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2020-21 Frank E. Peterson Memorial Scholarship
Deadline: July 15, 2020
Cochise College will award TEN $1,000 scholarships to students majoring in Administration of Justice.
Qualified applicants will have earned at least a 2.5 or higher GPA in high school for incoming Freshmen or at
Cochise College in order to apply. Scholarship winners will be required to maintain a 2.5 or higher GPA at
Cochise College. Applicants must be enrolled in an Administration of Justice Major and be Full-Time (at
least 12 credits) while receiving the scholarship award. This scholarship may be renewable.
In order to apply, students should follow these steps:
Complete this application form including the freeform question on the back.
Ensure that you are registered for 12 or more credit hours for Fall 2020.
Declare a major of an Associate’s Degree in Administration of Justice.
Submit application and unofficial high school transcript if incoming Freshman in Fall 2020 to the
Financial Aid Office
Student ID:
Email address: Phone:
Mailing address:
Initial that you understand the requirements listed below to keep this scholarship:
I must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours while receiving this scholarship
Administration of Justice must appear as my major at Cochise College
I must keep my GPA 2.5 or higher
Applicant Signature _______________________________________________ Date _____________
How would receiving this scholarship help you as a student working toward your professional career?
Be detailed:
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