2020-2021 Student Government Association Election Packet
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All campaign regulations and election procedures shall be determined and coordinated by the Student
Government Association Elections Committee in accordance with the SGA Constitution and Bylaws, and
Roberts Rules of Order. No candidate may serve on the Elections Committee or be involved in any way in the
election process. Elections shall be done by secret ballot (paper ballot, voting machines, or online) and held in
mid-April (Unless unforeseen circumstances such as an extended school closure occurs). The Director of Student
Activities has the authority to sign-off on a new date. This date must occur before May 1
. The Student
Government Association (herein referred to as SGA) election shall be covered by a minimum of two poll tenders
who will monitor the process. Any senator who works the polls must not run for a position and must act as non-
To run for an SGA executive board position, candidates must be a current MCC student (registered for at least
one credit bearing course), have satisfactorily completed three or more MCC credits, have a GPA of 2.5 or better,
be in good standing with the College and have paid a student activity fee for the current semester. Candidates
must plan to be enrolled for the entire 2020-2021 academic year in no less than 12 credit hours per semester. Any
student who has received a disciplinary warning, academic warning, or who is on probation, may be eligible
pending a review by the Elections Committee and approval from the Director of Student Activities. No candidate
may hold more than one office and cannot change the position after the application and signatures are received.
Candidates may run for multiple positions but must submit a packet for each one. SGA officers cannot be an
officer in any student club or organization including the Live Wire but may retain membership.
Declaration of candidacy is made by submitting an application with a minimum of 25 MCC student signatures, a
bio, an unofficial transcript and class schedule to the Office of Student Activities (OSA, L149). If you choose to
send your application and election materials by email, you must hand deliver the signature page, class schedule,
and an unofficial transcript. Late, incomplete, ineligible, and altered applications and petitions will be voided. (In
the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as an extended school closure due to pandemic, climate, or otherwise,
where gathering 25 signatures isn’t reasonably possible the Director of Student Activities can waive this
requirement. An online vote will be held instead that is accessible through the Banner system at
) Applications, Petitions and election procedures are available at the Office of Student
Activities (L149) and online on the SGA Facebook page at www.manchestercc.edu. The deadline to submit all
completed applications and petitions is 4pm on Tuesday, April 21, 2020. The slate of qualified candidates with
bios and photos will be posted on BlackBoard and submitted to the Live Wire student newspaper pending
approval from the Director of Student Activities (or designee) and the SGA Election Chair.
The campaign period will last from 3pm, April 7 – 11:59pm, April 21
Candidates will be disqualified if they campaign inappropriately or talk negatively about other candidates rather
than their own strengths and what they offer as a leader. Campaigns involving food (other than candy) are
prohibited. If election is not held online, no campaigning may be conducted within 50 feet of the voting polls
when they are open. Campaign advertisement signs, fliers, buttons, t-shirts, and banners must be reviewed and
stamped “approved” by OSA before posting or distributing. Outdoor signs, sheets, hot air balloons, sky banners,
and skywriting are strictly prohibited. Signs must be posted on the general bulletin boards only! All unstamped
election signs will be discarded. Candidates are expected to: campaign ethically; comply with all election rules;
respect the rights of other candidates when posting their signs; not alter, remove, deface or cover other signs; and
to maintain good moral judgment throughout the campaign period and elections. Candidates are held responsible
for posting their signs and for their prompt removal the day after elections. The Elections Committee (in
conjunction with the SGA and administration) reserves the right to disqualify any candidate who does not comply
with the guidelines as presented. Slander is illegal and victims of slander can seek legal action, thus, the
committee strongly advises against engaging in unethical campaigning. COPIES OF ELECTION
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materials are the responsibility of the candidates with the exception of the following:
“OSA will provide up to 24 sheets, one-sided, of 8.5”x11” black and white copies. The copies can consist of
twelve (12) 11”x17” posters, twenty-four (24) 8.5”x11” sheets, ninety-six (96) 4-up leaflets, or any combination
in-between rounding up to the nearest whole sheet without exceeding twenty-four (24) 8.5”x11” sheets. All
designs are subject to the Director of Student Activities approval. Newspaper advertisements and all other
campaign expenses are the sole responsibility of the candidate to fund; however, they are still subject to approval
from the Director of Student Activities.”
All eligible candidates’ names that are running opposed, shall be placed on the ballot. Any candidate that
successfully submits a completed election packet prior to the deadline (or due to extenuating circumstances as
approved by the Director of Student Activities) shall be considered to have complied with all requirements under
the circumstances for being a candidate in the SGA election and therefore will assume office, regardless of
whether an election is able to take place or not on June 1
. The order in which candidates appear on the ballot
shall be alphabetical by the position for which they are running. Votes may not be cast after the polls have closed.
Students may vote for one candidate per position unless otherwise specified. No student may vote more than once.
Students must be currently enrolled for at least one credit course and have paid the student activity fee for the
current semester to vote in the SGA election. An MCC enrollment printout will be used to verify eligibility. All
illegal votes will be voided (ballots that are altered, blank, mistakes, unregistered votes, and multiple votes--
except for Student Advisory Committee and Elected Representative positions). In order to win an election,
candidates and write-in candidates must receive a plurality of the votes cast by the student body. Public notice of
election results will be posted online and outside OSA following the closing of the poll. The newly elected
members will take office after they are certified by OSA and sworn in by the Director of Student Activities.
Students have a right to cast a “write-in” vote for other eligible persons of their choice. Write in candidates, must
submit an election packet as with other candidates, to be eligible. Eligible write-ins with 25 or more votes will be
accepted in this election within three business days after the election packet deadline has passed. Any write-in
candidate who submits petition more than three days after the election packet deadline, or who has less than 25
votes on the petition will be disqualified.
Absentee Voting
If a student is unable to vote during the scheduled elections (by paper ballot, online, or voting machine), he/she
may complete a ballot in OSA (L149). Students must provide just cause and make requests at least 24 hours in
advance to receive an absentee ballot. To secure the secrecy and accuracy of this vote, the marked ballot must be
folded, signed and sealed in an inner envelope with the voter’s signature placed on the face cover.
Election Costs
Newspaper advertisement and all other campaign expenses are the sole responsibility of the candidate. Use of
MCC logos, the club copier or supplies are prohibited even if the student provides his/her own materials.
The Director of Student Activities must receive complaints, campaign violations, or other election protests, in
writing, within 48 hours of their occurrence or the election results notification, whichever occurs first. The
Director of Student Activities and the Elections Committee will meet promptly with all candidates involved. The
election results are final after protests are resolved.
Election Schedule
Tuesday, April 7, 2020 Application Guidelines and Petitions are available
Tuesday, April 21, 2020 (4pm) Deadline to submit applications
Tuesday, April 7 (3pm) – Tuesday, April 21 (11:59pm) Campaign
Wednesday, April 22 - Thursday, April 23 SGA Elections (BlackBoard)
Friday, April 24 Election results posted on Facebook
June 1 Term of Office begins.
Please record these dates on your calendar. If the candidate has scheduling conflicts, he/she must notify OSA as soon as possible.
For questions or concerns regarding this election, contact OSA at (860)512-3283 or email DNicotera@manchestercc.edu
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I am not a member of the Elections committee. I fully understand and agree to abide by all the terms of this
application, election procedures, advertising/posting rules, 2020-2021 Executive Officer Agreement and the SGA
Constitution. I fully understand and agree to give OSA permission to release my academic information and photo
to the Editor of the Live Wire student newspaper for printing an election article. I have met all of the qualifications
to be an SGA Executive Officer or at-large representative. I can perform all the responsibilities for this position. I
will not be a club officer for any other student club in 2020-2021. I understand that the deadline for submitting a
petition for the election for all offices is no later than 4PM on Tuesday, April 21, 2020. The Director of Student
Activities and the Chair of the SGA Elections Committee will void all incomplete, late, ineligible, and altered
petitions. Any candidate, who violates any of these rules, removes or defaces another’s sign(s), or who does not
meet election requirements as set forth in this document will be disqualified.
________________________________________________ ____/____/____
Candidate’s Signature Date
I, ________________
_________________ (Banner ID#: |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|), hereby petition to run for the
Student Government Association Executive Board (check one position only):
Vice President
Student Advisory Committee Representative
Elected Representative (5 seats)
lease enter the following information:
ddress: __________________________________ City/Zip: ___________________
mail: ____________________________________ GPA: _________
Phone #: ( ) _____-_______ Degree Program: ____________________________
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We, the undersigned Manchester Community College Students, support this candidate for the office indicated on this
Name (printed) Name (signed) Banner ID #
1._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
2._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
3._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
4._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
5._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
6._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
7._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
8._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
9._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
10._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
11._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
12._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
13._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
14._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
15._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
16._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
17._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
18._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
19._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
20._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
21._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
22._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
23._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
24._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
25._____________________________ ____________________________ |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
Print Name
__________________________________ ___/___/___
Candidate’s Signature Date
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Write a brief paragraph about your leadership experience and indicate what qualifies you for this position (in ten
lines or less). These bios MAY be used in both the Live Wire and in the online election system.
I hereby certify that this applicant is a currently enrolled Manchester Community College student, has paid an
activity fee for the current semester, has completed three or more MCC credits, is in good standing and has a
cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5. Having met all the qualifications for this office, the above applicant
is hereby designated an official candidate. The candidate’s name may appear on the SGA Election Ballot.
Attachments: ______ MCC unofficial transcript ______ student schedule
_____________________________________________________ ___/___/___
Director of Student Activities Date
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Campaigning Guidelines
I, the undersigned, am aware that I am responsible for the behavior associated with my candidacy and I will be
held accountable. Further, I understand that ANY violation of the election packet or MCC Code of Conduct may
result in my disqualification upon investigation of any allegations. Below are addendum guidelines that will be
enforced. The Director of Student Activities upon conclusion of the investigation will resolve any matters arising
from campaigning or the elections. Any appeals of said decisions will be made to the Director of Student Life.
1. ONLY candidates may campaign, nobody else may campaign for the candidates.
2. No campaigning may take place within 50 feet of any voting station set up on campus.
3. No campaigning may take place in the Library or any computerized classroom. Additionally, materials
are NOT to be left anywhere on campus other than flyers on bulletin boards.
4. No candidate will deface, cover, or remove flyers of other candidates.
5. Any candidate found to be engaging in bullying tactics or being overly aggressive with fellow students
will be disqualified.
6. Any candidate found to be engaging in negative campaigning rather than talking about his or her own
merits as a candidate will be disqualified.
7. It is expected that no candidate will tolerate any negative campaigning to occur in connection with their
campaign or in their presence. Failure to address negative campaigning is the same as engaging in
negative campaigning.
8. Violations of the election guidelines or the MCC Code of Student Conduct may result in action by the
Office of the Dean of Student Affairs.
I understand that I am responsible for my actions and will be held accountable for any actions connected with my
campaign. I sign below acknowledging my understanding of this document, the election packet and the MCC
Student Handbook.
Signature Date
OSA Director Signature Date