2020-2021 Student Organization Advisor Agreement Form
The Lander University Office of Student Activities recognizes that student organization advisors play a critical role in the development of students
and organizations. The Office of Student Activities requires all registered student organizations to have an advisor that is a full-time employee of
the University, either as a faculty or staff member.
The duties of an advisor include:
• Maintaining regular contact and involvement with the officers of their student organization
• Be knowledgeable about the mission, goals, and purposes of the student organization
• Helping the group uphold Lander University’s policies and guidelines
• Being familiar and involved with the activities and events of the group
• Providing resources and support for events and usage of spaces
• Assisting with the administration of the financial affairs of the group
In turn, the organization should:
• Regularly consult with the advisor, regarding activities, meeting times, locations and agenda items
Update advisor with organizational activities consistently
• Invite the advisor to group meetings and events
Together, the President and the Advisor should:
• Have reviewed the organization’s constitution
Understand the financial status of the organization
• Have set general expectations for the advisor and student relationship
The signatures on this form indicate that the university employee indicated below has agreed to serve as advisor for the organization indicated
below for the 2020-2021 academic year. The signatures also verify that members of both parties have read the above information regarding the
role of the organization advisor and accept the responsibilities entailed.
Student Organization Information
Name of Student Organization: ____________________________________________________________
President’s Name: ____________________________________________________________
Student Organization Advisor Information
Advisor’s Name: ____________________________________________________________
Campus Department: ____________________________________________________________
Student Organization Advisor’s Signature: ______________________________________
Date: ______________________________________
Student Organization President’s Signature: ______________________________________
Date: ______________________________________
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