2020 Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation
Awards Nomination Form
Project Name
Project Location
Award Category:
National Award
Small Projects Award
Appalachian State Award
Interior State Award
Western State and Tribe Award
Please note you may select more than one category. Your application may be considered
for any and all relevant award categories.
Information on Person(s) Submitting the Nomination:
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Project Start Date:
Project Completion Date:
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Contact Moira Russell at awards@osmre.gov with any questions.
Submission Details
The following page contains information on the required narrative and photography format.
Please go to www.osmre.gov/programs/awards/AMLAwards.shtm for specific information on
the nomination process and where to submit your nomination. Winning photos and video
submitted are subject to use by OSMRE.
A narrative description of the work that resulted in exemplary abandoned mine land
The narrative should fully describe the abandoned mine problem, including background and
reclamation techniques used, not to exceed six single-spaced pages. The text should also contain
photo captions and references to maps, diagrams, or other graphics.
Graphic and Photos (including maps, diagrams, or graphics)
Photos and graphics should show both the specific activity and the surrounding conditions, and
provide a clear understanding of the reclamation accomplishments.
Electronic Submission Format
Each nomination package must include a project description in Adobe PDF format and separate
.jpgs for all photos. While nominations may include photos in the project description pdf file, a
separate jpg for each photo is required, (including a cover photo in .jpg format), using the
following guidelines:
1. Are 3 Megapixel (MP) in size or larger.
2. Show before-and-after sequences (preference is for historic photos from the origins of the
mine and/or the reclamation work to show progress).
Video Submission:
Please send raw, unedited video for your submission. It should include the following:
before/after video of the site, beauty shots, shots of innovations created
on camera video of the work being performed
on-camera interviews of people affected
video of the products or services that resulted from the restoration/reclamation
on-camera interviews with people who did the work
on-camera interviews with people who benefited from the work Video Format:
HD Video, 1080p (or higher)
ambient sound only
no narration
no music
no graphics
unedited on-camera interviews to explain the project are strongly advised
no visible time codes
no date stamps