Thank you for your interest in applying for a summer job. One Summer Chicago (OSC) is part
of Mayor Lightfoot's My CHI. My Future. initiative, helping young people in Chicago own their
summers by exploring their interests. By submitting this application, you are owning your
OSC offers a diverse and exciting range of work opportunities from exploring careers in nutrition
and tree care to working for an area business. There are numerous job opportunities that will
hopefully meet your personal and career interests.
To participate in the majority of programs listed on this application, you must live in the City of
Chicago and be between the ages of 16 and 24 prior to the start of your job.
If you're not 16, there are also opportunities for you. You may be eligible for the following
- After School Matters
An apprenticeship program available to 14 & 15 year olds (work permit not required)
- Chicago Housing Authority
An opportunity for work experience for 13, 14 & 15 year olds (work permit not required)
- Chicago Department of Family and Support Services
An opportunity for work experience for 14 & 15 year olds (work permit not required)
If you are under 18 and are selected to participate, you will be asked to have a consent form
signed by your parent or guardian, giving you permission to participate.
Remember that there are more youth applying to OSC than there are openings. We cannot
guarantee you will receive an interview or job, but we strongly encourage you to apply for other
opportunities that you may know about in your community, or that a teacher, friend or family
member has shared with you.
Want to find out about other summer opportunities? Need to make a 'Plan B'? If you agree to let
OSC share your information with My Chi. My Future., you can discover and connect to other
programs, events, and activities for you to do this summer and throughout the year. Your
information is kept private. Join us by selecting YES to the question, 'Would you be interested
in hearing from My CHI. My Future. about other summer and year-round opportunities?' at the
end of your OSC application.
Start early and open a bank account. You will then be ready to enroll in direct deposit - if you
are hired, to receive your pay more quickly, securely and for free! You can request for more
information about this later in your application.
If you have any questions about the application process or program, feel free to email or call our hotline at 312.743.0208.
We hope that you have a great summer!
The One Summer Chicago Partners
2020 One Summer Chicago
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2020 One Summer Chicago
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2020 One Summer Chicago
Please complete the following questions about your educational background. Educational status does not impact
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Would you like to receive information about classes/programs offered at City Colleges of Chicago?*:
If your application is selected for One Summer Chicago, we want to match you to a job or program based on your
interests. Please choose opportunities that interest you!
2020 One Summer Chicago
Chicago Public Library
Chicago Parks District
Chicago Housing Authority
After School Matters
Please select the organization(s) that you are interested in working with this summer.*
Information on the Organizations (additional steps may be required)
After School Matters
After School Matters is a nonprofit organization that
provides Chicago teens with afterschool activities through
its Science, Sports, Tech, Words, and Gallery programs.
After School Matters is offering internships and
apprenticeships in arts, communications, technology,
science, and sports.
NOTE: They have a separate application where you will
fill out a bit more information. When you submit this
form, we will take you to the After School Matters
Chicago Housing Authority
The Chicago Housing Authority provides homes to more
than 50,000 families in the city of Chicago, and works to
build and support healthy communities city-wide.
The CHA is offering summer opportunities that include
the CPD Neighborhood Youth Corps, information
technology, the Freelance Coder Camp, the Learn and
Earn career exploration program, and the Safe Summer
Peace Ambassador Program.
Chicago Public Library
Chicago Public Library has 80 locations across the city,
offering all Chicagoans free and open places to gather,
learn, connect, read and be transformed through
innovative library services, technologies and tools,
dynamic collections and diverse cultural programming.
Community Summer Learning and Engagement Intern
If interested, you can apply for and learn more about this
position by selecting After School Matters and completing
their required application.
NOTE: They have a separate application where you will
fill out a bit more information. When you submit this
form, we will take you to the After School Matters
Department of Family and Support Services
Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) offers
youth ages 14-24 employment in many different settings.
Youth have the opportunity to work in businesses,
government, community-based organizations across the
city. In addition, everyone who is hired through DFSS has
the chance to combine job experience with other areas of
interest like arts or community service.
City of Chicago | Dept of Family and Support Services
City Colleges of Chicago
Forest Preserves District of Cook County
The Forest Preserves District of Cook County works to
restore, manage, and protect public open nature spaces.
This summer Forest Preserves and their partners will be
offering lifeguard positions.
City Colleges of Chicago
City Colleges of Chicago offers summer internships within
a department within one of the seven City Colleges of
Chicago or partner organizations to assist in general
administrative functions.
Forest Preserve District of Cook County
Chicago Parks District
Chicago Park District provides recreation opportunities for
thousands of Chicagoans throughout the year. This
summer we are looking for: Recreation Leaders to serve
as camp counselors for our Summer Day Camp;
Lifeguards to work at one of our many pools and beaches
throughout the swim season; and more. Earn money
while working with youth and serving your community.
Please share with us your work experience.
Your Experience
2020 One Summer Chicago
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Please share with us how you manage your money.
Your Money
Please specify if you have any of the following bank accounts*
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Did you open this account with your first job?*
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Have you ever used a check cashing service or currency exchange?*
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Have you previously been employed through OSC?*
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Are you currently working?*
Are you interested in learning more about direct deposit?*
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2020 One Summer Chicago
* required field
We would like to hear more about potential needs and concerns Chicagoans like you may be facing. This will help the
City better understand how to provide the best possible services for youth.
Your Career Interests
Healthcare (nurse, doctor, dentist)
Food (chef, baker, waiter/waitress)
Computers (web developer, programmer)
Helping your community (firefighter, social work)
Math (electrical engineer, statistician)
Managing money (accountant, financial analyst)
Law (judge, lawyer)
Media (film/video editor, graphic designer, reporter)
Customer /Human Service (hospitality, cosmetology, retail)
Building and fixing things (architect, engineer, mechanic)
When you think about your future career, which of this elements would you be most excited about?*
Science (chemist, pharmacist, physicist)
Reading and writing (librarian, reporter, writer)
Nature (landscape architect, veterinarian, zoologist)
Music and art (actor, artist, designer)
Social studies (economist, historian, psychologist)
Transportation (public transit, pilot, truck driver)
Teaching (teacher, counselor)
Sports (coach, trainer, athlete)
Which of the following professions best fit your career goals?*
Business (sales, marketing, entrepreneur)
Check your application to make sure everything is correct. Keep in mind, after submitting your application you will
still be able to update your choices and/or information.
Please review your application.
2020 One Summer Chicago
Yes - I Agree!
I am also agreeing to share my information with One Summer Chicago partner organizations for
the purpose of potential employment.
Yes, I am interested.
Would you be interested in being considered for other employment, job training and apprenticeship opportunities?*
Would you be interested in hearing from My CHI. My Future. initiative about other summer and year-round opportunities?
Yes. Please share my information with My CHI. My Future. limited to only: first name, last name, email, phone number, age,
zip code, and career interest.