2020-2021 Student Loan
Reduction/Cancellation Form
Feather River College Financial Aid Office 570 Golden Eagle Avenue, Quincy CA 95971
Phone (530) 283-0202 ext. 603 Fax (530) 283-4659 Email: financialaid@frc.edu
This form will not be processed if Loan Type and Dollar Amounts are incomplete.
B. Reduction/Cancellation Please check the semester(s) you would like to reduce/cancel loan funds:
Fall 2020 & Spring 2021
Fall 2020 Only
Spring 2021 Only
Subsidized Loan Unsubsidized Loan
Original Sub Amount: $ Original Unsub Amount: $
Amount Reduced/Cancelled: $ Amount Reduced/Cancelled: $
New Sub Loan Amount: $ New Unsub Loan Amount: $
Both loans have a current interest rate of 2.75%
*New loan amount equals original amount minus amount reduced/cancelled.
D. Student Certification and Signature I understand that this a federal educational loan that I must repay and, by
signing this application, I am authorizing my Direct Loan to be reduced/cancelled as specified above. I further certify
that all the information reported on this application is complete and correct. The student who requested the original
Direct Loan must sign and date below. Warning! If you purposely give false or misleading information you may be
fined, sentenced to jail, or both.
This worksheet must be signed and dated to be valid. Electronic and/or digital signatures are not valid.
Student Signature: _____________________________________________________ Date__________________
For Office Use Only
Sub/Unsub Amount Reduced: _______________ Sub/Unsub Amount Cancelled: _______________
Processed/Reviewed By:
Student’s Name: ________________________________________________ FRC ID: ______________________
FRC disbursed your loan. If you would like to cancel your loan, the funds will be reversed from your son or daughter’s
student account and returned to the Federal Direct Loan program. Notice: If a refund has already been generated,
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