2020-21 Appeal for Special Circumstances
CSCU Community Colleges
Your eligibility for financial aid was initially calculated based on the 2018 income information you
provided on the 2020-21 FAFSA. However, we understand that your individual family
circumstances may have significantly changed after we have received your financial aid
application. Therefore, the financial aid office, on a case by case basis, will review your special
circumstances appeal as a means to reassess your eligibility for need-based financial aid.
Submission of this appeal does not guarantee an increase to your financial aid package.
In order to be eligible to complete this form, your 2020-21 FAFSA must be on file at our college.
Please review your Self-Service Banner account at my.commnet.edu to confirm we have your
FAFSA on file.
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The following special circumstances will not be considered: home repairs, discretionary debt,
previous education debt, mortgate/vehicle payments, and voluntary reduction in employment
If you have questions about your specific family circumstances, please contact the Financial Aid
Office prior to submitting this form.
Reason for Request
Please select the reason for requesting a change to information that was used to determine your
financial aid award. By selecting a reason from the dropdown menu, the required documentation
will appear below.
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Please explain your situation in as much detail as possible. You may attach additional sheets to
your submission, if needed:
In order for this request to be processed, you must submit this form, together with all supporting
documentation, to the financial aid office. Please note, you may also be required to complete and/or
provide additional information to the financial aid office to complete this request. If submitting by
email, all information must be sent from your college email account, and your message must be
encrypted. Information received that is not encrypted and/or from personal email accounts will not
be reviewed.
All appeals will be reviewed within 30 days after receipt of all required and supporting documentation.
However, response times may vary depending on the volume of appeals at the time of your request.
Please do not disregard any college bill due date while awaiting your appeal decision.
Documentation may be emailed to this address:
By signing below, I/we certify that all information reported on this form is complete and accurate. I
further agree to submit any other requested documentation to substantiate this request. I
understand that if I purposely give false or misleading information and/or fraudulently sign this
form, I may be fined, sentenced to jail, or both.
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