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2020-2021 Second Degree Form
_____________________________________________ _____________________ _________________
Last Name First Name UH ID/Username Phone Number
You must complete this form because our records show that you earned a bachelor’s degree and/or an associate’s degree.
Complete the following two questions. Based on your responses, corrections may be made to your FAFSA to accurately reflect
the information you provide on this form.
1) Did you earn a bachelor’s and/or an associate’s degree? If you earned both, check YES to both.
NO, I certify that I did not earn a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree. I am seeking my first degree.
If your answer is NO, do not complete the table below; skip to question 2.
YES, I earned a bachelor’s degree in ________________________________ (i.e. Accounting).
YES, I earned an associate’s degree in ________________________________ (i.e. Accounting).
If your answer is YES, you are considered to be seeking a “Second Degree”, and must complete the table below.
Second Degree Declaration:
Indicate the second degree or certificate you are now seeking at Leeward CC:
Select one: AA/AS CA CO APC in ________________________________ (i.e. Teaching)
An Academic Counselor will complete a “Second Degree Evaluation” by evaluating your prior credits, which will
determine if you have credits of financial aid eligibility for your Second Degree.
Second Degree Terms and Conditions:
Read and ensure you understand the following (print or type your initials after you have read each statement):
______ You must be truly seeking the degree/certificate that you declared above.
You must be CLASSIFIED in the degree/certificate that you are seeking. If you are not, complete a
Student Data Change Form and submit to the Admissions and Records Office. The evaluation cannot
______ be completed until you are classified in your Second Degree program.
Transfer credits that come in after the evaluation will require a re-evaluation, which may affect your
______ credits of financial aid eligibility for your “Second Degree.
______ You will be allowed only one re-evaluation if you change your second degree/certificate.
2) At the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, will you be working on a master’s or doctorate program?
NO, I will not be working on a master’s or doctorate program.
YES, I will be working on a master’s or doctorate program.
I certify that the information above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any false statement
or misrepresentation may be cause for denial, reduction, or repayment of financial aid.
Student Signature: _______________________________________________________ Date: _________________________
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