2020-21 Summer 󰻱󰻲󰻳 Federal Financial Aid Request
Summer budgets are created manually for each student. You will be notified
at your EOU email address when your federal financial aid has been adjusted
for summer. Please wait until your request has been processed and a
summer budget added to your offer before accepting loans in Mountie Hub.
EOU Student ID Number
Student Name EOU email address Telephone Number
Please submit only fully completed forms! Incomplete forms will delay timely processing of your request.
1. What class level will you be?
Mark one row with an “󰀶”:
󰅧󰅨󰅩󰅪󰅫 ½ time
¾ time
Full time
Undergraduate Student
6 8 credits
9 11 credits
Post-Baccalaureate Aid Eligible Student
(You will need an additional PN form.)
6 8 credits
9 11 credits
Graduate Student
5 6 credits
7 8 credits
2. Enter the exact number of credits you will take Summer 2020 in the box below. Include host school hours, if consortial.
a. CONSORTIUM STUDENTS ONLY: list your host school(s) credit hours separately in this box.
You must also submit a consortium agreement form no later than July 3, 2020.
3. Mark your expected enrollment levels for Fall, Winter and Spring Terms with an “󰀶” in
each respective column of the table below.
Not enrolled
less than ½
󰅧󰅨󰅩󰅪󰅫 ½ time
¾ time
Full time
󰄿󰅀󰅁󰅂󰅃 Graduating
󰻱󰻲󰻳 Summer Term
Fall Term
󰢋 Winter Term
󰹷󰹸󰹹󰹺 Spring Term
*** All Students: Your loan offer(s) will be reallocated to exclude “Not Enrolled” terms. If you wish to increase, decrease,
or reallocate loan funds for terms that you will be enrolled, please submit a Loan Revision Request Form.
4. If you expect to graduate this academic year, mark your graduation term (i.e. last term of attendance) with an 󰀶
in the respective row of the last column of the table above. Note that commencement is not your graduation date.
5. Do you want to use your Federal Direct Loan(s) (i.e. Un/Subsidized and PLUS) during Summer term? Yes or No
Your loans could be put back into offered status, if previously accepted, to offer you your maximum (Check one)
eligibility. You would need to reaccept them through Mountie Hub in such a case.
Student Signature Date
6. Return this fully completed form to EOU Financial Aid via secure drop box , fax , in-person or post 󰆷󰆸󰆹󰆺󰆻󰆼󰆽󰆾. Thank you!
EOU Financial Aid Office | Inlow Hall STE 104, 1 University Boulevard, La Grande, OR 97850-2807 | p (541) 962-3550 f (541) 962-3661 | fao@eou.edu
All submitted documents become part of your official record and therefore cannot be returned. Documents that become part of your Educational Record are protected for privacy under federal law (FERPA).
󰻱󰻲󰻳 Summer:
󰻱󰻲󰻳 Host Hours:
For Office Use Only _______