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Revised May 15, 2020 Page 1
Student Name:
ICC Student ID:
The appeal must be submitted prior to the Census date for each semester:
Fall 2020: September 2nd, Spring 2021: February 3rd, Summer 2021: May 18th
Reason for Aid Suspension: (Please check all that apply)
I have not successfully completed the minimum 66.5% of the Illinois Central College credit hours I have attempted.
I have not earned the required 2.0 cumulative college GPA for the courses attempted at ICC.
I have exceeded the maximum 150% of the courses required for my certificate/degree, which includes all ICC and transfer credit
hours as a degree-seeking student.
I did not meet the conditions set from the SAP Appeal Committee in my previous Approved Appeal and I am needing to appeal to
the Dean of Enrollment for financial aid reinstatement.
1. Go to your ICC eServices account and use your unofficial transcript to answer the following:
My current ICC GPA is: _____.
How many classes have you attempted in which you earned the following: F,W,WF,WU,EX,FX,U,I,or FA? _____
2. Please explain, in your own words, what extenuating circumstance prohibited you from meeting the Satisfactory Academic
Progress requirements. If you have exceeded the maximum timeframe, please explain why you have excessive hours. Only
extenuating circumstances that can be supported with documentation (example: medical documentation, copy of obituary or
death certificate) will be considered in the appeal process. Unawareness of withdrawal policies, unawareness of requirements for
satisfactory progress, or unprepared for college coursework will not be accepted reason for the purpose of an appeal.
3. What changes have occurred that will enable you to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements in the future?
A copy of your Academic Advisement report must be attached upon submission of this form. The report can be accessed from the
Student Center My Academics-View my advisement report. (Print and submit PDF version)
Revised May 15, 2020 Page 2
Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Checklist
Check off each item as you have read and understood it.
I had an extenuating circumstance for each of the semesters I did not complete 100% of my classes with at least a 2.0 GPA or
66.5% completion rate.
I have provided documentation for each of the semesters I did not complete 100% of my classes with at least a 2.0 GPA or 66.5%
completion rate.
I have explained on the previous page why I did not make progress. It gives details of my extenuating circumstances and why they
are no longer a problem.
I understand that if the appeal is approved I can only enroll in courses required for my program of study and that I must
successfully complete all the classes in which I enroll. If I don’t, I will be placed back on termination.
I have filed for financial aid and I am enrolled for the semester I am requesting the appeal.
I understand that I need to attend all my classes and complete assignments while my appeal is being considered.
I understand funds aren’t available for books unless the appeal is approved. I need to be prepared to purchase my books and
supplies on my own.
I understand that I am responsible for paying my bill if my appeal is denied. The denial of an appeal is not an acceptable reason for
requesting a tuition refund.
I understand if this appeal is approved and I do not make satisfactory progress or meet the conditions outlined in my appeal
approval during the next semester that my financial assistance may be permanently suspended at ICC.
I understand that I will not be eligible for an appeal approval if I have DOE overpayment or defaulted student loan.
Are all the above items checked? If they are, you can submit an appeal. If not, you need to complete them all prior to submitting the
appeal. You will also need to pay your own expenses until you are back in good standing.
Your appeal will be reviewed by the SAP Appeal Committee, and the review process takes a minimum of one to two weeks. The
committee decisions are final. You will be notified by email once the decision has been made on your appeal. Students that have their
appeal approved will be on probation status for the appeal semester and must meet the conditions/terms set by the Appeal Committee.
Students must also only be enrolled the courses listed on their program plan. Failing to meet the conditions of the probation status will
result in being placed on termination status.
If your appeal is denied, you can regain eligibility for financial aid by completing enough credit hours to bring your cumulative
completion rate to at least 67% and cumulative GPA to at least 2.0 at your own expense. A copy of the Academic Requirements for
Eligibility for Financial Aid is available online at icc.edu/admissions/financialaid/eligibility.
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It is the policy of this College that no person, on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability,
sexual orientation, or veteran’s status, shall be discriminated against in employment, in educational programs and activities,
or in admission. Inquiries and complaints may be addressed to the Compliance Officer, Diversity Department.
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