2020 2021 Verification of Bachelor's/Professional Degree
Financial Aid Office, P.O. Box 917, Henderson, NC 27536, Telephone: (252) 738-3280,
Fax: (252) 738-3388, Email: fao@vgcc.edu
Student Name
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Student ID#:
You are not eligible to receive federal or state grants because you reported on the FAFSA that you have a Bachelor’s/
Professional degree or that you are working on a degree beyond a Bachelor’s degree, or both. Please verify your status by
checking the correct answer below.
I have earned a Bachelor's degree.
I have earned a Professional degree (Master’s or Doctorate).
I do not have a Bachelor’s or Professional degree.
Student Signature: Date:
If you would like for us to correct the information on your Student Aid Report, please read, check the correct degree
program you are working on, and sign below.
I am w
orking on an Associate’s degree or an eligible certificate/diploma program at VGCC for the 20202021
academic year.
I am working on a Master’s or Doctorate degree at a college/university other than VGCC for the 20202021
emic year.
I agree to have my corrections sent electronically by VGCC's Financial Aid Office. I certify that all of the information
provided and corrected on my Student Aid Report is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. If needed, I agree to
provide any additional documentation that may be requested by the Financial Aid Office. I understand that if I purposely
give false or misleading information on my Student Aid Report, I may be subject to a $20,000 fine, a prison sentence, or
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Parent Signature (if considered dependent, parent must sign) Date
Verification of Bachelor's/Professional Degree Revised Date: 06/08/2020/FAO
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