2020-2021 Student
Marital Status Change
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Revision Date: January 1
5, 2020
Student Last Name: First Name:
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This form is to verify the marital status that occurred after the inital FAFSA was completed for 2020-2021. Before
we can
proceed with the processing of your financial aid, our office will need to confirm that the information provided is
correct. Please submit a copy of your official marriage license and complete the form below for our office to review.
What is your marital status as of the date you signed your FAFSA?
___ Never Married ___ Married or Remarried ___ Divorced
___ Separated ___ Widowed
*If your current status is married, but your tax filing status is something other than married, you are required to provide your spouse's
tax/income information to the LC Financial Aid Office. This would include combining your spouse's taxes paid with your taxes paid
and your spouse's adjusted gross income with your adjusted gross income.
If Divorced, Separated or Widowed did you exclude your former spouse’s 2018 tax/income information from the FAFSA?*
___ Yes ___ No
Please provide your date of marriage any additional information that may be needed in the space below, :
You MUST sign and date this form. Your signature indicates that all information provided on this form is correct, and any
requested documents will be provided to verify the reported amounts. Warning: if you purposely give false or misleading information
on this
worksheet you may be fined, sentenced to jail, or both.