.
Federal Direct Loan: If you will be enrolled in 6 or more credits during the summer and are a U.S. citizen /Permanent
Resident, you can borrow through the Federal Direct Loan program.
Supplemental Loans: If you have borrowed supplemental loans in prior semesters, that may be an option for summer as
well. You can find additional loan information on our website at www.elmselect.com.
Mid‐February 2020 and continuing into March 2020
Meet with your financial aid counselor to discuss your plans for summer
and review financing options.
March 4, 2020 March 23, 2020
Online registration for Summer Session 2020
April 1, 2020
Summer financial aid application and 2020‐2021 renewal financial
aid documents due for summer session participants.
April 15, 2020
Financial aid packages for summer session participants (including
summer, fall, and spring) will be available.
May 1, 2020
Payment for Summer Session 2020 is due.
EXPECTED GRADUATION DATE (including any anticipated summer 20 credits):
PLANNED SUMMER SESSION COURSES (Please list name of course and number of credits):
HOUSING: Off‐campus
Living with parents
*If you are living off campus, please provide the address below and the monthly rent:
Please indicate how summer coursework will impact your future enrollment plans:
I understand that Babson grants and scholarships awarded for the summer will reduce the amount of funding I would normally qualify for in
an upcoming fall/spring semester if I attend Babson for 4 full academic years. NO T E : This would not apply to transfer students taking the
credits they need to graduate. It also does not apply to students receiving full-tuition scholarships: Posse, Diversity Leadership, Enrico, Global
Scholars, Baldwin Richardson, and NFTE since they are allowed 2 additional courses of tuition funding beyond the standard eight semesters.
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Services 3
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