2020-21 Graduate Enrollment Worksheet for Independent Students
(for enrollment during Summer 2020, Fall 2020, and Spring 2021)
Former (i.e. maiden):Student Name:
Summer 2020 $
Yes, I will receive tuition assistance from my employer.
Email:Phone #:BW Student ID:
Fall 2020 $
Masters of Arts in Education (K-12 Educators)
In which graduate program are you enrolled? (you must choose one of the following):
Type or sign name: Date:
Do you qualify for a BW tuition discount from these employers? Cleveland Clinic
No, I will not receive tuition assistance from my employer.
*ATTENTION CURRENT BW GRADUATE, DEGREE-SEEKING STUDENTS: If you take classes at another institution and intend to transfer those credits to BW,
you are considered a TRANSIENT student. Please refer to the transient student information here: www.bw.edu/finaid/forms (Form 15).
Cleveland Browns
Office of Financial Aid w 275 Eastland Road w Berea, OH 44017 w Phone: 440-826-2108 w Fax: 440-826-8048 w Email: finaid@bw.edu
Spring 2021 $
If yes, how much per semester?
Tuition Assistance:
I declare, understand, and acknowledge the following:
a) all information presented on this document is factually correct and honestly presented;
b) if my actual enrollment differs from what is declared on this document, my financial aid eligibility may change; and
c) if my actual enrollment plans vary from what is declared on this document, I will notify the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible.
Leadership in Higher Education (LHE)
Spring 2021 Credits
Not Enrolling Spring 2021
Evening/Weekend Credits:
Undergrad DAY Credits:
Fall 2020 Credits
Not Enrolling Fall 2020
Evening/Weekend Credits:
Undergrad DAY Credits:
Summer 2020 Credits
Not Enrolling Summer 2020
Undergrad Credits:
Graduate Credits:
Graduate Credits: Graduate Credits:
A. Education Programs
Teaching License + Master's
Check here if, are you part of a Cohort/School
partnership discounted tuition program?
Health Care MBA
Master of Business Administration
Hybrid MBA
1 year MBA
B. Business Programs
Speech-Language Pathology
Physicians Assistant
Public Health
C. Other Masters Programs
Fill in each section below. Estimate credits if necessary. List BW Credits ONLY.*
MA Management
Teaching Licensure Programs (have prior Master's)
Please Note: Eligible for Private Education Loans ONLY.
Please Note: Your eligibility for financial aid is determined by your academic program, number of semesters of attendance, and
the number and type of credits you take at BW.
State Superintendent's Licensure Program
Please Note: Literacy, Leadership, Special Education, & Technology
programs are all eligible for federal loans
Master of Accountancy
Is your bachelor's degree from BW?
Yes No
Please Note the K-12 programs are: Leadership in Tech, Literacy,
Mild/Moderate, School Leadership, Math or Science Teaching
(Month) (Year)