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Revised 10/19
2020-21 Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Form
The U.S. Department of Education and State of Illinois financial aid regulations state that students
who receive financial aid must maintain satisfactory academic progress towards their degree and/or
certificate program. The Financial Aid & Scholarships Office reviews student’s academic progress
after each semester to determine whether students have met the minimum standards of cumulative
grade point average, cumulative completion rate, and maximum timeframe for their program of study.
If you have experienced extenuating circumstances which impacted your performance, you may
submit this appeal form to the Financial Aid Office for a review of your individual situation. The
Financial Aid SAP Appeals Committee will review your appeal and determine if you qualify for further
financial aid. If the appeal is granted, it’s for one semester only. You may need to submit an appeal
for the following term if interested in applying for financial aid.
Name: _______________________________________________ ECC ID#: _________________________________
For which semester are you submitting this appeal: Please only check one box below:
ð SUMMER 2020
ð FALL 2020
ð SPRING 2021
1. Please submit a written
explaining the following: You may use the back of this form.
What caused your failure to comply with ECC’s Satisfactory Academic Progress policy
for financial aid, AND
What steps you will be taking to improve your academic performance and achieve
Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements.
2. .When do you plan to complete your current program of study? ________________________
Failure to complete any part of the appeal process could delay the review of the appeal. Written
notification of the Financial Aid SAP Appeals Committee’s decision will be sent to you at the address
you have on file with the College within 30 days. All appeal decisions are final.
Student Signature
* Electronic Signatures will not be accepted