Name __________________________ SID _____________________________
Email __________________________ Phone _____________________________
Research mentor or lab instructor __________________________
Sophomore and upper division Chemistry labs (completed or currently enrolled)
Chemistry major
Completion of or current enrollment in sophomore or upper division Chemistry lab
(Chem 25, 31, 110L, 125, 133, 141, 162) OR one semester research experience with
Chemistry faculty research mentor
Transcript (unofficial copy OK)
Statement of research interest and career goals
Request a recommendation letter from research mentor (to be delivered to Chemistry
office, Sequoia 506).
Turn in application & required documents to Sequoia 506 by April 3, 2020
Statement of research interests
Please complete an essay (500-1000 words) that includes the following:
1. Why you are interested in doing research
2. A description of the research project you will be working on, including a specific list of the
goals of the project (as determined by you and your research mentor) including the
anticipated number of weeks planned to work over summer.
3. Your career goals and how doing the research will benefit these goals