Student Marital Status Conflict
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Student Name (print) Student ID
The verification process must document your household income, including that of your spouse if you have one,
and the number of members of your household. Please answer the questions below to help us determine what
documentation is needed to complete your verification.
1) As of the date you originally completed your FAFSA, what was your marital status?
Single (Never Married)
Married or Remarried (MM/DD/YY): _______________.
Separated (MM/DD/YY): _______________.
Divorced (MM/DD/YY): _______________.
Widowed (MM/DD/YY): _______________.
2) Did you file a 2018 IRS Tax Return with filing statusMarried Filing Jointly?
Yes, and I was married to that person when I completed my FAFSA.
Yes, and I was NO LONGER married to that person when I completed my FAFSA.
You may provide your IRS Wage & Earnings Transcript; or
W-2s, Schedules C/C-EZ, F, and/
or K-1, in order to calculate the amounts attributed to your earnings.
3) Please complete a Household Size Confirmation form, listing yourself, your spouse (if married/remarried) and
your dependents based on the instructions on the form.
I certify that I understand that the Secretary of Education has the authority to verify information reported
on my application (or my child’s or my spouse’s application) with the Internal Revenue Service and other
federal agencies. If I purposely give false or misleading information, I may be fined, imprisoned, or both.
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