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If you already have Licensee Direct access, and there are no changes
from the prior year, please log in to confirm AND certify your
minimum fee form online rather than use this form. Otherwise, email
this signed form to
2020 Minimum Fee Form
Statement of Account
Noncommercial CRB
Contact Information: Please enter the contact information of the representative who should receive
an invitation to Licensee Direct and who will be available to answer questions about your service.
Title First Name
Last Name
Street Address City
State Zip Code
Telephone Number
Email Address
Check here if this is a restatement of a previously submitted
Minimum Fee Form for 2020
Name of Company or Station Initial Streaming Date
URL (web address)
Minimum Fee Calculation: Each station/channel owes a minimum fee of $500 per calendar year.
(Separate forms are required per station/channel.) See page 2 for due dates.
2020 Annual Minimum Fee
Previous Payments for 2020 Liability
Enter any amounts previously paid for the 2020 minimum fee
Current Total Minimum Fee Liability
Amount owed to SoundExchange. Subtract previous 2020 payments from 2020 annual minimum fee. If
amount is less than 0, please contact SoundExchange.
Attestation: According to federal regulations, this form must be signed by an
owner/officer/partner/agent of the Licensee. For more information about rates and terms for
Noncommercial Webcasters, see 37 CFR Part 380 Subparts A and B.
I, the undersigned owner/officer/partner/agent of the Licensee, have examined this Statement of Account and hereby state
that it is true, accurate, and complete to my knowledge after reasonable due diligence and that it fairly represents, in all
material respects, the liabilities of the Licensee pursuant to 17 U.S.C. 112(e) and 114 and applicable regulations adopted
under those sections.
Printed Name
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2020 Minimum Fee Form
Statement of Account
Noncommercial CRB
Station/Channel Information
Please select (select only 1 box*):
Simulcast transmissions from an AM/FM station
Please indicate whether your service is subscription or nonsubscription (select only 1 box*):
Nonsubscription Service
(Nonsubscription services do not
require listeners to pay or give other
consideration to access the stream)
Subscription Service
(A service where users pay or provide
other consideration to listen)
If initial 2020 streaming occurs between January 1 and January 31, 2020, this annual minimum fee form and payment is due by
January 31, 2020.
If initial 2020 streaming occurs between February 1 and December 31, 2020, this annual minimum fee form and payment is due
by 45 days after the end of the month in which initial 2020 streaming occurs.
The Licensee identified above hereby declares that it is eligible for the rates and terms for the statutory licenses for the making of
ephemeral phonorecords and digital audio transmissions of sound recordings by Noncommercial Webcasters published at 37 CFR
Part 380. This eligibility includes the Licensee meeting at least one of the following requirements:
1) It is exempt from taxation under section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (26 U.S.C. 501).
2) It has applied in good faith to the Internal Revenue Service for such exemption and has a commercially reasonable
expectation that such exemption shall be granted, or
3) It is operated by a State or possession or any governmental entity or subordinate thereof, or by the United States or
District of Columbia, for exclusively public purposes.
NOTE: Notwithstanding the above, a service’s eligibility for noncommercial rates is not determined by its choice to not include
commercials and/or advertising within its programming and/or on its website, or because it does not attempt to generate
The Licensee also acknowledges that it is required to calculate royalties (submit a monthly Statement of Account) online at, calculating year-to-date liability, within 45 days after the end of each
The Licensee further acknowledges that it is required to submit Reports of Use on either a quarterly or monthly basis, as described
in the notice and recordkeeping terms. For more information regarding these and other obligations, please visit
SoundExchange will not confirm receipt of payments if delivered by mail. If a service requires confirmation of receipt, please use
SoundExchange Licensee Direct, registered mail, return receipt requested, or an express/overnight delivery service with tracking
If you have questions, please contact
Transmissions only existing on the
internet (usually through a website or
mobile app)
*if you are operating under more than 1 type please submit a separate form for each type along with a separate payment.
Contact with any questions.
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2020 Minimum Fee Form
Statement of Account
Noncommercial CRB
Services that have filed a Notice of Use of Sound Recordings under Statutory License with the Copyright Office are obligated to
comply with all requirements of the statutory licenses under Sections 112 and 114 of the Copyright Act. It is the responsibility of
each such service to ensure that it is in full compliance with the requirements of the statutory licenses under 17 U.S.C. §§ 112 &
114. SoundExchange is not in a position to determine whether each of the many services that rely on these statutory licenses is
eligible for statutory licensing and does not in fact make any such determination. Nor does SoundExchange verify that such
services are in full compliance with all applicable requirements of the two statutory licenses. Accordingly, SoundExchange’s
acceptance of services’ payment does not express or imply any acknowledgment that a service is in compliance with the
requirements of the statutory licenses or otherwise eligible to rely on the statutory licenses. SoundExchange, its members and
other copyright owners reserve all their rights to take enforcement action against a service that is not in compliance with those
requirements, regardless of any royalty payments such service may have made to SoundExchange.
If you already have a Licensee Direct Account, and do not need to make any changes from your 2019 form, please log in to
Licensee Direct to confirm and certify your 2020 form, and (if desired) submit payment online.
If you do not already have a Licensee Direct account, or need to make changes from your 2019 form, please email this form to and request access or the applicable changes. If your service is new you will
receive an email invitation to Licensee Direct shortly after receipt of this form. After you gain access to Licensee Direct, or after
the changes have been made to your account, please submit your payment online or by mail.
To pay via check, please mail the check and a hard copy of this form to:
SoundExchange, Inc.
P.O. Box 75202
Baltimore, MD 21275-5202
If using a courier or overnight delivery:
Lockbox Services 75202
Wells Fargo Bank
7175 Columbia Gateway Drive
Attn: SoundExchange, Inc., Lockbox 75202
Columbia, MD 21046
Tel.: 1-800-289-3557
Please email with any questions.