2020-21 30-Day Notice for Statewide Tests
How much time do the tests take?
The tests are not timed, so your child can take as long as they need
to fully demonstrate what they know and can do. The ODE developed
shortened blueprints for the 2020-21 school year, reducing testing
times substantially. English Language Arts and Math assessments will
take approximately one hour each. With our current exams, your
child only tests once each year.
What do the results mean?
Summative test results identify systems-level strengths and areas for
improvement in English language arts and mathematics for schools,
districts, and the state. Individual student results will not be available
for the 2020-21 school year.
Why does participation matter?
Your child’s participation is important to help ensure that schools and
districts receive the targeted resources they need to help all students
succeed, particularly those from historically underserved
When will my child take the test?
Your child will be tested once. Your child’s school will determine the specific dates your child takes the tests within
the statewide testing window above.
es 3-8 and High School
English language arts & mathematics
summative tests
April 13 June 11, 2021
o Help identify schools and
districts that need addition
upports to ensure more students
are meeting higher standards
o C
hallenge students to think
critically and apply their
knowledge to real-world
o Use multiple item formats t
ensure multiple means of
accessing item content
In 2010, Oregon adopted higher K-12 standards in English language
arts and mathematics to ensure that all students move from grade to
grade with the academic knowledge and skills necessary for success
beyond high school. We have adjusted the test blueprint for 2020-21
to allow for reliable estimation of student performance, while
decreasing the time that students spend testing. Please note that
individual student reports will not be available for 2020-21.
Talk to your child’s teacher or school principal if you have questions or want to learn more about how you
can support your child in English language arts and mathematics. Here are some additional resources:
http://tinyurl.com/ELARoadmap & http://tinyurl.com/MathRoadmap
To view sample test questions: http://tinyurl.com/ORPracticeTests
House Bill 2655 permits parents and adult students* to annually opt-out of Oregon’s statewide summative
tests in English language arts and mathematics by submitting this form to the school the student attends.
The school shall provide any student who is exempted from a state test with supervised study time while
other students are testing. Visit this link to learn more about House Bill 2655: http://tinyurl.com/OR-HB2655.
2020-21 Opt-Out Form
To opt-out of summative English language arts and mathematics state tests, this section
must be completed by the parent/guardian or adult student:
Student’s Legal Last Name:
Student’s Legal First Name:
Student’s Enrolled Grade:
Student’s School:
Please indicate the state test(s) you are opting out of for the 2020-21 school year:
English Language Arts
To best support school district planning, you are encouraged to submit this form to your child’s school by
April 6, 2021. For students who enroll after the statewide testing window begins on April 13, 2021, you are
encouraged to submit the form within 2 weeks of enrollment. This form is only valid for the 2020-21 school
year. Parents and adult students are required to submit an opt-out form annually should they wish to be
exempted from statewide summative tests.
I understand that by signing this form I am opting my child out of testing.
Guardian Signature*: Date:
Parent/Guardian Printed Name*:
t students (age 18 and older) may sign on their own behalf and do not require a signature by a parent or guardian.
Typing your name into the signature box indicates your digital signature, which shall be considered as an original
signature for the purpose of this form.