Section 2. Household Information
Daytime Phone #: Zip: State: City:
Date of Birth: Address:
BW Student ID#: Student Name (print first and last):
Section 1. Student Information
2020-21 Verification Worksheet
Full name Age Relationship to Student in Section 1 College/University in 2020-21
Self (student from Section 1) Baldwin Wallace University
When verification of your FAFSA is complete and a change has been realized, you will be notified in one of the following ways:
1) you will receive your first award letter; 2) you will receive a revised award letter; or 3) you will receive other communication from our staff.
If the verification does not result in any changes, the awards listed on your most recent award letter will be finalized.
Dependent students: List the people in your parents' household, excluding foster
children. Include:
(1) yourself, regardless of where you live,
(2) the parent(s) with whom you live,
(3) your parents’ other children and other people, if (a) your parents will provide
more than half of their support between 7/1/20 - 6/30/21, or (b) the children could
be considered a dependent on their own FAFSA.
Independent students: List the people in your household,
excluding foster children. Include:
(1) yourself,
(2) your spouse, if you are married,
(3) your children and other people, if you will provide more
than half of their support from 7/1/20 through 6/30/21.
Office of Financial Aid w 275 Eastland Road w Berea, OH 44017 w Phone: 440-826-2108 w Fax: 440-826-8048 w Email:
1) Select your status. You are considered a dependent student if you were required to provide parental information on your FAFSA.
2) Write your name and age on the first line below. THEN list the names, ages, and relationships to you for everyone else in your household (per the guidelines above).
If anyone but your parents will be enrolled at least half-time in a degree or certificate program between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021, include the name of the school
they will be attending. If more space is needed, continue this table on a separate page with the student's name and SSN at the top.
Section 3. Tax Forms and Income
Information (Check boxes that apply.)
Do not leave this section blank!
Filed a 2018 Federal
Tax Return (see below)
NON-TAX FILER: Earned income in 2018
but did not file/was not required to file a
2018 Federal Tax Return (see below)
NON-TAX FILER: Did not earn income
in 2018 and did not file a 2018
Federal Tax Return (see below)
You (student)
Your spouse (if applicable)
Your Parent #1 (dependent students only)
Your Parent #2 (dependent students only)
TAX FILERS: If you did not use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool you will be required to submit a signed copy of your 2018 IRS tax return or if you are unable to locate a
copy, you can submit a 2018 IRS Tax Return Transcript from the IRS (available online -
Refer to the Missing Information Email/Letter the student received from our office to determine if tax return information must be submitted. This information can
also be obtained by most students on under Fiancial Aid > Required Financial Aid Documents.
NON-TAX FILING PARENTS AND INDEPENDENT STUDENTS: Each non-tax filing parent and independent student who earned income in 2018 must submit all W-2
and 1099 forms received for the 2018 tax year. If you do not have copies, contact your place of employment. Non-filers will also require the submission of a
"Verification of Non-filing" from the IRS dated on or after October 1, 2019 attesting that he/she did not file a 2018 IRS income tax return. "Verification of Non-filing"
may be ordered by submitting IRS Form 4506-T and checking box 7. The form is available at
Section 4. Certification. By signing this worksheet, I (we) certify that all information reported is complete and correct. Warning: If you purposely give false or
misleading information on this worksheet, you may be fined, sentenced to jail, or both.
Student signature:
Parent signature (dependent students only):
This worksheet and any accompanying tax documents should be submitted in person, by postal mail, fax, or through password-protected email.
Any and all submitted tax documentation must have the student's BW ID number on the top of the form, without the ID it will NOT go in the student's file.